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Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.
Twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments, and a heavy focus on co-op. Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Charlie Osler on

      Hi Bud,

      Just got to the prison sequence and the hacking is bugged, no mouse input or buttons seems to do anything. Really enjoying the game and would love your feedback on this. Have to alt f4 out currently!

      Great release aside from this.


    2. Benitosub Creator on

      Ah yes, almost forgot, the Amiga version is still in development (though not far behind). When it's finished I will post a dedicated email and send all backers download instructions. Also if you pledged for the boxed copy our goal is to include all versions in there ;)


    3. Benitosub Creator on

      Hey everyone,
      and thank you all for the kind words!

      If you didn't receive an email with your Steam key (mass emails have a tendency to end up in junk folders) please contact me directly either through Kickstarter or (preferably) by email at

      If you pledged for extra copies, those keys will be sent out over the week-end so keep an eye on your junk (folders!)

      If you have a GoG account which uses the same email you used for Kickstarter, the game should appear in your library any time now.

      If you have a GoG account with a different email, please get in touch and I will update our database with your GoG email so that the game can be added to your library.

      Cheers and thank you again for helping us making this a reality!

    4. Missing avatar

      aszu on

      How will I get Amiga version?

    5. Vincent Bauer on

      Hi and congratulation for the release!
      But, I'm supposed to have 3 others copy, how can I claim them?

    6. Austin McKenzie

      So now that the game is released, how do we claim our copy?

    7. Seppo Seppälä

      Congratulations! Great news regarding the release date! Now, let's party like it's 1988 all over again...…

    8. colin on

      That's awesome news dude, can't wait for my copy to arrive :) congratulations in advance.

    9. Howard Kistler

      Nice, the game is announced on GOG today!

      That's where I'll be wanting my backer key for sure. Happily, GOG gives free keys to devs. ^_^

    10. Andrew Dickinson

      So excited that the game is getting so close to completion! I cannot wait to play it, and see my little easter egg! On that, will we be told where to find the easter eggs we created, or will it be on us to go hunt them down? ;-D

    11. Howard Kistler

      Thanks for the update Marco, and for providing your direct email. I realise you all are a small team and working your hardest. I was wondering more about the size of 11bit, especially as they have also taken on another game I backed here on KS. As for how long it takes them to respond to an email, so far the answer in my experience has been "never". Not the way to run a business, especially when it reflects badly back on folks like yourself who aren't even part of the loop.

      Good luck with the rest of development, still very much looking forward to the game!

    12. Benitosub Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      I just wanted to apologize for not being more present on the Kickstarter page. As Gedracon mentioned there's really just 3 of us at the core: Thomas (the pixel artist), Raf (the music / fx artist), and myself (the programmer).

      Then there is my friend Alex (the amazing programmer) who is doing the console ports in parallel, and Daniel (the super amazing Amiga programmer) who is doing the Amiga port.

      I can assure you we're all disappointed by the delays, but we are working our proverbial a$$es off to make sure we deliver on all promises and don't disappoint anyone who backed the game.

      The console versions for sure added some workload, but they actually didn't affect our focus that much since they are being developed alongside the core version (to be clear, what I mean by that is that the core team of 3 has remained entirely focused on the desktop versions the whole time, so it's not like we had to divert resources to work on the console ports).

      What did set us back slightly is the certification process, and most importantly we are polishing and QA the heck out of the game.

      This whole journey has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, and we really want to nail it rather than rush a buggy game out the door.

      If there is one positive thing I can say though, it's this:

      The game is absolutely coming out, it hasn't been cancelled, we didn't give up or anything, in fact the actual game is pretty much done, and we are in the process of fixing as many bugs as we can find and getting approval from Microsoft and Sony.

      Regarding emails, I can't vouch for 11bit and how fast they respond, but you are all more than welcome to email me directly at my private address benitosub at hotmail dot com, which I check daily.

      And finally I believe Thomas will be at Gamescom this week, so if any of you are attending feel free to drop by and say hello :) (don't worry, the art for the game has been done for a while now so it's not taking time away from the game ^_^# I, on the other hand, am right here at home working morning to night on the game!).

      Oh yeah and regarding KS updates, that's totally on me, I did drop the ball on that one, it was inexcusable to not post anything for 4 months. I didn't think anybody would care about an update with no new screenshots, features, announcements, etc. but I realize I was 100% wrong. Therefore I will resume posting updates more frequently, even if just to say "hey we're still here, hang in there!"

