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Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.
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Update 16 : The Story

Posted by Benitosub (Creator)

Welcome back dear backers and non-backers!

Today’s update will expand a bit on the story, something we could not do on the main page due to the character count limit ^_^#

The towers were originally designed in a bid to achieve the perfect society. A Utopian dream, which the advent of science had seemingly placed within reach of the human race for the first time in its brief history.

While the massive structures were being erected, a team of top scientists and politicians was assembled and tasked with designing this perfect society.

Everything - from the political system, to the laws, the educational curriculum, the role of each gender, and much more - was filed, analyzed, processed and codified in the most rigorous, scientific manner.

One tower would serve as a control, while the others would each implement slight variations of what became known as The Social Codex. The most desirable traits of a perfect society could thus be identified and replicated, while undesirable traits would be “purged”.

The first Tower was a spectacular failure…

By removing the necessity to work for a living, fight for survival, or combat disease, the scientists had unwittingly created a society devoid of any will to reproduce or prosper, merely contempt to enjoy the luxuries provided to them by the tower, uninterested in the world surrounding them.

Undeterred, the scientists erected more towers, refining the Social Codex with each iteration. Some towers flourished, while others quickly turned into violent hellholes, or spawned societies exhibiting a variety of abnormal behaviors.

Sadly the scientific golden age would not last forever, and humanity’s warring nature eventually caught up with it…

After the bombs stopped falling and the smoke cleared, the remaining pockets of humanity found refuge in the Towers.

Once touted as self-sustaining wonders, designed to protect and nurture its citizens for generations to come, the Towers now provided a safe-heaven where mankind could hope to forget its past and start afresh.

But old habits die hard…

As time passed and the infrastructure grew older, poverty, overcrowding, and corruption slowly eroded the Utopian dream.

Increasingly isolated, locked in a perennial cold war against each other, most Towers are now but a crumbling shell of their former selves.

I had this illustration made by a concept artist at the very start of the project, before I met Cyangmou, to help me stay motivated throughout development ^_^
I had this illustration made by a concept artist at the very start of the project, before I met Cyangmou, to help me stay motivated throughout development ^_^

Current Events

The intelligence community had been abuzz for months with rumors of impending invasions, but after the weekly trade caravans from Tower 49 stopped showing up, the Council of Elders knew that the threat was real.

Unwilling to risk a full-blown diplomatic incident, despite all the evidence pointing to Tower 57, the Council of Elders decided to send a task force of undercover agents to investigate.

You are part of this Elite Task Force!

Your mission is to infiltrate Tower 57, find out whether there is any truth to the rumors, and terminate any potential threat to your home-tower.

Make us proud, Citizen, or die trying!

Cheers everybody :)

Marco / benitosub

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    1. Benitosub Creator on

      @Steve Adamo it's always nice knowing there's a good reason to blow things up :)

      @SilencedScream what's the difference ^_^ ?

    2. SilencedScream on

      I was content with the killings as well. I do find it interesting however that you're using "infiltrate" and "massacre" interchangeably. ;)

    3. Steve Adamo on

      wow, love the backstory! truth be told, I was perfectly content to simply obliterate anything that moved... but now that I know my killing spree will have a deeper meaning, all the better! :D