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Thanks to our wonderful backers for helping ensure that "THE TANK," an acoustical wonder and world class reverberant space, remains a valued musical resource for all to share
Thanks to our wonderful backers for helping ensure that "THE TANK," an acoustical wonder and world class reverberant space, remains a valued musical resource for all to share
751 backers pledged $46,126 to help bring this project to life.

SAVE THE TANK, Greetings from Rangely Colorado

Posted by Bruce Odland (Creator)

Greetings from beautiful Rangely Colorado.  The Friends of the TANK have been very busy in virtual and real space. 

 1. Your digital CD downloads and ringtones will be coming very soon, so keep a lookout.  (Sometimes these things get hung up in spam or promotions folders, so please keep your eyes peeled. )

 2. We have been very busy in the high desert heat fixing up the tank for future use. 

The News from Rangely.

 We held a get-together and a musical evening at the tank with our Rangely supporters at the beginning of July, and we all made music together. It was wonderful. People who had only heard stories about this acoustical treasure in their town came and sang, played drums, brought their children, and sang some glorious 3-part harmonies. The TANK is really about building a community in Rangely, and a larger community of soundlovers from round the world. This was our first meet-up, and as an indication of things to come, it was very successful, encompassing, and lots of fun. 

The Reverb spreads.

You see, the dream of the TANK as an art center dedicated to sound is indeed coming true, and its coming true in a very real place… with great support from our new neighbors, the town manager, the sheriff, the mayor, the town board, the building inspector, the hardware store, the coffeehouse. An 80-some year old neighbor from across the street, for instance, ferried us and endless loads of water up the very steep dirt hills in his four wheeler Rhino ATV. It was like a kid showing off his best toy over and over! We spent days scraping, sweeping, mopping, squeegeeing, painting. We fixed the hinges on the trapdoor so we can get good air ventilation and light within. The local hardware store now knows us by sight and by name. The TANK has had all the dust of decades removed from the interior and its original colors restored. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

We found out why this tank has such a unique sound.

 A briliant engineer of water systems came up from Denver and brought his vast knowledge of tanks he has installed all over the world. He will help us design the new door. But he also gave us the definitive reason why this TANK sounds like no other. When it was moved here from its former life as a water supply tank on the Rio Grande Railroad down in Mack, Colorado, they reassembled it and put it down on a pea gravel base. For 50 years the 1/2 inch steel walls have been slowly sinking into the gravel bending the floor into a gentle reverse parabola! This is why there is such a perfect reverberation. It is the accidental shape unique to Our TANK. 

When can you come to the tank?

Know that we are working very hard to make the TANK ready for your projects, your dreams, your explorations. We are moving one step at a time and it will still be a while before we will be ready for visitors but we will let you know first when the time comes. In the mean time thank you for your patience. We believe it is better to do it right than fast. 

 Rewards Updates:

• T-Shirts and Postcards have been sent, and Coffee mugs have been picked up or arranged for. 

 • Album and Ringtone downloads are in the final stages of preparation and emails will go out in the next few days. 

 • Limited Edition Signed CDs are underway, with artwork being sent across the country for signatures. We are looking forward to sending the signed CDs within the next month.  

• Names will be written on the Tank in September, when a group will be going to Rangely. 

 • If we're re-recording sounds for you in the Tank, we're planning this for September as well. This is a little later than our planned delivery date of August, for logistical reasons. Again, doing it right, rather than quickly, is our goal. You can expect an update requesting files to be sent online. 

 • Tank Channel: Some members should be receiving streaming and/or download access. We are hard at work on the technical underpinnings of this, and will keep you posted as to our progress. 

 You will soon be receiving instructions for digital downloads, ringtones, and re-tanking your sounds, so keep looking for updates. Many thanks to you all for your support. We are underway thanks to you. 

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      Melanie Hedlund on

      All SOUNDS good! Can I still send you my minute of sound for re-tanking?

    2. Nick Farago on

      Thanks for the update! Will you take photos of the names inside written inside the TANK? Stoked!