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Help Lilly as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.
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Looking Back, Progress Report, Looking Forward

Posted by Steve Hoogendyk (Creator)

Hi Backers

This update is going to be very short and sweet!

Looking Back:

Tomorrow I turn 40 years old. I can’t help but look back and think that 20 years ago I was playing games like Myst with my dad. It’s at that point that I really discovered my passion for creating worlds to explore and love of storytelling. 10 years ago I was working at Cyan Worlds, and had the opportunity to work with many of the original creators of Myst and Riven

It really is a dream come true that Geeta Games has been given this incredible opportunity to work on our very own adventure game. It's a wonderful gift, made in part possible from the generous backing you guys provided during our kickstarter campaign almost 1 year ago.

This past month again great progress has been made, and we are thrilled to announce that character animation and all the background paintings have been completed!!! This will now allow more of the team to focus on putting all the different parts of the game together.


Progress Report:

Below is our progress report as to how much of “Lilly Looking Through” is completed.

Game/Puzzle Design - 100%

Music - 98%

Art/Concept Design/Environment Paintings - 100%

Animation - 100% Sound Effects/Foley - 77%

Programming/Wiring Game Logic - 65%


Looking Forward:

We still have a good amount of work to do, as we continue adding all the sound, music, compositing, particles, effects, and interactivity. However, it’s a great feeling to know that the character animation and environments are completed!

Best regards,  

Steve, Jessica, and the rest of the Geeta Games Team!


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    1. Christoph Zürcher on

      Happy birthday! Thanks for the update, it's great to hear about the progress you have made.

    2. Maarten Dijkstra on

      Thanks for the update, and -


      Have a fantastic time - your 40's are the best yet. Then get back to finishing the game ;)

    3. Luis Bermudez on

      Thanks for keeping us up to date on a monthly basis! Great work! Good luck! ^_^

    4. Cédric on

      So, Joyeux Anniversaire ;).

    5. Brian Foley on

      Pretty soon your arms are going to be too short to read the newspaper. Trust me. :)
      Happy 40th! I have almost literally 5 years on ya'. I am so looking forward to this game, for me and my children. Thanks again for the updates.

    6. Chand Svare Ghei - Moonknight

      Happy birthday tomorrow!!

    7. Marius Piedallu van Wyk on

      40... Gratz. I'm right there with you!

      Thanks for an awesome game for my daughter, and allowing us to live vicariously through you. I'd love to develop games someday as well.

    8. Dana "Mystdee" Brightman on

      Awesome! Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

    9. Wild@x on

      Great and happy birthday too!

    10. Dave Hopman on

      Congratulations, Steve! I hope you have a nice birthday tomorow!