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First Meeting - A Firefly fan film in which Mal and Zoe meet for the first time. He's hurt but she's in need of desperate help.

I want to create a film from the short story I wrote in which Mal and Zoe first meet. I've wondered what transformed Zoe from a woman just like any other woman to the hard-ass soldier portrayed in the series. This story is my version of her transformation and the creation of their bonding as soldiers.

I have the equipment, software and story. These funds are to hire actors (2 major, 3 supporting), crew (makeup, sound, composer), rent props, costumes and the location. 

I've seen fan films for Star Wars and Star Trek. They've been good, bad and AMAZING. I want to show the Science Fiction Community that Firefly can be amazing too.


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    Donate $10 and I'll e-mail you a pdf of the Firefly short story.

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    At $25 you get the short story and a dvd of the finished film.

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    Whew! $100 gets you the film's short story, a dvd and production credit.

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    WOW!! You must be a Browncoat. For $500, I'll send you the The First Meeting short story, the First Meeting dvd, a second short story in the Firefly Verse (and if filmed, I'll send you that DVD too) and Executive Producer credit on First Meeting.

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