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Update #2

New Project! Grism album Social Obligations

Hey friends!I'm trying to come strong out the gate on this one!We are doing a kickstarter campaign for the Grism (Rachel and Kate from Lipstick Homicide, myself, and Grace Locke-Ward) album "Social Obligations" to exist on vinyl.  It's basically a pre-order of the CD for $10 or the CD and vinyl for $25 plus some extra fun things like plush cats and cat toys from Grace's Too Bad Mice line, charcoal portraits, and more to come.  It's a short one, only a month!  Please take the time to do this and help us to continue creating music for you. Any questions please ask, and please pass it on!ThanksZach
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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    If you pledge ten bucks, it's not quite enough to cover one of the DVD/CD combos and postage, but it is enough for me to send you a handmade postcard! The postcard will be made from an actual photograph from my shoebox with personalized letter and drawings.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    This will be the standard donation, and I will personally mail you a brand new copy of the Coolzey and the Search for the Hip Hop Hearts DVD / CD combo with color graphics and digipak case!

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    At $50, you not only receive two copies of the DVD / CD combo, but you also bought your next ticket to a Coolzey show (+1) whenever and wherever you decide to spring it upon me.

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    If you pledge me one hundred bones, I'm gonna send you 3 copies of the DVD / CD combo and put you +2 down for the next Coolzey show you'd like to attend, plus buy your first drink at the show, and hook you up with physical copies of the Coolzey album The Honey and Coolzey vs PRZM!

  • Pledge $300 or more
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    300 bucks gets you 3 copies of the DVD / CD combo, 3 tickets to the next Coolzey show, and I will draw a life-sized charcoal portrait of you or your favorite pet from a photograph or live, whichever you prefer. This entails one hour of drawing for me, and then fixing the charcoal, cropping the paper, and sending it in a tube for you to frame. Here are some portraits I have recently drawn: Also I will personally help complete your physical Coolzey discography collection, even if I have to personally burn sold-out CDs and photo-copy cover art by hand!

  • Pledge $800 or more
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    For an 800 dollar pledge, I will send you 5 copies of the DVD / CD combo, put you on the list at the next Coolzey show +2, draw a charcoal portrait of you to keep (, completion of your physical collection of the Coolzey discography by any means, and you will have paid for a Coolzey performance (DJ and/or MC) at your next house party or event including expenses!

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    If you pledge 3000 bucks, which is all I need for this project, I'll come live with you for 5 days, clean your kitchen and bathroom (which I actually like to do), babysit your kids, help with any remodeling, basically do whatever work you want me to do for 5 days! I actually totally dig doing this stuff and am kind of a handyman. You just have to feed me is all.

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