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I would like to print highlights from my sketchbooks over the years into a collected book of work, a first volume of more to come.
I would like to print highlights from my sketchbooks over the years into a collected book of work, a first volume of more to come.
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Hello everyone-I hope you're all doing well!! Please let me know if you haven't received your artwork/reward yet!!  A few of you filled out your information recently and a couple of you still have detailed drawings in the works-I just want to make sure I've got everyone covered!! Thank you for your patience, I hope your rewards are worth the wait!!!

(email me here if you're still waiting for some mail:

all the best,

Steph Davies

Rewards sent out, only two left!!!

Greg from Australia and Virgina from Chicago---just wanted to reach out and let you know that I AM working hard on your packages and hope to send them out on Monday Feb. 13th. Which sadly means, they won't arrive in time for Valentine's Day so instead of Valentine's cards I'll be enclosing other greeting cards that you can send to anyone year round and extra goodies since you've been waiting so patiently! Once you receive your packages that brings this kickstarter project to an end!  For those of you who haven't heard, in the midst of my last project I got the opportunity to open up my own storefront here in the Milwaukee area that will support local artists.  You can check out the website here:  Thanks for your support on the sketchbook, hopefully it will be a big seller at The Waxwing!!

all the best,

Steph Davies

P.S. Karla Schritter...I have a package waiting for you but never got your address, please send it to me at!!!

The Book is HERE!!!!!

It's arrived!! I'm heading out the door now to print the book jacket and then will spend the rest of the week packaging them up to send to you!!! Thanks everyone for making this happen!!!

Lots and lots of love!

Rewards are being sent!!!

Alicia, thank you for your donation, I hope you got my last email which included a picture from the book!!

Laura Johnson, Joanna Rosene-Mirvis, Neil Chafin, Amali Vaz & Hayley Hewson, I'm putting your prints & postcards in the mail tomorrow! Thank you all again for supporting the project!!!

Jade Barker & Nadia Piotrowsky: I'm still waiting for your addresses so I can send you you rewards, please write to me at and let me know where to send them!!

Everyone else: I'm awaiting the book so I can send you your reward packages-in the meantime I'm hard at work on pieces of art and other things to send your way!

Thank you all again!!

-Steph Davies

And we're off!

just sent the final copy of the book off to the printers!!!

Happy New Year to you all!!!