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$14,146 pledged of $40,000 goal
$14,146 pledged of $40,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Hørven on June 1, 2018

      I would pay 10 dollar for a print and play version right now, just to try it - was really looking forward to this one. I will also back again if you decide to relaunch.

    2. Henry So on May 31, 2018

      It's too bad that this didn't fund, but good luck if you decide to try again!

    3. Dan Teh Chad
      on May 31, 2018

      I'll be watching for more news or a relaunch as well. I still think there's a lot of potential here.

    4. Justin Boehm
      on May 31, 2018

      Well, aside from a miracle lol, I assume we'll be looking at a relaunch, which is totally fine by me, and I'll be here for that too!

    5. Dan Teh Chad
      on May 26, 2018

      @Justin Boehm
      Weirdly enough, the fact that they're teaming up on a game that's been described as crossing over Arcadia Quest with the Munchkin franchise means that it might actually be the BEST time to release a semi-co-op miniatures game along those lines.

      I don't know who's tried "Munchkin Quest" (the existence of which creates a challenge for what CMON can call their new crossover product), but... well, it's not very good. I really tried to like it, and maybe with some pretty heavy-handed house rules it could be good, but as a base game and rule set it's just not.

      If someone could come to market with a product that was vaguely similar, but notably BETTER, it might be possible to steal a bit of their thunder. You'd have to have something REALLY slick and polished though if you don't want to look like a quick cash-in imitator. You'd also have to have your ducks all in a row for relatively fast manufacturing time frames. In short, it would be a longshot, but it would be possible.

      The only oddity left at this point is that I'm starting to wonder if the product has been pushed back. We just saw the completion of Arcadia Quest Riders, and the announcement of "Starcadia Quest" coming later this year. I can't imagine that they really intend to run THREE different AQ related projects in one year, right? It's possible that they decided the product wasn't a good fit, that AQ was ALREADY rather Munchkin-like with it's vs gameplay, or that the deal could have even fallen through completely for any number of reasons. Just seems like CMON is showing a full plate that doesn't leave much room for it anymore.

    6. Justin Boehm
      on May 25, 2018

      @Tyinsar well cmon and Steve Jackson games are already set to team up on a munchkin board game so who knows, might be co-op lmao

    7. Tyinsar on May 24, 2018

      @Ryan Valdez: Well said.

      @Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC: An intro game is nice and I like the co-op part but look at some of the other games out there and you’ll see that most offer much more. I realize that they’re bigger but games like Gloomhaven and Legends of Andor are some of what you’re competing against. Personally I was hoping for something more like a co-op version of Munchkin.

    8. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 23, 2018

      @Ryan Valdez Thank you for your constructive feedback and will take any comment/critique into further updates to the core game. We made this game to be an intro/beginner to the bigger and more complex dungeon crawlers that are out there. We aimed for this to be a simple pick-up and play. Moving forward we are adapting the recent comments/critiques and balancing the core game as a whole.

    9. Ryan Valdez
      on May 23, 2018

      I'm all for supporting projects and hoping they succeed. But this project just doesn't feel unique enough to other dungeon crawlers out there. Everything about the project feels very generic. I like a lot of the monster art, but the font in both the game and the rulebook feels like something I see in a word doc versus in a fantasy game. The tiles look so bland with so much grey, and some of the art on the tiles and cards almost look like clip art. The gameplay seems a bit clunky on paper and reminds me of old, somewhat outdated dungeon crawler mechanics, relying on just the luck of dice rolls. It also feels like players rely on luck of item draw for progression versus leveling, character abilities, or tiered item draws in modern games. Boss fights look like they boil down to 1) chuck some dice, 2) see what happens 3) ask if you're dead or if the boss is dead, 4) repeat until 3 is answered. Are there interesting tactical or strategic decisions to be made during those, or for the entire game for that matter?

      I also realized looking through the campaign and rulebook that there isn't a clear when the game really ends? It's not explicitly stated but I'm guessing you're just trying to get the key to get to the boss, then kill the boss? Many dungeon crawlers offer different scenarios other than just "kill some monsters, get to the boss, kill the boss". Yes, killing a boss is really cool after getting powerful, but in this game, am I going to look forward to it after the slog, and after that, am I going to want to return to the game?

