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The only powered, rugged, underwater iPhone case built for the toughest environment. Designed to go where you want and get back!
The only powered, rugged, underwater iPhone case built for the toughest environment. Designed to go where you want and get back!
898 backers pledged $164,603 to help bring this project to life.


Dear KICKSTARTER Backers, the Snow Lizard Product Team has added many features that you have been asking for. We have been pushing our engineering and manufacturing team to implement the features most important to you and we listened!  Thank you for helping us to make the AQUA TEK S a better product than it already was.  We are happy for your continued support of the AQUA TEK S and all of our Snow Lizard Products.  


Front Facing Camera Opening

Front Proximity Sensor Opening

Improved Audio in and out

New Accessories for handling

Quarter Turn lock for Micro USB

Double Lock Latch for more secure under water usage

and more improvements to the battery and solar panel.

At Snow Lizard Products we take your feedback seriously and we are always striving to improve our products.  We thank you for your continued support and hope that you tell your friends about these new exciting features.

Warm Regards,

Steve and Andy

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eugene Pak on

      Although I agree on the dangers of "feature creep" ..oh, how cool would an integrated SD card adapter be?

    2. Brian Lippincott on

      Agreed, Keith. As much as most people prefer to preserve all the iPhone functions, too much "feature creep" just adds expense and potential for failure. A charge indicator is good for quick reference when I used my iPhone at work all day, then get into my truck, grab the Aqua Tek from where I tossed it on the dash to charge itself up in the Texas sun, and I can tell at a glance it will be able to extend my iPhone's usefulness a few more hours outside with out stopping for a recharge. I like the idea of an app for indicating the Aqua Tek's battery condition, and other functions could be added there as well. I still have not seen anything regarding battery / solar performance as yet. It was a question included on the survey referencing what I liked least, so I was curious.

    3. Missing avatar

      Keith G. on

      No more electronics On the case please! At some point it just gets clownish or toy like and only becomes a liability to the dependability of the product. Besides you'd be really pissed if just one feature on your $200 iPhone cars stopped working or broke the first time you dropped it.

      I think except for minor tweaks, this is a damned good product, let's not put a pizza cutter on the friggin thing....

    4. Jon Cole on

      An alternative to adding a battery indicator on the case, and thus increasing production costs, would be an app that indicates the state of battery, solar charger, and any related measurable info.

    5. Jon Cole on

      Coyote!! Hope others "bombard" you with this request, too.

    6. Brian Russo on

      Yes I have fabricated undersea electronics housings in both polycarbonate and aluminum. My concern isn't so much with the use of polycarbonate as it is with the thinness and tab-like shape. I foresee it snapping off when a shear force is applied. Making it the thickness of the case would solve the problem.

    7. Missing avatar

      Phillip Johnson on

      @Bryan Have you ever worked with polycarbonate? It is a very tough material, it's used in bulletproof windows. I've worked with it before and I can tell you that the bond between epoxy polycarbonate and D-ring will not be nearly as strong as the original loop.

    8. Brian Russo on

      Or as Jon suggested add a D-ring. Many of us will want to clip this onto a climbing harness or belt loop. The current lanyard hole will break under normal use. Personally I'll probably end up cutting the stock one off and epoxying something on if you do not fix the design which will probably work okay, but seems unnecessary.

    9. Brian Russo on

      That lanyard loop is vulnerable and will break under normal usage, please consider moving it to the corner and making it as thick as the case as I already suggested via email.

    10. Missing avatar

      Saber Tavlin on

      I really hope you all get the leopard colored one into production...

    11. Missing avatar

      Sarah Johnsen on

      I would love a peacock green (green-blue/teal) color.

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Carragher on

      Just wanted to weigh in on the belt clip. Please if it is possible make it so that the clip does not swivel. This is always the weakest parts of the clip. I feel most of the people buying a case like this will be capable of removing a few small screws and turning clip. This way if you need in landscape or portrait mode you can. I think the blade tech idea may be perfect but not 100%. Just weighing in.

    13. Garry Krum on

      LOVE this color

    14. Missing avatar


      for the belt clip the Blade Tech Tek-Lok will be a good choice,
      might check on youtube…

    15. Missing avatar


      can you increase the thickness of the lanyard hole area, it looks little bit weak on the photo.

      or adding the d-ring on the hinge as the zippo lighter Lanyard 275

    16. Jilly Archer on

      Coyote, good color.

