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Titanoboa is a fully articulated 50ft electro-mechanical snake that will be wreaking havoc in the desert this summer. Help her grow!
82 backers pledged $10,560 to help bring this project to life.

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Titanoboa kickstarter update & latest Titanoboa videos


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


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Post Burn Push!

Hi All!

We just came back from Burning Man. We can't let by the chance to say thank you to all our backers here at KS and other personal donations. Your presence was especially felt on those hot desert days trying to assemble the last bits and pieces of our lovely snake.

Early on we noticed how difficult the playa surface was going to be to navigate (for you who don't know, Burning Man is located on rough playa terrain that varies between hard and soft patches of sand).  You can't really model this thing in a lab, so we knew difficulties like this could potentially come up.

 As luck would have it, the cool cats at the Black Rock Roller Disco agreed to let us to take the snake over to a flat surface where Titanoboa felt at home.  The unveiling was a success, the proof of concept a reality, the audience in awe, and all in all everything went great.  We have a few (unedited) videos and pictures to show you which you can see here:

We learned a lot from this event and all we can say is that we're VERY excited for the continuation of the Titanoboa project. We need your help to reach the final goal, just 3 days away! With your help we'll be able to make the necessary changes to have Titanoboa easily roll on the playa next year. We have our minds flooding with ideas on how to make it bigger, stronger, better, basically the most badass snake out there.

Help us reach our goal with a post burn push!   Share this link with your friends.

We love you all!

Titanoboa in the playa!

Hi everyone,

It's Emily here - writing on behalf of Charlie and the Titanoboa crew.  They have been wreaking havoc in the playa for almost a week now and are getting ready for Burning Man's official start tomorrow!

While the team is away, the clock is still ticking on the Kickstarter campaign and we have to raise $2,898 in order to meet our goal of $10,000.  You have all been so generous by donating to the project!   It would be great if you could also spread the word to your various networks and maybe inspire more people to donate.  We need to meet our goal of $10k in order to get any funds from the campaign so your help is appreciated!!

I have included a few fun photos of Titanoboa with her lights on!

Thanks so much!


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Update, Spread the word, Facebook page

Hi people!

Antonio here, using Charlie's KS account.

As you might imagine Charlie and his crew are working non-stop to finish the project on time for its first unveiling at Burning Man late this month. It's all going well, and I'd like to share a few pictures of the handsome fella with you. 

If you haven't already, now is a good time to join the Titanoboa facebook page ( where you can follow the project's progress more closely. 

We're now at 40% of our goal and would like to thank you all for that! It's good to know we can count on such an awesome group of backers! However, we haven't achieved nothing yet, and we need your help once more. 

Please forward this page to your friends over email, facebook, chat, whatever you can do to get the word out. If we all get one new friend to donate, I trust we can double the donations and get us all closer to our dream. The dream of seeing Titanoboa live terrorizing earthlings that is! :)

Bye and thanks again!