      I don't mean to be overly critical. I'm just trying to give food for thought. The game has a lot of potential, but I really feel it needs to be a bit more refined, a bit more polished, and especially needs more of a "here's what makes this game special" vibe. Right now, I don't see it, and I think that might be why this project is struggling, even after a second reboot. It doesn't match up to the competition of the same genre of games.

      But hey, best of luck! If it funds, I'll be in it for the updates. If it doesn't, please look into some of these comments and comments from backers. Maybe look at other dungeon crawlers and see why they're successful, then look to incorporate your own unique ideas. Good luck in future endeavors.

    10. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 18, 2018

      @David Culp Thank you for pointing this out. We will look into this.

    11. David Culp
      on May 18, 2018

      There is another campaign going on right now, also a card game with almost the exact same name.

    12. Raimundas Banevicius on May 15, 2018

      I would be interested to get print and play version also after compaign fails!

    13. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Hørven on May 15, 2018

      Game looks really fun. Just backed and hope it will be founded! If it dont get founded I would like to pay for a print and play version.
      Good luck!

    14. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 14, 2018

      @Nora Hays

      At this time we are going to let the campaign run its course. We have already cancelled the campaign once for resolving issues on distribution and shipping.

    15. Nora Hays
      on May 14, 2018

      Any thoughts on canceling and redoing the campaign?

    16. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 12, 2018

      @Raimundas Banevicius

      I’m sorry that you feel that way but we went with a specific style of artwork. We are still making some adjustments to it since the art is not final and is subject to change. Also for the miniatures not being in the standard core game, it is to keep costs down for production, as well as the final cost of the board game, we had to move miniatures into a stretch goal.

    17. Raimundas Banevicius on May 12, 2018

      Hello, I like concept of this game, I want to support it, but art quality is deal breaker.
      I can understand no miniatures. (... well.. not understand... live with it), but this art quality would be fine in 80'ies, we are now in 2018. Sorry.

    18. Anthony buonomo on May 10, 2018

      sad not looking good to get back

    19. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 10, 2018

      We appreciate all of the input that has been provided. And thank all of the Backers for the continued support.

      @Tyinsar at this time no print and play is planned. We are currently making a visual representation of what exactly goes in the Core Game.

    20. Tyinsar on May 10, 2018

      I like that art but don't love it. It's certainly better than I can do but looks a little too 2D to me. I think it could be one of the things holding the campaign back - Though I think the use of standees hurts more (standees look very cheep). Sadly miniatures seems to be all the rage (almost required to get attention) but I think the campaign should have started with at least meeples with stretch goals to screen printed custom cut meeples (I love the meeplesource ones I have for Tiny Epic Defenders {ver1}). Maybe with minis as an add on or deluxe version.

      I think it might also have been wise to take the lowest shipping cost, bumped the price to include that and then had "free shipping" there and lower costs to everywhere else. It makes the game look more valuable and lowers the shock when seeing the shipping (so many projects I see have "free shipping to the US" and I'm sure this is what they do.).

      Finally I see a lot of cards ("168+" in addition to tiles & hero cards & boss cards) and many other components listed on the boardgamegeek page (and the number of dice on the image here). Highlighting how much is in the box, as well as anything that adds to replayability, might help as well.

    21. Rocket Pig Games on May 9, 2018

      Love the art guys!

    22. Missing avatar

      Stephen Morris on May 9, 2018

      I'm looking forward to this game with the hope it gets the funds needed to produce. I'm not on any social media but if people are willing sending a link to this game might help with pledges?

    23. Tyinsar on May 8, 2018

      $20 to Canada does indeed seem high. I almost didn't back because of that but I'm curious enough about the game. Sadly it looks like this has lost all momentum. Would there be any way to get this as a print and play?

    24. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 7, 2018

      Before when we had the shipping miscalculated, Canada was originally $30 and now it is $20. The shipping was brought down on all the regions that we can ship to. We hope this helps.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tyrion The Great on May 7, 2018

      Still $20 for shipping in Canada?
      For a $40 game it changes the whole deal. Will see if I stay in this campain

    26. Missing avatar

      Keith Engle on May 7, 2018

      Would love to see this campaign gain some momentum... Looks like a super fun game!

