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S$ 0.00 pledged of S$ 140 goal
By Tan Tian Shou
S$ 0.00 pledged of S$ 140 goal


Memory Palace is a casual mobile game for the iOS. The game hopes to feature roughly 40 handcrafted levels which aims to showcase challenging yet fun gameplay experiences!

* All Levels are individually handcrafted to give the best experience to the player.

* Game is ergonomically easy to play, suitable for people to play while commuting to work/school. 

* A new twist towards the familiar memory genre games.


Players would be given a blueprint of the current level they are on first. Once the player has memorised the pattern or the timer runs out, the player will be transported to the planning phase.

Within the planning phase, players must regurgitate whatever they have just memorised and key in the steps in the correct order in an attempt to reach the end. 

The game will feature special tiles that requires the player to think more before placing down their steps. For example buttons that activate a falling spike on the adjacent tile, this requires players to move back and forth in order to avoid the danger. More of which will be within the game for the player to learn and explore. :D


Basically all the funds will be used for the Apple Developer Account. It costs around SGD$ 128 after conversion. The stated price of $140 includes the commission and misc costs. 

I intend to to release the game for *Free* in the app store, my goal remains the same, I wish for everyone to be able to enjoy this game. The $140 would be very beneficial in assisting me to offset some of my financial burden. 


It is because you guys out there will be kickstarting not only a single mobile game, but many, many more which I will strive to create. It's not easy upholding your passion in such a uptight and practical society, but I have decide to press on and pursue what I love. So, why not join me? :D

 Thank you all!

Risks and challenges

Current Progress:

- Core gameplay loop is already fully done.
- 10 fully functional levels.
- Player progression

The entire gameplay is generally done, all thats left is the creation of more levels and bug testing. Level creation is already made to be modular therefore the creation of levels is not a major obstacle.

The greatest challenge now would be catching up with school assignments and play-testing for the game.

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