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Ezekiel's Wheels has been invited to play at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam, and we need your help to get there!


Thank you so much to all of our backers who have contributed so far! The last few weeks have been humbling, to say the least. It has been amazing to see and feel the support from friends, family, colleagues and even the occasional stranger or two.

We are grateful to have met our original goal to cover our airline tickets to Amsterdam and fees to Amazon and Kickstarter. However, we still have yet to cover the total cost of our trip including housing, bass rental and transportation within Amsterdam.

The actual cost of the entire trip will be about $7,000. If you haven't contributed yet, but have been meaning to, there is still time! If you are one of the awesome backers of this project, please feel free to forward our campaign to anyone who you think might be interested in supporting us.

This campaign ends Friday September 14, at 5:00pm. Thanks!


Airline Tickets = $4400.00
Housing in Amsterdam: $1200.00
Bass Rental: $200.00
Meals: $600.00
Transportation in Amsterdam: $300.00
Kickstarter Fee: $300.00
**Expense Total and New Stretch Goal: $7000.00

Thank you for helping us cover the total expense of our trip and helping us participate in this event! It means so much to us!

Also, please remember, any additional funds above this new goal will help us make our next steps as a band when we get back! More on that to come!!

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We're Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band. You may have heard us playing at your local farmers' market, library, or Channukah party. If you live in Cambridge or Somerville, you may have even heard us on the T (we love Davis and Porter, especially). There's one place, though, that we guarantee you've never heard us before.


That's because we've never been there before.

But all that's about to change, because we've just been selected to perform at the International Jewish Music Festival! This is a pretty amazing opportunity. The IJMF is an annual competition held in Amsterdam. We had to submit a recording and written application back in the spring just to be considered. Now, we're one of twenty-four groups in the world, and only two from the United States, that are moving on to compete in the flesh.

We are pumped. So so pumped. We've been rehearsing and refining our tunes and arrangements for something close to forever (three years? eight years? two weeks? depends on the song!), working up to the point where we could compete at this level, and it feels great to finally reach that point.

Here's the thing, though. The festival doesn't provide funding for all contestants to get to and stay in Amsterdam. For the folks coming from Spain or the Netherlands, this is an inconvenience. For us, though, this is a significant amount of money. We'll need to pay for five round trip tickets from the US to the Netherlands, a week's worth of housing and food for all of us, and we'll have to figure out what to do about Kirsten's bass. Have you ever tried to fly with an upright bass? Oy, it's hard!

So that's why we've turned to you.

Help us bring all the awesomeness that we've been practicing to the international stage. We're going to represent Boston, the USA, and klezmer music on the big stage, and it's going to rock.

Speaking of awesomeness, we have some totally awesome thank-you gifts that we've put together to recognize your contribution to this effort, including:

Postcards from Amsterdam!
Downloads of our music!
Music lessons!
Arrangements of whatever song you want!
Voicemail messages recorded with a klezmer background!
Homemade musical instruments!
and even a super-sweet home performance!

So we hope you'll consider supporting us on our quest to bring klezmer to Amsterdam this fall.

Because it's going to be awesome.


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    A shout-out on our website or Facebook page!

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    Download the track of your choice off our EP!

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    Download our whole EP!

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    Hard copy of the EP with hand-printed art, signed by the band!

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    We send you a postcard! From Amsterdam! Plus, you get the EP in hard copy or download!

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    We have an awesome time playing music together! One hour-long music lesson with the Wheel of your choice. If you're in Boston, we'll do it in person. Otherwise, we'll have a skype lesson.

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    We play your song! We'll arrange a klezmer version of a song of your choice, then we'll call you up at a mutually agreed-upon time and play it to you!

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    We play your voicemail message! We'll play background music while Nat narrates your voicemail message. Kind of like the video up top there, but personalized just for you!

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    You get an awesome EWKBOfficial homemade musical instrument! Nat will build you a travel-sized dulcimer or recorder, which we will emblazon with the Ezekiel's Wheels crest and swag for you to show off to all of your envious friends. The recorder ships very easily, but the dulcimer is a little more fragile, so we can talk about how you'd like to receive your instrument if we meet our goal.

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    We eat dinner together! We'll cook you a homemade dinner for 1-4 people, then join you to eat it. We can talk about klezmer music, or just hang out. This one is limited to the Boston area.

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    You get our music! We don't normally play from sheet music, but we're pretty good at transcribing things we already know. We'll make you a lovely book of all of the tunes we're playing this season and include some hilarious pictures of the band saying hello to you!

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    This is it. House party. We'll work together to set up a time for an hour-long concert in your home, workplace, or wherever, This one's limited to the Boston area, but we'll see what we can do if you live farther away and you want us anyway. (Just so you know, the estimated date of delivery is December 2012. That's the time by which we expect to have you scheduled in. The actual performance will be at a mutually agreed-upon time somewhere in the next year or so).

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    Come with us to Amsterdam. Seriously.

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