    27. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 6, 2018

      After going through our list, we can and will ship to New Zealand. The rewards are now updated with New Zealand added to the list of countries.

    28. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 5, 2018

      We will have to get with our distributor. We will let you know as soon as we can.

    29. Missing avatar

      on May 5, 2018

      you ship to Australia - would you consider shipping to New Zealand?

    30. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 4, 2018

      If I find spelling corrections in the rules, where do I send them to?

    31. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 4, 2018

      Even if you put in the super shield and sword, it would still be 50/50 because they would NORMALLY COUNT AS A SINGLE SHIELD OR SWORD. All that I was trying to accomplish, is to allow you to be able to create cards or other abilities that can alter these die results. Also, none of the abilities would have to be created for this campaign. They can be created later in some expansion. But, if you were to later add in these abilities you would then need new dice. That is the main reason for recommending this version of the dice.

    32. Missing avatar

      Baptiste Radepont on May 4, 2018

      I'm very excited about this game as it seems to be the perfect balance between adventure/combat and suitable game time. However, I know the design isn't finalized but a HP wheel (that could be included into the hero card) or a cube/paperclip mechanism would be easier to manage. Also, a double-layered cardboard for the player or the board that can fit hero, bonuses, equipment and game events would be very nice !
      I hope this project will be backed.

    33. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 4, 2018

      On the Topic of playing Solo, you can do this. If you choose to play solo then you will take control 2 characters instead of 1.

      On the Topic of super shield and super sword, this is a good idea and we will take this into consideration. But right now everything is balanced with the 50/50 mechanic of rolling dice.

      On the Topic of Social Stretch Goals, we will take this into consideration and will look into this.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tobias Andersson on May 4, 2018

      Hi! Looking for a good dungeon crawler with solo mode and wonder if this has a solo mode built in? Only says up to six players so don't know if you can play it solo or not?

    35. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 3, 2018

      One more thing, would it be possible to change one of the sides of the die to a super shield and one side to a super sword? They would still count as regular shields and swords, but now allow you to create cards and abilities that affect these faces in particular. (For example, a card that will allow a super sword to count as two regular swords).

    36. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 3, 2018

      The actual main image for the campaign? I don't see it. Also, can we get social stretch goals to spread the news? I will try to get some people on BoardGameGeek to notice the game.

    37. Corey Matthews on May 3, 2018

      It was updated after the initial project update.

    38. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 3, 2018

      I am so happy I was able to help. The guys running the Treasure Mountain campaign are using it that is what gave me the idea. You might want to update the main campaign image to advertise the cheaper prices for those who passed up on the game.

    39. Armaan Khan on May 3, 2018

      Now that shipping's sorted, time to get the hype train rolling full speed!

    40. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 3, 2018

      Thank you @Moshe for suggesting Quartermaster Logistics. It helped us out tremendously for figuring out the shipping concerns.

    41. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 3, 2018

      Thank you, I'm sure you worked hard to get down the prices. Hopefully now we can get everyone on board. This game really deserves to be funded.

    42. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 3, 2018

      We are going to be transparent with all of our Backers about the shipping cost in the United States, so an Update post is coming very soon.

    43. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 3, 2018

      In the early stages of development the monster fights took way too long. On one Action Die we had 2 swords, 3 shields, and 1 blank for a miss. Then we changed it to be 50/50, which made the game go by faster (depending on how lucky you are at rolling dice).

    44. Armaan Khan on May 3, 2018

      Perfect, I was hoping they were 50/50. A lot of other games use two successes and four failures, which I find to be a bit too hard for my liking.

    45. Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. 2-time creator on May 3, 2018

      About the custom Action Dice, there are 3 shields and 3 swords. That way it is a 50/50 chance for each die that is rolled.

    46. Armaan Khan on May 3, 2018

      I'm curious: on the dice, how many sides are swords and how many shields?

    47. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 2, 2018

      I don't know much about Quartermaster Logistics, but they may be an option for you.

    48. Missing avatar

      Moshe on May 2, 2018

      Thanks, Fire Hazard Entertainment LLC. Because that is the only thing in the way. The game really looks fun and cool.

    49. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      on May 2, 2018

      Woohoo! Shipping to Sweden dropped as well. I'm in!

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