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Cycling is freedom. It’s adventure. It’s also dangerous. Stay safe and perform at your peak with Cerevellum.

Cycling is freedom. It’s adventure. It’s also dangerous. Stay safe and perform at your peak with Cerevellum. Read more
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The first ever cyclometer device to combine rear-view video technology with GPS functionality.

What people are saying

We've talked to a lot of our customers about our first device, the Hindsight 35, and the feedback has been tremendous. They love having a clear, rear-view display, they love the integrated cyclometer data, they love the security of the accident capture. But we've heard the same thing time and time again- we want GPS. Well, we agree, and now we are here to take the next step on our journey to giving you the device you truly need on your bike!

You love riding with the Hindsight 35, so help us make it better! Our goal with this campaign is to raise the funding needed to improve our first product and outfit it with GPS, taking the best rear-view device ever to hit the cycling world and making it even better!

In addition to adding GPS, we will be making other improvements, including bettering the mounting system and offering longer camera cables.

You can check out our website at

Introducing the Cerevellum Scope 

The Scope is Cerevellum’s latest innovation to hit the cycling market, and it is truly the first all-inclusive electronic device for your bike. The device has tons of killer features, including: 

Digital rear view- View a live, high-definition video feed of what’s happening behind you as you ride. You’ll be able to see cars, other riders, or anything else that may approach you from behind so you can avoid it before it becomes hazardous. 

Cyclometer Data- The device keeps track of your stats, so you’ll be able to view crucial ride data including your speed, distance traveled, and time spent on the bike during your ride. 

GPS Functionality- The Scope comes equipped with GPS tracking that builds a profile of your ride that you can upload to Strava to view your route, elevation change, and other key information and share it with your friends.

Wireless Compatibility- ANT+ wireless technology allows you to sync heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, or other devices with the unit to display more of the data you need to perform at your peak. 

Video Recording- Record your rear-view video on a continuous five-minute loop 

Accident Capture- The head unit contains an accelerometer that detects when the bike has been involved in an accident and captures the most recent five minutes of video, giving the rider a record of what happened. 

Taillight- LED lights housed inside the camera module can be set to steady or flashing.

Ride safer without giving up performance 

There’s a lot we want at our disposal when we ride, but we can’t just throw the kitchen sink on our handlebars and go. That’s what’s so awesome about the Scope- it gives riders everything they need on one screen. No more checking mirrors, riding with your phone out, and hooking up the cyclometer, too. 

More importantly, cyclists stay safer on the road with a clear view of what’s behind them. The Scope is more effective than a mirror and gives you a sharp, accurate image that helps you preemptively identify and avoid hazards. It also saves you from the temptation to turn your head and take your eyes off of the road in front of you, reducing your risk of collision. The large screen with adjustable backlighting is mounted securely in your line of sight and can be clearly seen in sun or shade. By providing cyclists with a greater feeling of security on the road, the device allows them to ride harder, push their limits, and improve their abilities on the bike.

The Scope helps you improve performance by keeping important information at your fingertips. It functions as a cyclometer to display seven main ride statistics that you can easily toggle through to make sure you are meeting your training goals. GPS tracks the bike’s position and allows for route, elevation, and other statistical information to be downloaded and viewed after a ride using Strava. Additionally, the ANT+ compatibility syncs other instruments with the device, adding stats such as heart rate and cadence to the display.

The "black box" for bicycles 

We certainly hope that you won’t be involved in an accident while riding with the Scope, but when you are, at least now you’ll know what happened and who was at fault. An accelerometer in the head unit senses when the bike is on an angle that makes it no longer rideable and then signals the device to capture and store the most recent video footage. When the recording feature is turned on, the unit records video from the HD camera on a continuous five minute loop. When you are involved in an accident, it saves the most recent loop. When you finish a ride and plug the device into the computer, you have the option to download and view a video file of the last five minutes you recorded. The accident capturing features in the Scope are a patented creation from Cerevellum Design. 

Sample footage

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Size: 125mm x 86.32mm x 18.77mm (head unit) 

Weight: 227 grams (head unit, mount, and camera) 

Battery: 2400mAh Lithium-Ion, 5-hour run time 

Processor: 800mhz 

Memory: 128 MB solid-state flash 

Recording: 5-minute video loop, 640x480 resolution, with integrated accelerometer 

What's included

A 3.5 inch, transflective LCD screen mounts between the bike’s handlebars and displays a live video feed from a high-definition camera attached to the seat post. This head unit also displays crucial cyclometer data and is embedded with GPS functionality, so that when you get home from your ride, you can download and see your route, along with additional data. Additionally, The ANT+ capability allows the rider to sync heart-rate monitors and other devices to the display. Included with the Hindsight 35 are the head unit (display), camera with integrated LED light and 100cm HDMI cable, 31.8mm handlebar mount and screws (fits 26.0mm bars with included shims), camera mount, speed sensor and magnet, and zip ties for securing each piece. The kit also includes a wall charger and micro USB to USB computer cable, as well as an owner’s manual. 

