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Help Lilly as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.
Help Lilly as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.
1,623 backers pledged $33,516 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. MannyLaMancha on

      Hey, after the cliffhanger ending, I’d love news of any new developments!

    2. Frank Talbot on

      Loved the game. Are you planning on making another Kickstarter, or another project soon? Keep us informed here if you do. Thanks and good job! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      MRW1976 on

      Sorry for spamming, but please consider backing this new Adventure Kickstarter, fellow Adventure Fans:

      The first game was hilarious, and the pitching video is one of the funniest I've ever seen. Thank you!

    4. Marcio Araujo on

      Beautiful game, count on me for another kickstarter!!!

    5. ThomasN on

      A really fun game, until the color puzzle with that moveable trumpets starts. First: You have absolutely no clue that it must be all yellow. Second: Why is all blue and the trumpet moved down "half yellow, half green" giving green ( and that same trumpet in "up position" (fully green) not giving green? This is completely confusing. Whoever designed that puzzle: You are the reason this game is bashed so much on gog and so on :-(

    6. Gavin Lambert - Tormented Dreamer on

      If anyone is waiting for a download code, you need to go to and enter your Kickstarter email address. It'll send you an email with all the links to your Humble Store games. (And if you've made a Humble Bundle/Store account, you can claim the page to get them all listed together.)

    7. Jef on

      Hi there,
      any luck with the Linux Steam version?
      Can't wait to work on those puzzles!

    8. Thierry BARD

      I still have not received the instructions to download the game!

    9. Gabriel Meunier on

      Hey guys!
      Just started (and finished) the game! Absolutely loved it!
      Gorgeous graphics and great atmosphere!
      Haven't really found the «logic» behind the last puzzle, but anyways... :P

    10. Missing avatar

      Jacques L on

      Thanks for the game.

      I'm playing it and I love the atmosphere.
      Graphics are beautiful and music so well composed.
      I would call that game a "zen" game, and I feel better after playing it !!
      Hope to get more games from you in the future.

    11. Missing avatar

      anotherfan321 on

      Alright! Just finished the game and I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much!

    12. Noah Wexo on

      Like others, I just completed the game and feel like there must be a sequel coming (the game ended a little abruptly!). Given the fact that I'm dying to find out what happens next I'd say the Geeta Games team have done an excellent job so far -- let us all know when you decide to Kickstart LLT Episode 2!

    13. Sio on

      I just completed the game. It was such a wonderful experience and I hope that there will be a sequel. The ending definitely feels like a beginning to something else :D

    14. ThomasN on

      Steve, Jessica and rest:
      Thank you very much for going out of your way and provide me and others the opportunity to swap the Steam with a GOG key!
      If you have any future project, I'll jump on that in a heartbeat.

    15. Pedasn on

      i just enabled my key and can't wait to play the game. Great work guys

    16. Acorn on

      yay, finished - but I want more now! You'll just have to do a sequel!

    17. mo54 on

      this is a gorgeous game to look at and play.I have managed to get by the bells and am now jumping over what looks like mushrooms.I am so glad that I backed this game as the people at geeta games are really talented and super nice too.

    18. Thierry BARD

      Hi, I'm waitting for the download code.

    19. Kevin Bell on

      Congrats on the launch! I'm really enjoying the game so far :)

    20. Paweł K. on

      I've just finnished playing. Any plans on doing sequel(s) or new game ?:)

    21. Acorn on

      congratulations and thanks for the game - access and download all worked very smoothly. This was the first kickstarter I ever supported and you've fully justified my pledge.

      I've got stuck on the bells but I see I'm not alone!

    22. Psychomorph on

      Saw the live stream. Good stuff, you guys are funny. Will be playing the game this weekend (good thing I finished Riven).

      I hope you will have success with it. I bought a copy on GOG despite having a key from Kickstarter. I think everybody should do this, because KS is one thing, but the games must sell also.

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carlson on

      Good news figured out how to get past there, now I am super stuck at the bells under the water puzzle. I can not figure out how to get my goggles back from in the water....

    24. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carlson on

      Loving the game so far, but I am stuck on the part after the owl. I have managed to get across to the last area with the cement ball with all of the waterfalls. I can not figure out what I am suppose to do know. When I take the goggles off, the tree is there for me to cross but it won't let me, giving me the hint at the top of the cement ball. Any hints you all could give me would greatly appreciated.

    25. Psychomorph on

      I was in a store today and was really surprised to see a cardboard box copy of Lilly Looking Through on the shelve! Did not expect that. Wish I'd known, would have waited to buy a boxed copy.

