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You can now buy Exlibrium: Book One in a few clicks! Start reading one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comic book series in Russia!
You can now buy Exlibrium: Book One in a few clicks! Start reading one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comic book series in Russia!
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Shipping Update

Posted by BUBBLE Comics LLC (Creator)

Dear backers!

We've been getting a lot of questions regarding the shipping of your rewards so we decided to clarify a couple of things for all of you who are still waiting for their books to arrive.

First of all, many of you have been asking when their rewards are going to arrive. We've specified that an estimated delivery date for all rewards is September and we are already 12 days into it. We've shipped a lot of books by now and dozens of backers already got their books in the mail, but we haven't shipped all of them yet. There are just too many of you! But don't worry, very, very soon all the books are going to be shipped out.

And the second thing is how your rewards arrive. We are sending the art print and bookmark in a separate package from the copy of "Exlibrium: Book One", and, for those of you who also has our artbook "The Art of BUBBLE" as a reward, it's also being sent on its own. So if you only receive a part of your reward, there is no need to worry — the other package is on its way as well.

So, to summarize: this month we will definitely ship all the books with all add-ons. Everyone will be rewarded!

Thank you for your support and patience! 

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    1. che broadnax on

      Hi, I'm in Brooklyn, NY, USA, and I still haven't received my book.

    2. Missing avatar

      Olatz on

      Hello, I'm from Spain and I've found that the package containing The Art of Bubble figures as delivered on the USPS tracking page as of November 23 but I haven't received it yet. Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Ariz on

      Hi, I'm from Chile. I still don't recive any package. Please check to it. There is way to track it? Thank you c:

    4. Missing avatar

      Nilayan Dey Sarkar on

      Sir I still didnt recieve the artbook.I live in India and October is almost over. Please see to it. I dont know how to track it.Kindly look into the matter.Thank You.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marzena on

      Hey, I got mine copy of Exlibrium and the print about 3 weeks ago, yet the artbook still didn't come. Is they any way to track the parcel?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sierra Bobo on

      I'm in the US and it's well into October but I still haven't received any of my packages. I'm a bit worried something went wrong with the delivery but there's no way to track it so I have no idea where it could be. I'm keeping a lookout every day for it to be delivered but the fact that it's 10 days into October really has me anxious. I haven't received an email since the one that was sent on September 12 so I'm posting here to see if anyone else from the US has had issues receiving their package.

    7. Pandoraylam on

      I just received my Exlibrium copy!!! I'm so happy!
      It came in perfect condition :)
      Now I just have to wait for the Art of Bubble and the rewards x)
      Thank you from Spain!

    8. Missing avatar

      Cecily Kennemore

      Sorry, I just reread my post, and I'm thinking it might be a little unclear. I received the little package today that had a print inside - but no bookmark. Were these two items supposed to be included in the same envelope?

    9. Missing avatar

      Cecily Kennemore

      The bookmark wasn't included with the print in my package. Was it supposed to be?

    10. Missing avatar

      Nadya Kazakova on

      got my art work and bookmark today! very happy! Thank you from Canada!

    11. Gretchen Westfall on

      I got my art book last week the corner was a little dented but still very happy with the quality! Can't wait to get the rest of the reward!

    12. Diana Greenhalgh on

      Both packages arrived for me today and I absolutely LOVE them! The book made it to me in Canada with very little damage (mostly just dinged corners** -- its not going to stop me from loving it).

      ** You guys might want to use corner protectors with future graphic novel kickstarters, especially hardcovers. They're cheap and easy to use, and should help cut down on damaged shipments since those are the parts most often damaged.

    13. Robin on

      I picked up my book from the Post Office on Saturday, along with the print and bookmark package. Everything looks beautiful! Thanks!

    14. Tony K. on

      Thank you for the update!