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A deck of illustrated symbolic cards to be used for inspiration, advice, and reflection.
A deck of illustrated symbolic cards to be used for inspiration, advice, and reflection.
A deck of illustrated symbolic cards to be used for inspiration, advice, and reflection.
127 backers pledged $4,800 to help bring this project to life.


*** ***  ***  HEY GUYS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  *** *** ***

I surpassed my $4,000 goal yesterday thanks to a bunch of backers who swooped in and pledged. AMAZING! I made about $600 yesterday alone. a big, fat THANK YOU to all who sent their support my way, be it through monetary pledges &/or spreading the word to other people. It's a great feeling to know that so many people have gone out of their way to support my project. Many new and old friends showed me that they care about me and have faith in my abilities, and that means a lot :) I still have a few days left to fundraise, so please keep spreading the word. The end date is Saturday, March 10th at 9:49 pm!

Since I have surpassed my goal, I'll use the funds to cover any incidental costs of printing, shipping, and promoting that weren't covered in the original amount. After that, any leftover funds will be used to make this project even more handsome. Rounded corners on the cards? A cloth bag to hold the deck? We shall see...

In the big reminder e-mail I sent out yesterday morning, I told everyone that I'm throwing in a couple of incentives to pledge: I will send a special piece of artwork to the person who pushes the campaign over $4,000. That person is LucyStar! Congratulations!

I also announced that everyone who pledges will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to my online Etsy shop, Sprout Head. Once the campaign is over, I'll be e-mailing out a survey asking for everyone's mailing address, pledge preferences, and whether they'd like to be entered into the drawing. The survey will probably come later in March, once I finalize the rest of the artwork. That will give you all a chance to look over the goodies to make sure you are receiving the rewards that you want (as long as the rewards fall within the price range of the pledge that you chose).

I want to show you some of the finished artwork. More of the completed card symbols:

And here's the card spread sheet that comes with the deck of cards (you will also receive a guidebook with your cards):

"The Arrow" card spread sheet is an 11" x 17" sheet of paper with the card positions printed on it so you can lay the cards right on top. The spread is called "The Arrow" because, to me, it resembles an arrow. I made up the spread after looking around and combining some of the spreads that I read about into one that I really enjoy using. My favorite part are the "release" and "accept" cards because I think they are quite helpful when trying to figure out the best means of action or a different attitude to take on a situation.

For those unfamiliar with tarot readings, the Querent (or person seeking advice through the cards) asks a question to gain insight into a situation, and the cards are shuffled and picked out. The Reader will lay the cards into the appropriate positions and then "read" what the cards are saying. Just as important as the cards themselves are the positions they are placed. The placement can change the meaning quite a bit. Say, for example, that this card shows up in the "Accept" position:

Normally, I would look at this card and think it had something to do with the querent feeling trapped, restrained, and possibly unhappy. But if it appeared in the "Accept" position, I would interpret this card as saying that the querent should accept a period of feeling confined or restrained. Perhaps the querent would usually deal with the situation by running away or breaking obligations. This card would advise that it would be beneficial for the querent to remain in the situation. Upon further thought, the querent might also decide to change his or her attitude towards the situation - instead of seeing the restraint as something bad, they could see it as an opportunity to practice their focus and discipline. Perhaps the period of restraint is trying to teach them something important.

More updates to follow in the next couple weeks as I continue to finalize the artwork for the project. Whew, it's nice to know that the goal has been reached and it can only get better from here! Once again, thank you to everyone for your amazing support and encouragement. I can't wait to share the final artwork with everyone! It has been a great experience to share the making of this project with you and know that so many people have been involved in part of its creation.

A reminder: for those of you who are new Backers and missed the last update, please be sure to check out Update #1 - Postcards! I would like your input on choosing which postcards to be printed. I'll send out another update soon to get some input about the bookplate images as well. For now, Good Night!


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      thanks lizette! and thanks for all your graphic design advice!

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      thanks Dee!

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      dee keaney on

      Yea, congrats Aijung~it's all looking great!