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Adumbral is a Film Noir. It combines wry humor, heavy drama and intelligent dialogue to unfold a mystery about a missing dog, Kane.

Story Summary:
ADUMBRAL tells the story of Weston, a down and out smart-ass with a drinking problem, Kane, Weston's trouble-making white husky, and Jackie, an attractive, high-minded, know-it-all. The movie is a throw back to classic Film Noir detective films, but with a young, contemporary twist. When Kane goes missing, a chance encounter leads Jackie to come to the aid of Weston in his search for Kane. Jackie & Weston are complete opposites. Where Weston is sarcastic, booze laden slacker, Jackie is intensely serious and incredibly intelligent. Though the two are at odds with each other through most of the film, they attempt to put aside their differences in order find Weston's missing dog.
Along the way the we begin to suspect that the dog isn't just missing, but has been abducted. And a recent rise in underground dog fighting in the area have Jackie & Weston fearing the worst. The enigma is compounded with the inexplicable arrival of the mysterious Marlin, a shadowy, chess obsessed character who mere presence puts the audience on the edge of their seats. The ensuing story is filled with electrifying dialogue, stunning visuals and a musical soundtrack you won't soon forget. The combined result is a classic mystery for a twenty-first century film audience.

The Pitch:
With the help of a small, but dedicated corps of cast & crew, much of the most expensive elements of film making are being donated. But small pieces of equipment & wardrobe must be purchased and the cast and crew require transportation, food & housing for the duration of the shoot. Funds raised will also be put toward the expense of entering the finished product into various film festivals around the country and around the world. We need your help to get this film made. The pieces to the puzzle are scattered and your donations will help bring them together. Please donate, and above all, help spread the word of our little film. How often do you get to help someone's dreams come true?

For updates and to find out a bit more about the cast and crew,"Like" Adumbral on Facebook:

Music plays a crucial role in the film. With that being said, we've assembled a stellar soundtrack you've got to hear to truly understand. Please take a few minutes to check out some of the songs on our YouTube page:


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    Ten bones gets you a mini poster of Kane, the missing white husky, like what you see in the top left corner of the screen.

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    You clearly have great taste and aren't afraid to put your money into a deserving project. You're a PRODUCER. That's right, along with all the previous goodies you get a Producer credit in the film. Not only do you get your name and your name alone on screen for a shining moment during the film's end credit. You'll have access to read the script, be able to talk to the director about the project, and have a seat of honor at the film premier!!!

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