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Can we dance our way to  connection, empathy and self-acceptance? Our feature documentary seeks answers.
Dancers explore the art and science of connection. What does the dance form contact improvisation tell us about what it means to be human?
Dancers explore the art and science of connection. What does the dance form contact improvisation tell us about what it means to be human?
133 backers pledged $10,678 to help bring this project to life.

A BIG REVEAL: Some core characters and a secret weapon!

Dear Supporters,

Today we are past the halfway mark in our kickstarter campaign, and are also more than 50% toward our initial $7500 goal.  We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from each of you as we launched our campaign!  This is truly and deeply a community project, reflecting all of our love of the wonderful, connected dance form, contact improv.  Thank you for sharing some of the weight of this ambitious effort.

The campaign is not done yet. If we don't raise at least $7500 in pledges by December 30, our editing process gets NOTHING.

In celebration of our progress, and to keep the momentum going, today we are doing a BIG REVEAL! In this video you’re going to briefly meet a few of the people you’ll witness learning contact improv in our documentary.  

And we also unveil our previously secret filmmaking weapon – you’ll meet Christopher  Seward. He’s been an advisor to us behind the scenes since the beginning of our production, but today we are making his involvement as a consulting producer  for our film public knowledge.  Christopher is a formidable presence in the film industry. Christopher was an editor of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 and Sicko.  And he was coproducer of other feature documentaries.   The other day he came down to the studio to chat.  You’ll see part of our conversation in today's clip.


As I explained previously, we are doing this campaign to build a team of people that we must pay to help us finish the film. In addition to needing transcribers, an editor, and web designer, we  are depending on continuing involvement by Christopher.  All of this costs money. We’re trying to raise at least $7500 right now to cover our bare minimum, baseline costs for January.

If you pledge 95 dollars at the premium member level you will be able to view behind the scenes and interview clips online, including more of my conversation with Christopher. I've also just created a new no-schwag premium member level - you can also pledge $60 for premium member access to the archive, without the DVD or T-shirt.

Please pledge whatever you can. We have created another new rewards category, at $20, which will give you one month of online streaming access to our film when it’s finished. Every dollar helps us.

If you’ve already pledged, consider bumping up your pledge to a higher level as some generous fans have been doing. And please share links with your friends and family, and encourage them to also support our campaign.


Thank you so much for your support!


Sanford Lewis
Contact Improvisation:An Intimate Dance
for our entire crew of dancers, associate
producers, videographers, and interns



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