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Thanks to our wonderful backers for helping ensure that "THE TANK," an acoustical wonder and world class reverberant space, remains a valued musical resource for all to share
Thanks to our wonderful backers for helping ensure that "THE TANK," an acoustical wonder and world class reverberant space, remains a valued musical resource for all to share
751 backers pledged $46,126 to help bring this project to life.

Planning, Process, Floods, and Reward Updates

Posted by Bruce Odland (Creator)

Hi folks - Quite a lot has been going on with regard to the Tank.

First of all we delayed our September TANK trip due to massive flooding in Colorado. Our hearts go out to all who suffered loss. We are rescheduling for mid/late October.


We are finding out what it takes to make the dream of the TANK into a real center for the sonic arts in the very real and remote community of Rangely Colorado. We are receiving tremendous support from our Rangely cohorts, and that is lucky because the process of taking an "underground " sort of idea like the TANK into the real world proves to be quite complex. We want it all to be safe, legal and welcoming for its future users, people like you.

We’re deep into the planning process for a new human sized door, access road, control room, power, and other matters concerning the physical reality of the Tank and its future. We are taking our time to make decisions carefully, trying to do it right with the long-term in mind. Many critical factors for our future stability are resolved now, and we’re on good footing.

We’re so deeply fortunate to have this wonderful base of supporters! Thank you thank you for making this real.

We have developed many wonderful and supportive community ties in Rangely, and are hard at work bringing vision into reality. We expect this “establishing” phase to last a good while longer. Our board has been skyping across continents and time zones, to discuss both high-level vision and nitty-gritty detail.

Meanwhile the reverb of the TANK keeps growing. The BBC just did a nice short piece on the Tank. You can see it here:

Kickstarter Rewards Updates

We had planned a trip for mid-september, but have had to postpone due to the flooding in Colorado. Some key members of our group are dealing with getting their homes back in order and this must take precedence. So we’re sorry to report we have to delay delivery of some of the rewards until a trip can be re-scheduled. We expect this will be in October.

RE-TANKING Those of you who opted to have sound Re-Tanked: you should have received an email a few weeks ago with upload instructions. We have your sounds now and will commence re-tanking when our trip is rescheduled. If you did not make the earlier deadline, you can still send us sounds till October 7 th. We will be going out there in October.

SIGNED LIMITED EDITION CDshave been sent out, as have T-shirts to all of you who responded.

ALBUM DOWNLOADS If you chose album download(s): We emailed all download codes in the 1st week of August. Looking at our server logs, only about 50% of you actually downloaded your album(s)! In the next day or two the emails will be re-sent. (Just ignore the email if you’ve already downloaded, the info is the same.) If you don’t see the email. please check your bulk email and spam folders. We send these from Mailchimp to use their merging features for the codes, so they sometimes get marked as bulk email and filtered out of your inbox.

DONATIONS ACCEPTED! We now have a PayPal “Donate” button on our website. (Thanks for the suggestions folks.)

KEEP IN TOUCH. As always, we want to stay in touch with you! Please follow, or join our list.

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