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Overlord expansion allows a player to play as Monarch. 

In the Overlord Expasion Box, you will find : 

  • One additional player can play as Monarch.
  • Six special scenarios to be included in your campaign of After The End.
  • One miniature « Monarch's wrath » + six additional Legion Bot + five new miniatures models (Monarch's Stalkers).
  • Monarch's player One double-sided board.
  • One additional dedicated Menace deck.

Visuals are curently on development. 


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After The End is a cooperative action rolepalying boardgame from 1 to 5 players with turn base and fast and easy dice rolling mechanics. After The End's gameplay is optimally played as a story driven campaign of scenario (45 to 90 minutes) linked together to create a story defined by players actions and choices. The main quest lasts minimum 30 hours which expands to 50 hours when adding up side quests. Gear you up and increase your skill levels.

As a start pick one of the 5 heroes, each of them have their back story and may uncover hidden truth during their campaign. Then the scenario booklet will instruct you to set up the first scenario, it's time to start playing!  

The scenario is played as a succession of turns split themselves in 4 phases :  

1. Action phase

Heroes play their actions alternatively with enemies until all miniature have played once. The game features actions : movement, aim, attack, revive fallen hero and interact (with interest points, enemies, objects, NPC) Each hero has 1 free move, 2 actions and an instinct token whereas enemies have generally 1 free move and 1 action.  

Whenever the list of objective is fixed the approach to achieve them is all yours to decide. The game features rules for combat (ranged and melee), infiltration, survival and investigation.

Do not forget to loot the crates and corpse of defeated enemies along your way. Even a worthless piece of mechanical component can be combined to craft a poweful land mine. The most potent one will even require even a specific scenario to be available.

 The interaction action opens a window on RPG style by introducing the possibility for the players to propose actions not yet existing in the gameplay. To do so all the players agrees on the action that a hero will try to perform, the corresponding skill, the cost in Action point(s), the effect in case of success or failure and most of all the difficulty level (an evaluation scale is proposed in the rulebook to give examples). Now roll the dice.

2. Scenario phase

Check whether the scenario condition is fulfilled otherwise skipped it.

3. Menace phase 

 Each player draws 1 Menace card for each hero on the board. These cards represent the hardship of Chicago it can be : unpleasant events, wheater effects, enemy upgrade cards and enemy reinforcement to be deployed on the board. 

4. Upkeep phase 

 Apply conditions, ready instinct token, ready each opponent. Once players finally fulfill the objective of their choice, the conclusion in the scenario booklet is applied and consequences for the next scenario. 

 Then the players enters the inter-mission phase which give them the opportunity : to level up, visit Merchant to sell/barter/purchase equipment, craft improve gear, improve relations with local factions, send out your hired gun on scavenge missions. Choose and set up your next scenario and play!


The World has been annihilated. About one century after its Fall, civilization is just a debased version of its former glory. The precipitated end the survivors call it temperately « The End » : the end of the Human era as we know it. Successive cataclysms gave way to the total glaciation of the northern hemisphere, the frozen squalls sweeping nations, borders, and entire cities; leaving thousands of survivors down-and-out; forced to cope with a climate now relentless. Forced to burrow beneath the surface, survivors roam the mazes that snake under Chicago, looking for a way to perpetuate their situation. From the inflexible Will of these miraculously born “Mines”, imposing subterranean cities has taken root more than fifty meters underground. Two months a year, the ice covering the surface crackles, allowing the new generation of the survivor can enjoy the sunlight. This season is called he Dawn, begins at the moment when the pale rays of a bleak sun pierce the clouds. The temperature increases, and the old world becomes "practicable" again. From the first light of the Dawn, the Mines open passages to the surface, leaving the newly accessible city become the scene of looting and clashes. In addition to the struggles between gangsters and survivors, the thaw in the city attracts other forms of visitors: Monarch’s robotic legions roam the frozen lands with more ardor than usual. AI’s cryptic invectives resonate in their metal carcass, Monarch commands its silent cohorts to seize targets beyond human comprehension. Today, the Dawn is rising and the Mines are preparing to open their doors, once again ...


