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Bringing to light issues of social justice with powerful public video projections onto buildings, empty lots and abandoned zones.

“Luminous Intervention” is a nine-month public art project that will use video projections to alter, transform and re-envision the urban landscape of Baltimore, Maryland.   The series will include site-specific imagery from artists and activists taking on issues of housing, city development and economic sustainability from critical and poetic perspectives. Using powerful video projection equipment, the projections will take place outdoors on buildings, vacant lots, zones slated for demolition or development, and other parts of the urban landscape. We are committed to engaging with a range of community and activist groups to generate and respond to ideas for many of these public projections.

The idea of using large-scale, public projections appeals to us because, while it is relatively non-invasive, it is highly impactful. Baltimore is full of places that desperately need transformation. We want to work with local communities around the city to help envision what is possible for the empty lots, abandoned row homes, condemned buildings, and decaying facades, literally projecting visions of the future onto those urban spaces.

As artists, we collectively have extensive experience with different mediums, including traditional 2D work, graphic design, video, animation, sculpture, and sound, and this experience will very much inform these projection projects. We also have ties to a wide range of other Baltimore artists, whom we also plan to collaborate with on this endeavor to create installations tailored specifically to each locale.

Aside from articulating the aspirations of various communities, we also hope this project will connect those communities together and help artists and community members work together to address issues such as better jobs with living wages, ending the school-to-prison pipeline, fair development, and generally working towards a more just, sustainable, and beautiful city.

Your donations will go directly towards the actual projector and other equipment such as a battery pack and laptop needed to make these installations work both logistically and artistically. We can’t do this without you, so thank you in advance for helping us to visualize the transformation we all hope to see in Baltimore!


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