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Look and feel good during the coming Zombie Apocalypse.
Look and feel good during the coming Zombie Apocalypse.
49 backers pledged $2,303 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mike Winingham 3-time creator on February 22, 2013

      The website has been moved, the current site is

    2. Santiago Dunbar (deleted) on February 14, 2013

      Sooooooo, how is the t-shirt business going? I can't find a link to your store.

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Brooks
      on December 8, 2012

      Hi, I don't know if this is being monitored any more, but does anyone know how to go about claiming their saved reward shirts? I haven't had any luck getting any response from the website yet.

    4. Mike Winingham 3-time creator on July 31, 2012

      Erik and Santiago, I'm so glad you like your shirtz! We couldn't have made them without all our backers' support! Please wear them proudly and tell all of your friends to check out!

    5. Missing avatar

      Erik Jones on July 31, 2012

      received first 2 shirts today ( waiting for next run of different shirts for others ) they look fantastic.

    6. Santiago Dunbar (deleted) on July 29, 2012

      Hey Mike, I just received my shirt in the mail. Awesome! Thank goodness it looks like we've got a break in the heat today because of the rain. I'll break this out tonight when I head out to the bars!

    7. Carsten on July 25, 2012

      Good thing I'm not the only one who didn't receive anything except the survey as of now...

    8. Santiago Dunbar (deleted) on July 22, 2012

      Any word on the project? or the shirts?

    9. Missing avatar

      Erik Jones on July 21, 2012

      Mike ? any updates?

    10. Mike Winingham 3-time creator on June 5, 2012

      We're so incredibly sorry about the lack of communication. We have our first shirtz in and will be sending out surveys today or tomorrow. That will also include the first run of shirt styles that you can choose from. We've been working really really hard to get the company going and getting our shirtz so that we can get them to you, the people that made it all possible. Again, we can't apologize enough for not getting information to you much sooner but will do our best to keep you up to speed from now on. Thank you all!!!!

    11. Christian Moll on June 5, 2012

      There is no update, survey or something else since 17th of April. What is going on?

    12. Missing avatar

      Erik Jones on June 2, 2012

      Mike ? any updates?

    13. Missing avatar

      Erik Jones on May 8, 2012

      any idea what shirts you are going to go with for first run?

    14. Mike Winingham 3-time creator on March 29, 2012

      Thank you both for the well wishes!!! We're stoked that we hit $2,000 and hope to keep going! We really appreciate that you are spreading the word Bohemian! We need all the help we can get! Keep spreading the love!

    15. Missing avatar

      Bohemian on March 29, 2012

      Glad to see your cleared the $2,000 mark. I'm going to send a link to this project over to a bunch of people who were on the last Zombie walk in Vancouver. Hopefully they'll help with the push to $3,000!

    16. Santiago Dunbar (deleted) on March 17, 2012

      Keep up the good work. I hope you exceed your goal and hit the bonus of $3000!