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Monsterwood: Book 1 Graphic Novel is a coming of age, fantasy story, set in an ancient, haunting, and beautiful world of Magog.
Monsterwood: Book 1 Graphic Novel is a coming of age, fantasy story, set in an ancient, haunting, and beautiful world of Magog.
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Monsterwood Update: Waking up from a long, cruel Winter

Posted by Jason Rosen (Creator)

Hey All!

Jason here. Steve Ellis has been working very hard to get the Monsterwood Graphic novel ready for printing. I’ve been working with Sally Anne Syberg adapting our Monsterwood Screenplay ( Written by Myself, Sally Anne, and Louise Gikow) to the graphic novel so we can ship this beast off to the printer's as soon as those last pages come rolling in. Steve is doing some of his best work ever on Monsterwood, and I could not be more excited about it all. We are all working incredibly hard to produce a really stunning work that we really think you will love when it gets delivered to you... the best friends and fans any creative team could hope for!

Here is a general update as to our status with the book. We’re aiming to have all the pages illustrated, edited, lettered, set up for print and delivered to the printers in April. This is a bit later than we had estimated when we were putting the campaign together almost a year ago. We really wanted to try and make good on our word and get you your book this month ( that was our original delivery estimate on KS), but in the end we feel it is more important, essential, actually, to take a bit of extra time to do the best damn book we can create.

We don’t want to sacrifice one bit of quality for the sake of hitting what was initially an arbitrary timeline. Have no fear, things are coming along beautifully and everything is going according to plan, we are just a little behind our originally intended delivery.

We’ll be in touch in early April to let you know how things are moving as the book heads to the printers.

Talk soon and thanks again so much for backing MONSTERWOOD. Without you, this book would quite simply not exist.

Reward updates:

T-Shirts: By now, all T-shirts should have been received, with the exception of a few local folks, who, I must admit, I had planned on meeting up with to hand deliver the shirt and catch up a bit. Although I would still like to catch up with you all, for the sake of closing out that reward tier, I am going to get those last couple of shirts in the mail to you. IF, for some reason you still have not received your shirt, please contact us as soon as possible and we will check our records. All shirts were sent USPS Priority so we can go back and check the confirmation/tracking number for your shipment.

Prints: All rolled up and ready to ship! These will go out in the next day or two. If you have not responded with your choice of print please do so as soon as possible so that we can get yours out to you.

Zumari Busts: I have recently checked in with the Master caster, Ahren Gauthier from Improbable Cast and the busts should be arriving to me any day. The unpainted busts will be shipped out as soon as I can package them back up individually. The custom painted ( by me) busts will take a little while to finish, but I will make sure they are more than worth the wait!

If any of you, our backers, wish to purchase any prints, Zumari busts, or MW Council Shirts from us, please let us know and we can work it out via Paypal. We are not, at this time offering any of those items to the public via our website . You see... you really are special!

Giclees are ready to ship!
Giclees are ready to ship!

 This weekend we will be setting up the BTS blog over on our studio website that is exclusive      ( password protected) to V.I.P.s... that is you, our backers! We are excited to show you a few WIP sketches, some finished panels, etc. We will send a separate update letting you know it has been posted and providing the PW.

We hope this finds you well and enjoying this Friday the 13th!

Love from Camp Monsterwood,

Jason + the MW Team

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    1. Jason Rosen 2-time creator on

      All prints shipped USPS priority. Should get to you all by Monday/Tuesday latest. Can't wait to hear what you guys think of them!