      Again please don't hesitate to email me directly if you have any questions, concerns, or just need to vent!


      Marco / benitosub

    13. Gedracon on

      @Howard @John: They are no big company, talked to them last year at Gamescom in Germany and they had one programmer, one pixel artist / graphic guy and one person for the music. Don't know how many new people joined for the console stuff? So for me it was not very surprising that they have trouble answering mails.
      Was a little bit disappointed about the delay because they put their focus on the console releases, but i think thats a publisher decision and is also quiet common. Many KS project need the support from their backers to start, but the goal is to find a publisher to secure their future. Have many examples in my KS support list and you can always see the shift in communication when they find a publisher...

    14. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      @Howard Kistler: I find it very amateurish to have an email address, but don't respond to questions. Even if it is just a "we forwarded your mail". No response at all is bad behaviour.

    15. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Gerth on

      Hi, i backed a few years ago this game. How can i get the Steam Key for the Backer Edition?

    16. Howard Kistler

      @Gedracon - Yes, not uncommon for videogames on KS. I know the devs often have their heads down coding, but it was unusual for emails to the publisher to go unanswered. Generally they typically have someone on staff for whom that's a big part of their job. Maybe they aren't as big as they seem.

    17. Gedracon on

      @Howard: Contacted them some time ago. Got a little response (without any real informations) several weeks later. The new update fits the overall project communication, but that's quiet normal for KS software projects.

    18. Howard Kistler

      I emailed the publisher (11 bit studios) twice and never got a reply. But it's clear from today's update that they must have passed the message on at least. Not very professional of them to fail to respond directly, but at least it got the desired results.

    19. Howard Kistler

      Benitosub hasn't logged into KS since Apr 29 2017, around the time of the last update. I will try emailing them directly through the Tower 57 website, but this long silence doesn't bode well.

    20. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      @Windham: No you are not the only one. I'm still waiting for the release. And to be honest, I was always positive about this, but in the last weeks, this kickstarter seems to go the same way of many. Silence. Nobody can tell me that it is impossible to write a few sentences every few weeks. 4 Months with nothing. I'm now at the point where I don't give a fuck about this. Money is gone, nothing delivered. End of story for me.

    21. Windham Wong on

      so, whats going on with this project now. Am I the only one not having the game? The last update is 4 months ago and no more news after.

    22. Howard Kistler

      @ProfessorNemo - Conceptually.

    23. Missing avatar


      So how is everyone liking the game so far?

    24. Howard Kistler

      Anything to report? It's been a few months now since the last bit of news.

    25. Timotheus on

      I'm anxious for an update!

    26. Howard Kistler

      About time for another update, hint hint. ;)

    27. Frank Cherrystone on

      Okay, hab die Demo über Steam auf MacBook geladen. Irgendwie findet das Spiel oder Steam aber meinen PS4-Controller nicht...Mache ich was falsch?

    28. Frank Cherrystone on

      Okay, hab die Demo über Steam auf MacBook geladen. Irgendwie findet das Spiel oder Steam aber meinen PS4 nicht...Mache ich was falsch?

    29. David Highland on

      Been playing the demo on Steam. Love the art and music. Can't wait to play the rest of the levels. Keep up the good work!

    30. Scoey

      Thanks for the demo key! It's looking great!

    31. Seppo Seppälä

      I really, REALLY hope you make the game running on classic PPC systems too with OS4.x. Even if classics lacks some power and the game would slows down on them. At least it would *still* run on them. If people think that it's too slow on classics, then they can buy AmigaOne system. I am also pretty sure that you do have more potential buyers on classic system than on next gen Amigas. :)

    32. GS on

      guys any news on the Amiga port yet ???

    33. Hex on

      Hi guys!
      Besides being a backer on this project, I'm also a researcher doing my PhD on games crowdfunding. Please, consider participating in an academic crowdfunding user survey we created, and help us better understand why people back campaigns! You can find the survey at:

    34. Missing avatar

      Erin Hiles on

      Happy to See new update. Still very excited for this game.

    35. Missing avatar

      Erin Hiles on

      So have Benitosub decided to totally ignore backers after a certain point? I still have not received any email. The dev have not responded to any of my messages and my forum post has been sitting idol for more then a week. I regret this backing.

