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Help Lilly as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.
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November 1st Release Date, Backer Rewards, PAX Trip

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

Hello Backers, 

It's definitely time for another update!

November 1st Release Date: 

We've hit Beta, and are looking forward to releasing the game on November 1st for PC(Windows) and Mac! 

(The Linux version will be available a little bit later, as we are still working on optimizing the game for best performance)

We are also happy to announce that we will be fulfilling our digital Kickstarter rewards through Humble Store. Steam keys will be available through Humble, as well as downloading a DRM Free version of our game from Humble itself. You don't even have to choose . . . Our Backers get a STEAM KEY and a DRM-Free version of the game!

Just before November 1st, we will send a message to the applicable reward tiers with a link that you can use to redeem Lilly Looking Through and other digital rewards via the Humble Store. The email that you provided in the survey will be the email used to redeem the game through the Humble Store. For those of you who have not filled out the survey, you will have to use the email that we have on file from Kickstarter.

Humble Store Accounts:
If you don’t already have a Humble Store account, you can create one here: This is not required, but we do recommend it.

Email Matching (IMPORTANT!)

If you do already have a Humble Store account, your Humble Store account email MUST be the “preferred email address” that you entered in your survey, otherwise you will not be able to add Lilly Looking Through to your Humble Library. 

Apologies for any inconvenience regarding this; when we sent out the surveys we didn't have the direct distributor locked in yet, otherwise we would have mentioned this previously.

Q. What if they don’t match? 

A. We do have the ability to manually make any changes should something be incorrect, so don't worry; just send us an email explaining what needs to change:

PAX Trip:
As this is a rather detailed update, we thought we would just provide a link to a photo tour of our trip to PAX. If you are interested feel free to check it out!

We are extremely excited to be so close to releasing the game to our Backers. You guys have been with us on this journey for over a year now and it’s been an incredible ride.

Thank you so much for all of your continued support! 

Steve, Jessica and the rest of the Geeta Games Team

Pictured below is 4 of our Team members at PAX (Mark, Jessica, Steve, and Daran) all in one place, which doesn’t happen very often.

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    1. Sven_Q45 on

      I really am stucked on the bubble/water riddle. Tried anything.But I can´t reach the upside. Can anyone please help?

    2. Sven_Q45 on

      I just started the beta. :) Didn´t find anything yet.

    3. Psychomorph on

      Awesome that release is soon. Can't wait to play it and the release date being a Friday is just perfect.

      Also great that it's on Pre-ordered already.

    4. SpiderFighter on

      @William: Agreed! In fact, thanks to your post, I found a Wishlist for this very thing on GOG

      It's barely voted for, but hopefully it will grow.

    5. William C Crawford on

      I just found the game was on GoG, too! I had somehow missed this update and didn't realize the release date was set. :) It was very nice seeing it there in their header advertising space!

      It's too bad GoG doesn't have a key system similar to Steam and Desura.

    6. SpiderFighter on

      I just woke up this morning to see the game featuired on!! It's good to see it getting so much love, even before release...and even better to have a release date!

      Is there any way that us Goggers can get our forthcoming copy of the game through Gog instead of elsewhere, by any chance? Lily would look so good on my virtual shelf (and I'd never have to worry about finding her again).

      Thanks for looking, and I wish you all (and, of course, Lily) much continued success!

    7. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Humble store worked! Thanks!
      And I´m really heavily looking forward to Lilly!!!!!!
      Finally we ALL can LOOK THROUGH !!

    8. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Disappointed there will be a delay for the Linux version - hope it is not too long.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bryon Daly on

      Congrats guys, good job. If you actually hit the Nov 1 release date you will narrowly beat out Ogre as the first kickstarter I've backed to actually deliver the end product. (Since May 2012, I backed 25 funded projects, most of which with release dates claimed for late 2012 or early 2013 and most of those are still months away from completion)

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark McKinnon on

      Hi there I really hope it is not going to take that long for the Linux version.

    11. ThomasN on

      Thank you!
      To clarify that whole Humble business: Just open , enter the same mail address as you have in your Kickstarter profile, and the resulting mail should get you started.

    12. Robert Lunghamer on

      The email address shouldn't matter as previously stated. You will get an email with a link, you open the Humble page, log into your Humble account, "claim" the page.and the game should be added to your Humble library.

    13. Christoph Zürcher on

      Wow, great news. Can't wait to play it, thanks for the update.

    14. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      So glad to see Lilly in the final stages! I can't wait to play the final version.

    15. Steve Hoogendyk Creator on

      Hello Backers! Our mistake regarding the Kickstarter survey asking for a "preferred email address". To clarify, if you have a preferred email (that you use for Humble) that is different from the email you used to sign up for Kickstarter, please let us know at so we can update our records.

    16. S.D. on

      Yeah, at least the game+soundtrack tier did not ask for an e-mail address.

    17. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      1) There was no eMail choice in the survey, just an operating system selection. At least that is Kickstarter showing in my survey answer.
      2) Luckily my email is the same here than it is on HumbleBundle, but normally you get a link with a code for a HumbleBundle and can then *claim* it for your account, so the email should not be a problem.

      Other than that I like the Steam and HumbleBundle decision a lot and am looking forward to the release. :)

    18. Fien on

      Great news! Lilly is one of the Kickstarter adventures I'm most excited about.

    19. Michael Hartmann

      Yay! Less than a month to go (unless you find major problems during the beta-testing). The Humble Store is a good choice for distribution. I'm really looking forward to the finished game.

    20. Steve Hoogendyk Creator on

      @ Simon D. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you at the Hard Rock Cafe Double Fine party. Thank you for taking the time to say hello!

    21. Simon D on

      Steve et al! Congratulations on getting to Beta. Really looking forward to playing. Nice PAX write-up as well. It was a really great show this year. Not sure if you remember but I met you at the Double Fine party on Sunday night? I think you were slightly taken a back that I actually recognized you! :)

    22. Chris Patterson on

      LOVE the Humble Release :) Thanks so much!! Really looking forward to it :)

    23. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Hello. Very great news I'm really looking forward to the release :) I'm sure we're gonna get a good time with the game. Congrats on getting there, still a short way to go :)

    24. Gabriel Meunier on

      Great! Looking forward to play the game!