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Help Lilly as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.
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Released! KOTAKU and Linux

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Lilly Looking Through has been released!

It still seems a bit surreal that we've finally released our first indie adventure game.

Live Stream Event
We had a really great time at the Live Stream event. We want to thank everyone who had the chance to join us during our live streaming launch party as well as Building the Game Podcast for hosting the event.

Just in case you missed the event you can still watch it at the link below: 

We were also surprised to end up in a very entertaining KOTAKU video. (WARNING: Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven't played through the game you may NOT want to watch this video.)

We appreciate all the messages and comments we've received as we continue to grow and learn from this amazing experience. It’s been a great gift to hear all the feedback from our Backers, and very encouraging to know that people are excited to see what we're going to do next!


We are currently focused on getting a Linux build of Lilly Looking Through out to our Linux Backers as soon as possible! Right now it's looking like we won’t be able to take advantage of hardware acceleration like we did on the Windows and Mac version. This means that our first Linux build will be running initially in an optimized windowed mode to give the best performance, as we figure out the best way to deliver Lilly on Linux.

Note:For development we’ve been using Adobe Flash and Stage 3D (which currently isn't supported on Linux). As a result, the Linux version will be running in “software only” mode.

Adventure Gaming Fans 

We discovered a charming gallery of adventure gaming caricatures throughout adventure gaming history all illustrated by the talented Jón Kristinsson.

We were really humbled to find out that Jón was inspired to draw an image of Lilly and her brother Row as well. You can view some of his beautiful work at the link below:

Speaking of Adventure Gaming

There's an adventure gaming Kickstarter going on right now called Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game. It looks like a really fun story with beautiful artwork and a cool "inspiration" gameplay mechanic. It only has 5 more days until the campaign ends. So if you get a moment definitely check it out.

Until next time that’s it for this update!

Steve, Jessica and the rest of the Geeta Games Team.

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    1. eXoScoriae on

      thank you very much

    2. Steve Hoogendyk Creator on

      @eXoScoriae did you check your messages in Kickstarter? I will also try to email you directly to help out.

    3. eXoScoriae on

      I seem to be missing something... if the game was released... how do I play it? I don't believe I ever got a key or a download link?

    4. Jef on

      Cold days ahead... patiently waiting for the Linux version to start toasting my brain^W^W^W playing ! :-)

    5. pjupson on

      I agree with the other assessments, as a Linux backer I'm just happy you're making an attempt.

      1) With the way MS is trying to create and control a "Windows App Store" everyone will be better off with cross platform development. Anyone who does put all their eggs into the Windows basket, MS is going to take a good cut of their profits.

      2) With Valves steamOS for their SteamBox being a variation of Linux you'd be foolish not to start factoring that in for future development.

      3) Adobe is killing Flash so it's smart to move away from them in the future

      4) I'm fine with however it runs in Linux provided it at least runs.

    6. Maxim Bardin on

      If it runs as well as the demo, i'm good.

    7. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      +1 to Valery's comments. Adobe is killing off Flash, so you should definitely look into switching to something else (such as Unity) for your next game!

    8. Valeriy on

      I think every Linux backer was prepared to this from the beginning (after playing demo at least). Flash is garbage but we backed this project not for technology. Software mode should do it, IMO.

    9. flesk

      Software only is good for now. Can't wait to play the Linux version!

    10. S.D. on

      Thanks for the hard work on the Linux version! :-)

    11. Dana "Mystdee" Brightman on

      Definitely spoilers there but fun video!