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Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.
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    1. Benitosub Creator on

      or I guess making pre-boss saving optional might be a good compromise as well?

    2. Benitosub Creator on

      Hey RotateMe,

      I hear you loud and clear! It's a really tough call to make, because when we didn't have pre-boss save points testers would complain that if they lost all lives / characters during the boss fight, they would have to re-do the entire level to get back to the boss, which admittedly is not very fun when the boss has only a handful of health points left and you die for the 15th time...

      That was originally the biggest factor in the decision to introduce a save point before bosses.

      The downside is that, as you mentioned, you can end up saving before a boss with your last life, and then you enter the predicament you explained.

      On the other hand resurrecting characters when you retry / reload your save-game would kill a lot of the challenge, since basically losing characters in the level doesn't matter anymore as long as you make it to the boss, die, and reload.

      I'm not sure what the best solution is here, but we're brainstorming every day and trying to come up with / test new approaches.

      Of course if anybody has suggestions in this matter we would love to hear them ^_^#

      Come to think of it, maybe we should make a poll, "would you rather die in boss fights and have to restart the entire level, or save before bosses but risk getting there with only 1 life / character left"

      Or maybe another solution would be to move the fortune teller before each boss fight, since every level contains at least one amber ball?

      As always my email and the comment section are open for suggestions :)


    3. Missing avatar

      RotateMe on

      Hey guys, this sounds amazing, and as I wrote in my review, the core gameplay, music and graphics are amazing.

      One point I raised as well was the strange 1UP system. My main gripe with it that quickly losing two lifes and then accidently running into an invisible save point forces you to do whatever comes next with one life, or ... well, restart the game. Also, even if you make it out of that predicament and get back to the town hub, you might not be able to restock, since you might not have gotten any golden spheres. Don't get me wrong, I do like a real challenge, and having limited 1UPs is completely fine with me, but I would really prefer to just have to restart the level from the beginning with my lives restocked when I run out of them as opposed to going back to my last save file, over which I had no control (at least in my first playthrough, where I don't know where the save points are).

    4. Benitosub Creator on

      Hey sergk,

      sorry for the confusion, this update was meant to address or plans regarding the game itself.

      Of course Linux, Amiga, and console ports are still being worked on as well!


    5. Missing avatar

      sergk on

      I'm surprised that there is no mention of Linux in post launch plans.

    6. Benitosub Creator on

      *if addressed

    7. Benitosub Creator on

      Hey frederic,

      yeah the weapons balancing is first in line. Things like the healing torso and the tools have been nerfed already in the upcoming update (which we hope to roll out tomorrow).

      Good points also about the inventory!

      And finally thanks for the kind words, it is indeed a lot of work, but we do take pride in it and feedback can be a very powerful tool for improvement if address properly :)


    8. frederic tarabout on

      Thanks for still working on improving the game, i think the game's quite fun though i can see where people can want improvements. I agree with the fixes you mention here. :)

      The most notable balancing issue i saw is default weapons like the railgun being way better than most stuff you find or expensive weapons llike the blade being pretty lame ( unless they get better with the special mods that can be added) or the totally useless flamethrower.
      Prob need a nerf for the healing suit, it just completely changes the game to be able to heal infitnitely and that FAST.
      One thing I do not see mentionned is the too limited inventory. The facts that mod on weapons are lost if you drop your gun + limited very slots prevents from wanting to grab new guns that look fun. I end up just sticking to same stuff i upgraded. Its also a big deterrent that guns dont have visible stats and there s no way to know if that new gun is any better in any way.

      Best of luck on adding new content, that seems like a lot of work.
      Be proud of your work, you guys did an awesome job! :)