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Monsterwood: Book 1 Graphic Novel is a coming of age, fantasy story, set in an ancient, haunting, and beautiful world of Magog.
Monsterwood: Book 1 Graphic Novel is a coming of age, fantasy story, set in an ancient, haunting, and beautiful world of Magog.
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Shipping soon!

Posted by Jason Rosen (Creator)

Hey All,

The books are here and they are beautiful!  

The last logistical issue we needed to navigate was how to get all the books signed by both Steve Ellis and myself. Now that may not sound like a big deal, but when you have a pallet of books weighing 1250 lbs and your illustrator lives 5 and a half hours away, it is an issue. Out of respect and gratitude, we feel strongly that no one should be able to get their hands on a Monsterwood before the people who made it happen; you: our awesome backers. So, as excited as we are about the book and how it turned out, we have been sitting on them until we get this all sorted and can begin shipping them out to you all.

All that being said, we have a solution: Steve Ellis has created a beautiful book plate that will be printed and then signed by us both. The plate will be affixed to the inside cover, and we can begin sending them out. 

In addition, we have printed an extra little bonus print as way of saying thanks and for making up for the delay. We realize we are well past our initial intended launch of late last Spring/mid Summer. We hope that you understand and appreciate the fact that we wanted to make the best Monsterwood book we could produce. Instead of the intended 60 page graphic Novel, we have a 68 page book. You will notice a few extra touches and bonus bits as a way of showing our gratitude for your support and patience. We don't want to give everything away just yet! we want you to be pleasantly surprised!

We will let you know when we begin mailing them out. It should be very soon. The first books mailed will be the regular, signed editions. Steve Ellis will begin working on the pencil sketch, tonal ink, and watercolored editions as soon as possible. Please allow extra time for those special versions to be created for you.

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    1. Chris Wynter on

      I've just noticed in the PDF version there's a page between 37 and 38 that won't fully appear. The first panel has a close up of Girah saying "Most Maheekanu are afraid of Monsterwood.". The second panel with Jovis is visible but that's all before it goes to page 38. The page appears for just a second, and only when moving from 37 to 38 not 38 to 37. Also, it isn't visible when I choose the 4-page layout (and zoom out) either. Just thought I'd mention it! :)