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Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.
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Update 19.11

Posted by Benitosub (Creator)

Welcome back everyone!

As part of our continued efforts to improve the game and integrate all the amazing feedback we got, we have just rolled out Update 19.11 on Steam (GoG and Humble versions need to be submitted to the respective stores so they should become available some time tomorrow).

The full change-log is below, but I quickly wanted to go into a bit more detail regarding some core changes contained in this update:

- Character switching: you can now switch characters at any time, for the cost of 50% of your "Special Meter" (except in Amor's Den where it's free)

This makes it much easier and more convenient to switch if you are about to lose a character or want to bring different weapons to the fight. 

When using terminals, you can also freely switch between characters, which makes upgrading all characters / weapons much easier as you don't have to run back and forth to a closet.

Switching in terminals is free, but when you stop using the terminal you will be switched back to the character you were using before the terminal (except in Amor's Den)

Switching is mapped by default to R on the keyboard, and B / Circle on controllers. If you have changed your mapping you might have to quickly go into the options menu and map it to something else!

- Closets: closets now serve manual save points. We added more closets throughout the levels - some in plain view, some a bit more off the beaten path. You will always find a closet before a boss, but the choice of saving is now yours, rather than imposed by automatic save-points.

- Dash: we adjusted the cool-down on the dash, but more importantly we added visual and audio feedback to let players know when the dash is available again.

There are a few more changes affecting gameplay (such as a new torso upgrade tier), but we're hoping these three will drastically improve the game's balance and the overall experience.

The next update will bring an expanded Canal map with new rooms and secret passages for you to discover, a new enemy, the ability to freely backtrack through most of the level, and a couple more cool surprises ;)

Until then, we both sincerely hope you will enjoy this update!

As always if you have any issues, questions, suggestions, or feedback please feel free to contact me directly (my username at hotmail dot com) or contact 11 bit studios through Steam.


Marco & Thomas



- fixed getting stuck in canal bridges when coming in at a particular angle from the left

- fixed tool ammo not refilling correctly when picking up the same tool

- fixed mapping an action to pressing the left or right sticks

- if you map movement to the right stick, aiming now correctly switches to the left stick

- fixed wrong entry in darts mini-game instructions

- fixed sound bug when hovering with mouse cursor over unavailable ammo selection in weapon upgrade stations

- fixed bug preventing the chainsaw from being unlocked in Chinese language settings

- fixed some German translations


- dedicated Chinese server for online multiplayer

- closets now serve as manual save-points

- switching characters is now available at any time for mana cost

- you can now switch characters while using terminals or upgrade stations

- adjusted dash cool-down to 800ms

- added visual feedback for dash cool-down / when dash is available again

- you can now buy amber balls from the black market guy as well as sell them

- hacking tool now gives visual and audio feedback when there is nothing to hack close enough to the player

- judge office cut-scene now highlights unlocked door

- increased crab-barrel damage

- increased rocket launcher damage and area of effect

- adjusted various sound volumes

- made grenade a bit faster

- added a new torso upgrade tier and increased the cost of the "self-healing" upgrade

- destructible wall fans, suitcases, and trolleys in the train station

- added tutorial about switching characters


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    1. Charles Burnham on

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Benitosub Creator on

      Hey Charles,

      you didn't miss it, the Amiga, Linux, and Console versions are still in the works and at various stages of completion.

      I will post a dedicated update this month specifically about those ports, but just to reassure everybody already, nothing is cancelled ^_^#

      I will just go into more details about where each version is currently at and what the timeframes are.


    3. Charles Burnham on

      I don't know if I missed it but did you already have a timeframe or status update for the Linux version

    4. Benitosub Creator on

      obviously I meant "if we DIDN'T use them to make the game better" ^_^#

    5. Benitosub Creator on

      @frederic tarabout hehe I know what you mean! btw little known fact, you can hack terminals to get some ... (doing my best 1991 Edward Furlong in T2...) "easy money" ;) But yeah, since we're progressively expanding all maps, we plan to add sections only accessible to certain characters (for example through hacking, or setting certain torches on fire, etc.)

      @Marcel Schoen thanks! I will not rest until we reach at least "very positive" on Steam ^_^# All joking aside, we got a ton of feedback, and there were some real gems in there! We'd be doing everybody a dis-service if we use them to make the game better :p

    6. Marcel Schoen on

      I really love the game as it is, but it's great to know that you improve it even further. Good job!

    7. frederic tarabout on

      That s great, constant switch access will make the game a lot more interesting I think (and finally allow ppl playing single player to have something else than the hacker glove)! :p