Set up is a breeze! 

The Scope can be secured on the bike in minutes. The new, more durable mounting bracket is for 31.8 mm and will fit handlebars down to 26mm with included shims. Plastic rings open and close around the handlebars, and bolts hold the mount in place. 

The camera mount is made to fit any seat post and is secured with a simple o-ring design. Zip ties are included for securing the camera cable to the bike frame.

The Cerevellum story 

Cerevellum Design is a company that knows about the dangers of the sport. A Greenville cyclist founded the company in the wake of his own severe accident. After rehab and recovery, he knew he wanted to build a device that would help prevent the same thing from happening to other riders. That’s at the heart of what we do- making people feel safer and more confident on their bikes. 

Some of you may have experienced with us the growing pains that the company has gone through in the past year. We acknowledge the issues in a number of our first units and accept this as part of our company’s history. We also sincerely apologize to any of you who have been customers for the frustration we’ve caused. Now we have the tremendous opportunity to break from the past and forge a bright new future at Cerevellum. Under new leadership and new management we believe we can take this industry by storm. With so many ideas and so much potential, we can’t help but be excited, and we are inviting you to be a part of it! 


We've come along way since the first prototypes made from old Gameboys!

We put in a ton of hours on design work..

Where we are now--

In action
Under the Hood

The current version of the device is shown in action in the project video and sample footage sections!

Moving forward, we will be manufacturing the initial batches of the Scope right here in South Carolina! We have been working with a top-notch local design firm as well as an electronics assembly group located in the state to pull apart the Hindsight 35 and begin modifying it to accommodate GPS integration. This local manufacturer has all the capabilities of the bigger shops but also the personal attention and ability to work on a smaller scale that are crucial to building beta versions of the device, testing, and building a quality product. We possess many of the components needed for the Scope and have already taken the first steps to source the remaining ones. 

Our next step is to work with our design partner to finalize the new PCB and develop the necessary software upgrades to make GPS data collection possible. We will then take the components we possess and add components sourced by our assembly shop to begin producing the first Cerevellum Scope units. All of this will be done close by, which will give us the ability to watch closely, continually test and perfect the device, and build a quality product.

Use of funds 

The funds we raise through Kickstarter will help us move quickly with the development of this device. We have begun retrofitting first generation units (enclosures and PCB’s) with GPS antennas and need only to develop the software necessary for storing GPS data and uploading it to various sites. These funds will get us to a production ready design and allow us to purchase the materials needed to get started on the first batch of units! 

Production timeline

November-February: Software development, testing, and completion of production-ready design 

March-May: Sourcing and procurement of devices needed for PCB construction 

June-July: Production and testing of prototype and beta units 

August: Full scale production with units available


Check out the column on the right for information on the rewards we are offering for backers!

Category 1: Cerevellum Logo Water Bottle
We are a cycling company- let us help you stay hydrated on your ride with one of our logo water bottles!

Catergory 2: Cerevellum Logo T-Shirt

We want to make sure you have the chance to show the world you were an integral part of Cerevellum's success! Prove it every time you wear this logo t-shirt.

Category 3: Cerevellum Package

Can't decide between the water bottle and the t-shirt? Get both, and we'll throw in a couple stickers, too!

Category 4: Cervellum Super Early Bird

Category 5: Cerevellum Early Bird

Get what you really want- one Cerevellum Scope at the best discounts available!

Risks and challenges

Cerevellum is ready to complete the development of its newest device. We have certainly experienced our fair share of difficulty in the past, and truly believe that we have learned from our mistakes and are ready to tackle this new project. That said, obstacles can pop up at any time, and we have lined out a very conservative timeline for the development and production of the Scope.

Software Development.
We have been working with a top notch electronics design firm to develop the software necessary to support GPS tracking. This will involve considerable detail as we balance the need for a high degree of accuracy with the need for sufficient battery life. We must also coordinate our efforts with Strava to ensure seamless uploads to their platform.

Plastic Enclosures / Injection Molding
We have also partnered with a new manufacturer located in Camden, South Carolina. Enclosures must be configured to accommodate the GPS antenna and board layout. Tooling and molds must support this task. We will also be changing the material used for the mounting system to ensure greater durability and ease of use.

We believe that we have taken the necessary steps to study this process and anticipate an accurate timeline. As stated above, we have lined out a conservative schedule to help ensure that we do not promise a shipping date that we cannot deliver on.

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