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Lily spent her whole youth in the Mines of Chicago. She was raised there by her uncle Dixon from whom she learned everything about mechanical and computer science. Her genius amazed him so much that he encouraged her to leave Chicago to further develop her skills and knowledge. Last year before the winter take back the city, she finally left her hometown for the South with a group of merchants. Unfortunately, on the way the group was ambushed by a squad of robots and cyborgs from Monarch, the AI ruling the West. Only her was spared. And she owes her salvation only to Jack who unexpectedly betrayed the troops he was commanding. The cyborg went not unscathed from the encounter and from severing its link from Monarch’s network. Curious to learn more about him and the reasons behind his treason, she decided to return to the only place she knew would be safe for them: Chicago. 

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Sold by his parents when he was a child, Jack grew up in the rank of Monarch, the Artificial Intelligence, who made him one of its warriors. The desire of Monarch to upgrade humanity took shape with Jack: the A.I replaced a major part of his human body by robotic transplants, making Jack the incarnation of Monarch’s will, and anger. Jack killed a lot, in the name of his master, without remorse. But, when he tried to kill Lily, during a “hunt”, he turned his weapons against his robotic subordinates, not exactly knowing why. Now that he is free from the AI that regulated his whole life, as if he woke up from a long nightmare, he wants now to remain free and protect Lily.  

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Mad Matt

Matt is a psycher. That means he can move items using the sole power of his disturbed mind. Do not ask him how, why or where he gets them from, he will never answer, first hand he ignores it then he will make it up a fairy tale or gruesome story depending on his “mood”. Because of this “talent”, he is treated as an outcast by the other citizens of the Mines. Forced to live on the fringe of the habitable areas, he spends most of his time scavenging for food the rest to listen to the voices inside his head… The only person who approach him is Dawn, the Huntress, usually to leverage his skills to her own benefits.  

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The world is cold, cruel, and ruthless. Dawn’s answer is:”you need to be it more”. Dawn knows very well how things work and devotes most of her time ensuring her personal comfort. She helps, when she can, but she refuses to join a gang or a community: her freedom is more important. She was on the verge to live a luxurious life in the Mines until the day she came across a deranged man Mad Matt fleeing his (very very very) violent gang the Rekers. Since then she is on the move.  

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Vicious lived most of his life with his mother in Atlanta, turned into a military stronghold by the “13”, the remainder of the former US government. Working from time to time as mercenary for what remains of the US Army but also for less recommendable individuals. His talents for killing discretely became famous among mobsters. The day his mother died, he suddenly put an end to his career and set sails for Chicago. There his Mom had left her husband and youngest son after an attack from Monarch. Upon arriving Vicious stumbled into a young girl escorted by a tall cyborg looking to get into the Mines of Chicago. She is from there, a good way to get in and start his investigation.  


 The Outlaws of Chicago  

Not intelligent, nor really organized, these bandits are part of the local dangers of Chicago. During the Dawn they roam the city to rob unfortunates prospectors. Sometimes you can find them in the Mines where they sell their services at the black market. They are good mercenaries, when they do not try to shoot you...  

 The Rekers Gang   

The obsession of the Rekers for violence and pain, given as much as received ended up in their banishment from the settlements. They live as recluse in the filthiest levels of the Mines. Occasionally they regroup and become a real problem. Their scarified bodies pierced with rusted metal spikes and the crude bladed weapons they wield make them fearsome opponents in close combat. Led by Arleen, their self-proclaimed queen, this gang speaks only one language: violence.  

 Neo-Talos Corp.   

Can science go too far? For Neo-Talos Corporation, the answer is yes, and Monarch (and all the A.I in general) is the embodiment of the mistakes of the past. According to this organization built on the model of old corporations, all A.I must be destroyed, at any cost, even if that means destroying the entire country. To fight, they capture and dismantle the Monarch’s robots and use his weapons against him (and all the others, at last). They set up camp in the old university, where they work on their "big project". Keep an eye on them, or Chicago might soon look like a pile of ashes.  

