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Help Lilly as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.
1,623 backers pledged $33,516 to help bring this project to life.

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"Goggles Giveaway" drawing has been removed :(

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

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NEW Stretch Goals

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

Over 900 Backers at over $20,000 with 17 Days to go! 

We can’t thank you backers enough for so generously pledging to our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you to everyone who has shared and continues to share our project with their friends and family. It means a lot, and its getting us closer to reaching our stretch goals.


At 17 days to go, we still have a great opportunity to reach 2 stretch goals of $26,000 and $36,000.   

Announcing the Stretch Goals!!! ________________________________________

Stretch Goal 1 

$26,000 (MORE CONTENT) 

We’ve been asked by a number of backers if we could add more content to the game as a stretch goal. The answer is Yes! If we reach a stretch goal of $26,000, we will add an additional area to "Lilly Looking Through" making the game just a bit longer.

Stretch Goal 2 

$36,000 (Get a COPY of the game on iPad or Android Tablet) 

If we reach a stretch goal of $36,000, we will bring “Lilly Looking Through” to iPad and Android Tablets. Also, if we reach the stretch goal of $36,000, backers who pledge $25 or MORE will receive one additional digital download copy of "Lilly Looking Through" for either iPad or Android Tablet


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Over 100% FUNDED!

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

We can’t believe that we reached $18,000 with over 20 days left in our Kickstarter campaign! We are jumping up and down and are completely stunned all at the same time. Thank you all SO much for your generous pledges, comments, and help spreading the word. We are really excited about the potential of reaching our $36,000 stretch goal now.

Ladies and Gentlemen … we would like to introduce the NEW team members you just funded! 

The Artists:

Garrett Taylor is an Environment Sketch Artist at Pixar where he designed sets for Cars 2 and is now working on the Toy Story and Cars shorts. He received an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University where he now teaches concept art courses. Prior to his career in art and alongside his schooling, Garrett worked as a finish carpenter and now brings that knowledge of materials and functionality to his environment design. 

David Kyhn has been the resident scenic designer for the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre for thirteen seasons. His additional artistic experience includes mural painting, oil painting, soft pastel, and figurative sculpture. 

The Programmer: Our new Chief Technical Officer

Mark DeForest has worked in the game industry for 17 years mostly at CyanWorlds. He worked on games ranging from adventure games (Myst, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, realMyst, Uru: Complete Chronicles, Myst V: End of Ages) to children's games (Manhole, Cosmic Osmo) to MMOGs (MystOnline: UruLive, MagiQuest Online, Mars Colony Live). The last four years he has been bringing CyanWorlds' classic adventure games and other games to the iPhone and iPad.

If we can reach our Stretch Goal of $36,000 Mark will be bringing “Lilly Looking Through” to the iPad and Android tablets!

We would love to know what your platform of choice is for playing Lilly Looking Through.  Below is a survey if you're interesting in submitting your preference.

Thank you so much!

Steve, Jessica & the entire team at Geeta Games


             Garrett                                         David                                           Mark

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Reward Updates!

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

11 Days in, and we have reached over 84% of our GOAL!!!

We are so excited and grateful to every Backer who has pledged to "Lilly Looking Through." You the Backers have given us some fantastic suggestions, and we aim to deliver. Here are a whole NEW list of rewards (with pictures) for your viewing pleasure! Thank you for your excellent comments and questions. 

"SQUARE VISION": An official Lilly paper toy created with the support of Chris Beaumont of Cubeecraft. Our good friend Bradley Lindsay custom designed the Cubee of Lilly for us! Printable on a standard piece of 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Simply print, cut and fold Lilly into a cute and fun paper toy. Plus all previous reward tiers.

"POPUP VISION": A custom popup card of Lilly's village, designed by Amelia Kieras, mailed directly to your door! (Signed or unsigned by Steve & Jessica Hoogendyk) Plus all previous reward tiers.

"EYE CATCHER": Turn heads with a Lilly Looking Through T-Shirt! Choose from two designs. In incredible artist in her own right, Renee Britton designed the T-Shirts for us. Thank you Renee!!! Available in Mens, Womens (fitted), and Youth sizes. Plus all previous reward tiers. *NOTE: All $100 backers and up will also receive a "Beta" credit for being on our beta testing team!

*NOTE: All $499 and $500 backers will now receive TWO T-Shirts total. Since we can't edit the rewards, we're adding it here.

"STARRY-EYED": An 18" x 24" movie poster of Lilly, signed or unsigned by Steve & Jessica Hoogendyk. Plus all previous reward tiers.

We finally have a picture of the Goggles!  100% handcrafted fully functional brass goggles. (*NOTE: Goggles may behave differently than Lilly's)

Lets Dance!
"LYRICAL LILLY": You (or one of your friends or family) can send us a 5 second video of your best dance moves (G rated), and Lilly will dance just like you in your video, as part of a hidden "Easter Egg" in the game. Plus all previous reward tiers.

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Five days, five figures! $10,000!

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

We are ecstatic about hitting over $10,000 in pledges in just under 5 days!  Thank you to all our backers, for your continued support!

Based on some excellent feedback, we will be updating our rewards and adding some really exciting new tiers this week.

We've already added an additional $20 reward where you can choose two downloadable copies of the game (instead of one copy of the game and the soundtrack). So for those backers who would prefer this reward, you can change your selection under "Manage my pledge."

Stay tuned - more rewards are on the way! 

Steve & Jessica