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A dark, funny fable about a girl born with a tail, starring Cate Blanchett, David Wenham and Barry Otto
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Thank you Ruby Rose!

We are all ridiculously excited that gorgeous and fabulous Ruby Rose, an Australian model, entertainment reporter and active member of the gay and lesbian community who has never shied away from speaking her mind, has described our film as “a beautiful film with A Cautionary Tail for us all.”

Our dark, funny fable about a girl born with a tail who stands up to bullies to embrace her difference has resonated with Ruby. Whilst present day Ruby is a strong and confident young woman, she had some extremely tough years being bullied at school.

"When it comes to bullying I have definitely had my fair share. It was dramatic and heartbreaking. It is something no young adult should have to go through.”

As an ambassador for Headspace, the charity that we have partnered with for the exhibition, Ruby aims to educate young people on how best they can manage being bullied.

"I think there are some key things that everybody should do if they are experiencing bullying and that is not to stay silent. Don’t bottle it up, seek help” said Ruby.

By raising awareness for Headspace we hope that more young people will be able to use their excellent programs and initiatives to cope with being bullied and to mature into strong, confident individuals proud of their unique identity.

Of course tonight is also about raising funds to finish the film and we hope that by tomorrow our Kickstarter fund will find itself a little closer to our 80k goal!

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    1. Creator Roger Wong on June 6, 2012

      i wish there was someone like Ruby when i was bullied. i however, took the hold it in route. i look forward to this production, and hope everything goes smoothly for the team.