    36. Missing avatar

      Erin Hiles on

      I have been trying to contact the Devs for 5 days now, I got no email, not response from here or their forum. Im sure Im already late for the beta, (which I paid for) and still have nothing to show for it. Looking for a refund or something. Please respond.

    37. Borja LS on

      All backers will get Steam keys???
      Weren't we supposed to get a DRM-Free copy? :/
      Or are we getting both, by chance?

    38. Benitosub Creator on

      Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of updates this month, we had to prep for 2 conventions while keeping development moving forward, and I kind of dropped the ball on all things social... I will post a proper update soon, but in the meantime I wanted to acknowledge that we still read all comments and welcome all feedback, even if the response times are abysmal :(

      @Jaarik Abels-Smit you can tune how the camera moves in the options menu, but yeah we're still working on refining that

      @SilencedScream yes all backers will get Steam keys, and you make a very good point, I didn't know about closed early access but that was one of the things 11bit brought up and the plan is indeed to "migrate" beta there at some point

      @Brandon thanks!

      @Marian sure thing, the new release date is early Q2 2017, on account of the addition of online multiplayer and console ports

      @Mark Honsbeek we're planning to put the easter eggs in once the main story / playthrough is finalized, but please rest assured we will reach out to all easter egg backers when that time comes

      @Kyle Verdin hey no bother at all are you kidding! Things are moving along, since we got picked up by 11bit I've been focused on online multiplayer and Thomas has been busy with the final level and boss. We plan to resume backer builds around the end of the month, and I'm also working on putting together a demo for all backers regardless of pledge level.

      @Sal see above ^_^

    39. Sal

      Any updates?

    40. Missing avatar


      Hey there! Hope I'm not bothering y'all but can we get an update on how things are going?

    41. Mark Honsbeek on

      Hi a while back i backed your kickstarter to design a easter egg butt i never heard anyting a bout it? How can i contact you?

    42. Marian on

      Since the original release date estimate (March 2016) wasn't met, please provide a new one. If the release date isn't finalized, please provide an not-earlier-than date.

    43. Brandon

      Glad to hear you guys are chugging along. It's nice to have passionate and responsible projects to back! :)

    44. SilencedScream on

      Just curious - will we get keys for Steam when the full game is released? I know you're Greenlit there, but I realized that it makes no (text) mention of Steam on your campaign page.

      I won't lie - I actually expected the alpha/beta to be on Steam (that way you could roll out bug fixes as they were made, instead of getting a dozen bug reports on a bug that's already been fixed on your end that hasn't been released to us).

      It's possible to be in a closed Early Access (which, in my opinion, is a great feature - no one buying, writing bad reviews after five minutes because the game is "unifinished,
      and refunding) where people only get access by purchasing through your site, if anywhere, until the game is released. In addition to being able to send out patches to all of us, it also doesn't waste your spot on "new releases" (where you'll get the most attention from, upon release) since it's not actually being sold on Steam. For an example, The Universim is currently going about this (granted, they're developing their game painstakingly slowly).

      It might be too late for your plans, or you may not have any interest - but I thought I'd throw this out there!

    45. For Science Purposes

      Oh, it's on the desktop, and search wasn't finding the file folder. haven't looked there for something is ages.

      Game looks gorgeous, although the camera movement is a bit spastic. Can't say I've studied top down shooters enough to say what would be the best solution. Have you tried putting a bounding box around the character so that the screen only moves when you move far enough from the center of the screen? There was actually a really good presentation about how to use bounding boxes for 2D cameras at this year's GDC, IIRC.

    46. For Science Purposes

      What is the executable named, because it nor any other file is Tower 57, and that installer sure doesn't say where it stashes that stuff.

    47. Missing avatar

      Allan Ullmann on

      Be good if the description said coming soon for AmigaOS4 too. ;)

    48. colin on

      +Luciano morgenstern
      It mite work on a CD32, no harm in booting it up to give it a try.

    49. Benjamin West on

      @Mahenou, nice idea console, although this will be a huge workload for the Tower57, unless the FPGA core has C++ and SDL/Opengl readily available and has enough horsepower.

      What sort of Graphics acceleration will it have, or is it purely coming out the FPGA

    50. Benjamin West on

      Alpha was already mentioned to be Dec 2015, of course could be later or earlier depending on progress

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