    17. Zebulin Summers on

      who would like to see the Coyote color (displayed in graphic) as a choice?

    18. Brian Lippincott on

      Great new features! Battery indicators for the aux battery are a great idea. Any thoughts on the battery capacity, or how much it will extend the iPhone talk/standby time. I can see the benefit of the sleep button, but I also use the timer. A standard 1/4-20" camera type thread for tripods, etc would be useful for adapting to rigid mounts.

    19. Ryan Erdmann on

      I wonder if the sleep/wake issue could be solved by making the top latch removable (at the hinge) and shipping with two. One as it currently looks (water proof), and another of you don't plan on purposefully taking it underwater. The second could still be water-resistant at least, or survive if dipped in water or snow, just not for a prolonged period of time. I know it's not the best idea, because it slightly gets away from the point. For me, I don't plan on taking it snorkeling, I just wanted it protected from spray in a boat or snow while skiing.

    20. Johann on

      I like the new clip design, can you make it so that you can attach both ways (solar panel out side or inside, for charging)

    21. Tony O'Connor on

      great improvements. Questions: will the device need to be removed from the case to dock? Will special accessories (i.e., waterproof earbud connections, etc.) be offered?

    22. Johann on

      Can we get a safety yellow version, for high visibility

    23. Dennis Present on

      Have to agree with Zebulin, I like this color :)

      Awesome improvements, can't wait to use it!

    24. Dave on

      looks great! can't wait to use this for climbing the 14ers this summer!

    25. Steve Calle 2-time creator on

      Hi Jason,

      Check out the bottom of the main page, this is a preliminary concept with more details to come, but the short answer is yes we are working on it.

    26. Missing avatar

      J. C. on


      really looking forward to this product. Do you plan to produce a belt clip/holster ?

    27. Steve Calle 2-time creator on

      Oh, we have also added Safety Yellow as 1 additional color to select from on the Kickstarter side. If you want to see the Coyote color you will need to bombard us with backers!

      The Snow Lizard Team

    28. Steve Calle 2-time creator on

      OK we hear you loud and clear. We will speak with the ME Team to see what can be done about the sleep button. Personally I have mine set for 1 minute of non use and it goes to sleep. But we do hear you. Our only concern is that it would be another possible entry point for water to get in. We have solved so many issues and concerns, this one will not hold up the development. And as you all are saying it is important to you! :)

      Thanks and keep em coming.

      The Snow Lizard Team

    29. Nate Fitzgerald on much as I would not want to see production held up by more changes, the sleep/wake omission is a big one. It's the best way to save battery.

    30. Jesse Brass on

      Are the colors that are available still orange, black, and camo or are there more. I would be awesome if there was like 6 or 7 colors. Yellow and white would be nice.

    31. Douglas Fraser on

      Wow! Great updates to the original design you guys! I have to agree with Brian in that I'm a little disappointed there is no vibrate switch on the case, but I'm sure that with some thought it can be incorporated... :)

    32. Zebulin Summers on

      Agree with Brian that a Sleep/Wake button is a necessity. Is this a possibility??

    33. Brian Marquis on

      No Sleep/wake button? That might be a problem :(

      What's the reason? Not enough room on the door (without making it bigger) or something? Trying to minimize the number of entry points/places to secure/waterproof?

      Looking forward to seeing the product :)



    34. Zebulin Summers on

      I like the tan color on the product image - hopefully this will be an available color, but overall can't wait to see the finished product

    35. Tim Dixon on

      Also not that i am concerned but how to the microphone and speaker still work and yet be waterproof? I am sure there is a simple explanation!

    36. Ryan Erdmann on

      Awesome! I really love what your team is doing!

    37. Missing avatar

      Keith Roxo on

      Love the updates guys. If you put a tripod mount in the left side grip under the volume buttons and this thing will be perfect! Because putting it on a tripod would be the only reason to take it out of the case when hiking, riding my motorcycle, etc.

    38. Tim Dixon on

      Wow and i thought the product was good anyway. Brilliant update and although i can't think of anymore improvements i'm sure you will still manage to make it even better as you go. I might even pledge for another one! Keep up the great work & can't wait to get my hands on this.