      Looks really nice the box, the cut out through which Lilly looks through, hehe, nice.

    26. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      Played through it in one session. :)
      After two total failures in the gaming sector here on Kickstarter "Lilly Looking Through" really restored some trust. The game looked beautiful from the start to the credits.
      I hope you will take the experience gained in this project and will soon start creating a "big" adventure game or maybe the sequel to this one. :)

    27. Deborah Li on

      Started playing it! LOVING IT!! but now i'm stuck on what to do at the water part. hahaha CHALLENGE~

    28. SinoSamba <(-'.'-)> on

      Congrats on release! Thanks for using the Humble Store :)

    29. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    30. CosmicMeeting on

      Really great article on Polygon (sent via mail, posting here as a reminder):
      I'm so happy that I found this project, a perfect example of what Kickstarter should be about.

    31. Maarten Dijkstra on

      Thanks for the update, and -


      Have a fantastic time - your 40's are the best yet. Then get back to finishing the game ;)

    32. ThomasN on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    33. randalthor on

      You guys should check out CIty Quest: A Point & Click Adventure.
      It's got really old school graphics. It's a combination of the Space Quest and Lesure Suit Larry. You die frequently in the game. But always in humorous ways. Plus, it's got a perverted sense of humor similar to Lesure Suit Larry.

    34. Riggo on

      Greetings fellow Lilly'ites... If you have managed to save a few dollars since the Lilly ending, there is another fun looking puzzle game running on KS here: Low funding goal, getting close and just a few days to go.

    35. Riggo on

      Go New Orleans and go 49ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Steve Hoogendyk Creator on

      @S.D., Lucky #13 Necronaut of the AGL589 We had a lot of fun making the Holiday video for them. Thank you for compliment and kind words of encouragement! :)

    37. S.D. on

      Hoogendyks & Geetas: That Adventure Gamers Xmas video was epic! What a lovely gift for us fans in the adventure gaming community, right? Your section was a lot of fun, and mini-Hoogendyk is pretty adorable :-) Thanks for that, and keep up the great work on Lilly!

    38. Steve Hoogendyk Creator on

      Happy 2013!!! PC GAMER included "Lilly Looking Through" as one of the adventure games coming out this year. It looks to be an amazing year for adventure games.

    39. Steve Hoogendyk Creator on

      Thanks Maarten! A Merry Christmas and a very Happy Holidays to all our Backers!!!

      "Adventure Gamers" asked us to be part of a Season's Greeting video. The video was just posted today and can be viewed at the following link:

    40. Maarten Dijkstra on

      Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, to all the backers, the team at Geeta Games, and Steve and Jessica! Have an awesome break, and I look forward to the game :D

    41. Man Roy on

      The latest update says nothing: can we have some substance, please?

    42. Man Roy on

      Over a month since the last update: what is the status here?

    43. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Hi fellow backers,
      Just thought I'd share some KS projects I'm currently backing in case you're interested.
      First up, Shadowgate - a first-person fantasy adventure Point n Click PC game (offering a pretty cool 54 card 2-4 player physical card game add-on designed by product director for Mayfair games - publishers of Settler's of Catan).
      Or, if you're at all interested in retro Zelda like puzzle adventure games you might want to check out Spud's Quest -
      @Starship Trooper, well I'm obviously a very late reply, but yes, I made it over there and must say, the BS5 campaign went very well. ;-)

    44. StarshipTrooper :Asylum Krazies $6.66: on

      Good Morning/hello Pinkerton Cavalry!

      The last 2 days of the BS5 campaign have started, and I thought it would be a good idea to call veteran (and greenhorn) cavalrists to arms once again. If you want to help the Broken Sword 5 campaign reaching its stretch goals, just a.) raise your already existing pledge by any amount you see fit or b.) simply join up over there in the first place:

      I'll start. Raising my pledge by [$10 (Cavalry) plus another $7.77 (OOTG)] = $17.77

      Don't forget to use your signature:
      ###Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry###

      Thank you! :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Derek Drew on

      so erm... it's labor day, what now?

    46. Astrid (PolloDiablo) on

      It was great meeting you guys at the party :)

    47. Steve Hoogendyk Creator on

      @Wildax Thanks for posting! We had a wonderful time at GamesCom and especially the famous Adventure-Treff party. It was great talking with so many adventure gaming enthusiasts, and of course having people try on the "Lilly Looking Through" goggles as well. :)

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