 The Raveners Sect

The Raveners are more an obscure sect than a gang. For many residents of The Mines, they do not even exist. There are tales or fables that tell once they helped to build the Mines, but their pronounced taste for human flesh forced them to exile. Sometimes, after a battle, some claim to have seen shadows in the distance, approaching to recover the frozen bodies. Their corvid masks appear in the night, to the sound of mortuary chimes, and they take away the dying to devour them. But these are just stories.

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Monarch, sovereign of the former USA  

The A.I named Monarch is the sovereign of this icy part of the world. Its Will and its power surpasses the understanding of the living, for whom it appears as a god. The intelligent system was initially created by the US army, but because of The End, its true purpose is now forgotten.. After the apocalypse, Monarch appeared as the only way to survive and many humans bowed before it. Thanks to its pragmatism and cold logic, it raised a huge army of robots and enhanced humans to bring its own definition of “evolution” to the world. Each year, the armies of Monarch walk on Chicago, obeying cryptic orders, looking for something. But what?


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Meet the team and test the game in Essen for Spiel'18 !

Stand n°6B-117

Zone 1

USA (A) :15-20 $

France : 15-20 $

Zone 2

Europe (A) : Germany, United-Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria : 20-30 $ 

Canada : 20-30 $

Australia : 20-30 $

USA (B) (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico) : 20-30 $ 

Zone 3

Europe (B) : Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic : 25-35 $

China : 25-35 $

Zone 4

Rest of the world : 35 - 75 $

Keep in mind these are just estimates, and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals and any optional buys you choose. 
The shipping will be charged after Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. 
We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to organize a group delivery or a store delivery in the way to reduce shipping.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via our Website or the official After The End Facebook page. 

This is your game, your advice, comments and suggestion matter.

After the End was born in Antonin Barral's mind in 2015. Working on his first prototype, he showed it at the Cannes International Game Festival (2017). The interest and enthusiasm of the audience convinced, him and his wife Helene, to create Exod Games. Helene started to gather a team that believed in the spirit of Exod Games. After many boardgame conventions and playtest of prototypes, a game catalog was build (filled until 2020) with two ideas: made great games by including the author in the process and develop After The End. It’s with these ideas that the first game of Exod Games was released: Goblout (Dégoblinade), launched on October 19th 2018. Today, Exod Games keeps going with its first Kickstarter experience: After The End.

The Exod Team is pleased to meet you :

  • Author : Antonin Barral
  • Exod Games CEO : Hélène Barral
  • Communication : Adrien Foglia
  • Game design : Claire Le Page
  • designer & sculptor : Elliot Boyer 

Special post-apocalyptic thanks to our partners for their help, their courage and their awesome work :

  • Production Manager : Laurent Lévi
  • Video : Benjamin Titeux
  • Sound design : Nicolas Titeux
  • Illustrators  : Quentin Dognon, Yanis Cardin, Frédéric Navez
  • Sculptor : Nathalie Gatto


During the campain, we insure you a 100% refund.

After the end of the campain until the production, we will apply a -5% Kickstarter interest. 

Risks and challenges

It is our very first Kickstarter, and an ambitious one : starting the Kickstarter adventure with a board game including more than 50 miniatures could appear risky in terms of delays and shipping.

We are a young team, and we don't want to make promises we will not be able to fulfil, that is why we are planning a shippment for december 2019. It gives us the time to finalize and produce the best version of the game.

We officially work on After The End for one year, and the core box is almost done, but products presented on this Kickstarter page and during the campaign may be subject to change (for the best!).

In terms of communication, we rely on transparency and regularity : we will keep you informed of the progress of the campaign and of the game itself as often as possible.


Pricing is based on this exchange rate of the launch day based on the conversion dollar to euros. The euro price will be reavaluated on the date of the final payment.


copyright © 2018 Exod Games - All rights reserved
Exod Games SARL - SIRET 84005583400013 - 1 rue Stephenson, 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux, France.

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