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17-year-old James identifies a radio voice as his absent birth father's. The voice asks for a reason to live: James can't think of one. Read more

St. Joseph, MO Shorts
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17-year-old James identifies a radio voice as his absent birth father's. The voice asks for a reason to live: James can't think of one.

St. Joseph, MO Shorts
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"Hours after his mother's funeral, 17-year-old James identifies a desperate radio voice as that of his long absent birth father. The voice demands a reason not to kill himself on air. James can't think of one."

Skip Distance is a 15-20 minute short film about a young man's acceptance of his paternal models and his mother's rattled past. It's dramatic, suspenseful, and real. Just how we like it. 

The story is set in small town diner. James Carmicheal has just lost his mother and wants escape. His step-father has come to convince him not to seek emancipation and to tell him his absent birth father is seeking custody. James is heading for the door when a man who identifies himself as "Frank Sinatra" opens a pirated radio show with a gun shot. The man say he needs a caller to give him a reason to live. The man sounds a lot like James' father. James calls. He doesn't have a reason.

Josh, who wrote and will direct this coming of age film, feels passionate about telling this particular story. Two influential people in his life grew up not knowing their birthfathers and he received painful insights into the process of reconnection. Josh feels that he has had the opposite experience of James; he has always been close to his father but recently went through the painful process of realizing his flaws. He feels passionate about the need to accept and ultimately love our parents as human beings before we can enter into adulthood.

Josh, Mallory, and Brittany recently produced a Music Video to Mumford and Son's After the Storm. 


Our writer/director Josh is a senior Theatre & Video major at Missouri Western State University. Passionate about: Brittany, Christ, cinematography, storytelling of all forms, and learning. Currently following: Kick Me 

Assistant Director  - Brittany is a senior Psychology major at Western. Passionate about: Josh, creation in all forms, frugal living, and organic soap making. Currently following: Once Upon a Twilight Musical 

Producer  - Mallory is a recent graduate of Western with a B.S. in Theatre & Video. Passionate about: documentaries, folk music, dogs, good books, coffee, and rainy days in the country. Currently following: Porchlight Sessions

Director of Photography - Jason Cantu is a Kansas City based cinematographer. We are pumped to have him on board Skip Distance and cannot wait to start working with him! Check out his other works here. 

Storyboard Artist - We are really excited to be working with animation artist Truman Vasko on storyboarding: 

Storyboard Example
Storyboard Example


Fortunately, as students we have access to some awesome equipment with the small fee of college tuition. Unfortunately, that college tuition fee makes us really poor. While most of our cast and crew are volunteering their time, we still need to pay for the little things (like props, costumes, craft services, and festival fees) and some larger things (like day rates for our professional DP), which can quickly add up to a big budget. Rest assured, every penny donated will go into making the picture an amazing, professional-quality piece of work! 

Any amount you donate helps us substantially, and we are appreciative of all of your donations. Keep in mind, we can go over it but we must reach our goal in order to receive any funding so please keep spreading the word! 


Music is one of the most important parts of any film. Ours is being composed by the always amazing UMKC grad Liz Comninellis, who wrote and recorded the soundtrack for The Box. Liz just recently received her masters in music composition from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Check out some of her other compositions here


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