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Little Gold Star is a short film starring Allison Scagliotti and Evalena Marie. Directed by Chris Russell.


The film is called Little Gold Star, and its concept is simple: what if Roald Dahl’s Matilda had grown up in a Tarantino universe?

A girl called Nina was kidnapped six years ago and has been locked in a basement ever since. She has been tortured. Her spirit has been broken. In her time she has seen many other girls come and go, and she fears she will never escape, and worse, that she no longer has the will to try.

The story begins as a new girl, Diane, is brought to the basement. Gradually, Nina realizes that Diane is no ordinary girl, and as the story progresses Diane’s incredible powers are revealed in ever-more explicit and violent ways. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why is she here?

The owners of the house have finally kidnapped the wrong girl, and they’re going to pay for it. With Diane at her side, Nina regains her will to survive, and together they execute an escape from their dank prison. It’s an old-fashioned revenge movie with a supernatural twist, placed in a tragic and all-too-real setting.


Being able to film Little Gold Star will serve two functions: it will work completely as a standalone short film but will primarily function as a selling tool for a feature film version of the same story and world, a showcase for the concept, characters and talent involved, with a feature script being written simultaneously.

This is superhero noir, a blood-soaked fairy tale, the dark, logical extension of the past decade’s more commercial forays into comic book heroes.

We are really excited about the project, and we hope you will be too. 

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Custom ZIAPS dolls by Jaime Stone Dead
Custom ZIAPS dolls by Jaime Stone Dead

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti - 'Diane'
Allison Scagliotti - 'Diane'

Evalena Marie

Evalena Marie - 'Nina'
Evalena Marie - 'Nina'

Gary Frank - (Emmy Winner)

Gary Frank - 'Mister'
Gary Frank - 'Mister'

Sarah Lilly 

Sarah Lilly - 'Missus'
Sarah Lilly - 'Missus'

Writer/Director - CHRIS RUSSELL (Zombie in a Penguin Suit)

Writer/Producer - JOSH BRESLOW (Reliance, Zombie in a Penguin Suit)

Director of Photography - KEVIN BARRY (Serena & the RATTS)

Producer/Camera - GREG EIDENT (American Horror Story, Glee)

Producer - DIANE GALARDI (Just Go With It, Love & Other Drugs, House of Lies)


Made for just $1200, Zombie in a Penguin Suit follows an aquarium employee who has the misfortune being turned into a zombie while wearing a giant penguin suit.


The film was directed by Chris Russell and crafted by many of the same brilliant and hard-working people now working on Little Gold Star.

Praise for Zombie in a Penguin Suit:

“Perhaps the most stunning, deeply-felt zombie short film of all time. Everything here from the cinematography to the effects to the storytelling shines like the finest brains offered up on a silver platter” – Film School Rejects

“By the end, it kind of makes you want to hug a zombie. Except don't do that. But do watch this, and don't stop until it's over.” – Huffington Post

“Beautiful, gory and surprisingly emotional” – USA Today

“Beyond exploring the deeper inherent loneliness of being a zombie, ZIAPS also obeys the first law of such films: Always be terrifying.” - Fast Company

“A very high-production-value, often scary, and ultimately very touching seven-minute short film.” – Boing Boing

“There's so much more going on beneath the film's funny title… who wants to see more from director Chris Russell now?” -

“This haunting short film by Chris Russell will definitely make you sympathize with the ambulating vitality-deprived.” – i09

“This is seriously one of the best short films I’ve ever seen.” - Buzzfeed

If you have any questions at all about the production, please feel free to email the production address:


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

By far the most difficult aspect of an indie project with such a talented Cast and Crew is getting all the necessary components to the same place at the same time. The trailer above was made for roughly $300, including food and gas, and was pulled together over two months. The short film simply can't be made under the same conditions.

Our Cast and Crew consist of current TV Series Regulars, Viral Video Creators, Emmy Winning Cast Members, and many other young, talented professionals in the entertainment industry. It's rare that such a diversely skilled group can afford the time to come together and create innovative content. Guaranteeing this synchronized congregation is the biggest challenge in our production, and any single element falling through due to scheduling or higher paying gigs is the biggest risk for our indie set.

The more money we raise, the more crew and cast members we can afford to pay, guaranteeing the production’s stability and increasing the production value.

The film will be difficult to coordinate, but part of the joy of working on an indie set is making the project successful with whatever supplies we are given.

Thank you for your time and anything you're able to contribute to the project!


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