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Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.
1,984 backers pledged €51,504 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Benitosub Creator on

      @Stephan Weiss yup :) I'll edit the main page and clarify his again in today's update just to be safe!

      @Steve Adamo and @SilencedScream yeah, which if you think about it makes a lot of sense, you wouldn't want to pledge for a super cool reward, only for the description to be changed at the very last minute for something crappy :p

      That said, I "sold out" the old 115€ beta so nobody can buy it by mistake. Hopefully it won't create too much confusion ^_^#

    2. SilencedScream on

      You're right. The wording can't be changed once it's launched; the only thing that can be done is limiting it so that no one else can join that tier.

    3. Steve Adamo on

      @Stephan ... yeah, I think its just an issue with KS not allowing the pledge tiers to be updated once a campaign is launched... but just take a look at the updated reward diagram (towards the top of the main page), and you can see that the 30 € level does indeed include Beta access! :)…

    4. Missing avatar

      Dr. Stephan Weiss on

      @benitosub, no i was talking about Earlier Bird (30 €), I didnt see the Beta in the description (and not in the includes), but i am happy it does have it in :)

    5. Benitosub Creator on

      @Steve Adamo thanks! we want to make the game for people to play, so I guess it makes to listen to them ^_^'

      @Stephan Weiss actually it does, every pledge above 25€ includes the beta, so the 30€ earlier bird does too. If you meant the 9€ early bird, in that case the answer is no, it does not include it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dr. Stephan Weiss on

      Just to make sure: = EARLIER BIRD = does not include Beta access, right?

    7. Steve Adamo on

      oh, and facebook page "liked"... nostalgic photos - in progress... :D

    8. Steve Adamo on

      @Benitosub ... just wanted to mention how impressed I am with your collective approach to the campaign so far... you've listened to/interacted with your supporters and have already started evolving the title based on our feedback...

      once the game is funded, I look forward to seeing and participating in more development type discussions... can't wait! :)

    9. Benitosub Creator on

      @Vryl sure thing, plenty of enemies around for it to feed on ;)

    10. Vryl

      A mini T-Rex would be cute. Probably really cheap to feed, too.

    11. Benitosub Creator on

      *derped and wrote "beta" instead of "tested" ^_^

    12. Benitosub Creator on

      @SilencedScream maybe I should clarify in the description that this is an *actual* Alpha in the original sense of the term, i.e. an unstable version that lacks features, where the last design decisions are beta based on feedback, and which results in a feature freeze. So by all means not an even remotely finished product! Beta on the other hand will be feature complete and all about bugs and polish.

    13. Dablue

      For all the people tho: Alpha is Alpha.. alot of people tend to think an alpha is a finished product.. while its.. well.. as the name says.. alpha..

    14. Benitosub Creator on

      @SilencedScream sorry your comment wasn't visible when I last replied! The beta date has not changed, it's still January 2016. Regarding the Alpha, we were planning anyway to have an Alpha in December (we would not meet our March deadline otherwise), I just didn't think anybody would be interested in playing it ^_^'

    15. Benitosub Creator on

      @Dablue don't get me wrong, manufacturing and shipping (including shipping of the manufactured boxes etc. from the production factory to ourselves ;) something a lot of people tend to forget!) is certainly eating a good chunk of those pledges, but hopefully the low price will convince a lot of current 15-20€ backers to upgrade! Our goal ultimately is to get funded and make the game a reality :)

    16. SilencedScream on

      Just be careful. I appreciate the alpha/beta changes, but I don't want to see you guys fail for over promising.

      Broforce has helped me develop an interest in games of this nature, and I want to see this succeed!

    17. Dablue

      Like it.. i love it... but i dont want this "gift" to hang you two in the end lol.. but yeah.. love it.

    18. Benitosub Creator on

      @Dablue not sure if you like it or not =D but yeah been running numbers and checking quotes from companies that specialize in packaging. If we manage to get enough of them out the door, we should be fine! And if not, we can always recycle them into promo "tools" to hand out at conventions ^_^'

    19. Dablue

      Wow... very generous with the collectors edition.. i really hope you guys dont choke on what you just chewed off. Keep in mind alot of projects break on physical things.