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Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.
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Little status update

Posted by Benitosub (Creator)

Hey guys and gals,

it's been a while since the last update, and I've been kindly reminded by some of you (you'll know who you are, thanks for reaching out ^_^#) that a little update was long overdue.

Unfortunately there is not that much to say, and even less to show. That's not to say we haven't made any progress, but QA and fixing bugs doesn't make for very exciting updates!

We've been polishing a lot of small things, updating the clunky old menus, improving in-game UI and terminals for more clarity, adding a few features that greatly improve the coop experience (for example the ability to trade weapons and money between players), fine-tuning the difficulty, balancing the weapons, and fixing ... oh ... so ... many ... bugs!

The PC and Xbox builds are now pretty tight, and we're putting the final touches on the PS4 version so that we can launch on all platforms at the same time. After that comes the certification process from Microsoft and Sony, which nobody can say exactly how long it will take, then we will finally be ready to launch.

I realize that a lot of you backed the desktop version and couldn't care less about consoles, but we only get one launch, and we have to do it right in order to reach enough people to justify DLC, updates, a true modding community, etc.

In the meantime we are trying to figure out the best way to release a (practically) final build to Kickstarter backers without "hurting" the game's launch / marketing campaign, so while I don't have all the specifics just yet, please rest assured that anybody who backed the game will be able to play it before it launches!

The game is still coming to Linux and Amiga as well, and the modding tools and physical rewards (boxed versions and such) will follow shortly after launch.

So all things considered we're inching closer to a release every day, but we need to really nail that last 5% or so of the game in order to avoid wasting the remaining 95% of work already done.

Realistically speaking, and considering the average certification time for consoles, we're still hoping to launch some time around mid-October, although the date might shift a bit depending on the feedback from Microsoft and Sony. Regarding the desktop versions, I'm hopeful we'll be able to update the Steam Kickstarter backer branch some time around the end of this month.

And finally, even though it's not as exciting as a new level or new enemies, I'm leaving you all with some screenshots of the menus / polish.

As always please feel free to contact me directly for any enquiry, rant, or even just to say hi at benitosub at hotmail dot com :)



New menus with proper mouse support / GUI
New menus with proper mouse support / GUI


The Don getting ready to trade some money with the Scientist.
The Don getting ready to trade some money with the Scientist.


The various types of terminals also got a much needed facelift...
The various types of terminals also got a much needed facelift...



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    1. John Archer on

      Hm, seems I have nothing in my mailbox, Seppo. What is the subject of the mail so I can search for it. Thanks!

    2. Seppo Seppälä

      Guys, please check your mailbox.

    3. Howard Kistler

      @Benitosub - Ah, and I thought it was my emails that gave you a kick. ^_^ I sent a couple to your publisher, they never responded and it sounds like they never sent them you, either. You might want to check with them on that, it's not good business practice to behave in that manner.

      Back to the game, it sounds like you'll be providing a DRM-free version for those of us who backed for that. Looking forward to playing!

    4. Benitosub Creator on

      Oh wow, I honestly didn't think anybody still cared enough to comment ^_^# Consider me humbled!

      @amigacooke the MacOS version is actually the "one true version" as it's my main development platform (Xcode > Visual Studio ^_^#), that one is probably coming out first no matter what :D

      @Matt Green yes of course, though you will still receive a Steam key as well... Huuuuh I guess you can resell it?

      @Howard Kistler thanks for the kind words! To be honest if it weren't for one of our backers (Daniel B. thanks again for taking the time to write me!) we'd still be in the silent zone .. truth is it's way too easy to get carried away with work and forget about the people who made that work possible in the first place, and in times of crunch I tend to shut down and put everything off until the work is done... Lesson learned!

      @Vorundor Do'Urden yeah technically this is not an issue, the Switch can definitely run the game, sadly porting the game still requires (financial) resources, so our only chance to ever get it ported is to make decent sales on the core versions :( That's why we're carefully planning our launch though, the better we do initially, the higher the chance that we make enough money to port the game to other platforms :)

      @ExcalibursZone Thanks! I agree 100% simultaneous release only matters for consoles, however we don't have AAA marketing budgets, so we can't afford to promote the game twice (once for desktop release, once for console release). Therefore any momentum we can create with either version feeds into the other versions, meaning a launch on all platforms is what makes the most sense from a commercial point of view... Yeah, this kinda sucks I agree, but our goal is to move enough copies to be able to keep working on it, releasing more levels, grow the modding community, etc. which from a commercial standpoint can only be justified if the game ships enough copies to begin with... That said I'm working on getting the backer branch updated on Kickstarter, so the console versions will only have a minimal impact on your ability to play the finished game ^_^#

      Thanks again to all of you for still following the project after such a long time! I'm really looking forward to upcoming couple of months, where we can finally release the game and fulfill all of our promises!



    5. amigacooke on

      And the macOS version?

    6. Matt Green on

      Is there a way to change which version of the game we'll receive? I backed the PC version but I'd prefer to play it on PS4. Appreciate the update!

    7. Howard Kistler

      Thanks for the update! It's good to hear from you all, even if there isn't much to report. I have too many silent-and-presumed-dead projects in my list already.

      Glad that progress is continuing, and the new screenshots look good. Take the time you need to make everything right. Just keep us in the loop! ^_^

    8. Vorundor Do'Urden on

      Thanks for the update! Still excited about the game. :) Question, will there be a possibility of a Switch port? I mean, if Amiga can run it, couldn't the Switch? I would gladly double dip.

      Have fun!

    9. ExcalibursZone

      I was going over my backed projects the other day and was wondering about this one. It's been quite some time. Thanks for the update, though simultaneous release only matters for consoles, not for desktop.