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Beans! Beans! Beans! Tour!'s video poster

a new musical-melodrama that bagoes the floomsies in your doodle. World tour (America only) Read more

Philadelphia, PA Theater
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This project was successfully funded on May 8, 2012.

a new musical-melodrama that bagoes the floomsies in your doodle. World tour (America only)

Philadelphia, PA Theater
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About this project

PuppeTyranny! (pup·pet tyr·an·ny) is a philadelphia based collective of multimedia performance and theater. We need your help to increase our powers to include the ability to take our newest play, Beans! Beans! Beans! on tour from May 15th through June 1st. 

This is our first ever major tour, and as such we need a little help out of the gate. Funding of this project will ensure our transportation, costs for the five performers, gas, and outfitting of this show for the road. Funding will also guarantee our ability to not just tour this show, but outfit us for further tours. Which is good news for just about everybody. 

Beans! Beans! Beans! is a macabre tale, full of tom-foolery and folly. Two dueling dandies vie for social status as they throw an unexpectedly explosive party. Attended by a rag tag ensemble of guests that include unemployed falconers, aeronauts, avant-garde sand painters, a world famous chanteuse, and more. Three performers and two musicians blend animation, puppetry, music, irreverent cardboard abuse, dance and lo-fi shenanigans to tell a story that swells with a staggering number of characters, exotic locals, war, intrigue and espionage. 

Joining us, as opening act and musical accompaniment, will be the insatiable and experimental lounge styling of Charmaine's Names and the avant-drag crooners of Upholstery 

"Beans! Beans! Beans!" concludes a run of three new works developed in 2011. The first, a farce exploring explorers, animals, and sandwiches, entitled "BrotherSister + SisterBrother" was performed as part of 70 Rupees to Paradise Road, a festival of local artists aboard the Tall ship Gazela.  Then, as part of the 2011 Philadelphia Fringe Festival,  the sold out run of the microscopic adventure saga, "Water Bears in Space", which, "may not be the strangest Fringe show I’ve ever seen, but it at least makes the top three." (Wendy Rosenfield, Philadelphia inquirer). PuppeTyranny can often be seen around Philadelphia, and up and down the eastern seaboard, traveling with their "World Famous Mouth Show", where they "stage a number of hilarious scenarios in a mouth". (Village Voice)

Currently our tour will be making stops in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Providence, Portland, and more! 

Keep an eye here and on our facebook page for up to date times and locations for this tour and for future shows!

The Tour (MORE TO COME):

  • May 19th- Baltimore, MD - Current Gallery (Transmodern Festival) 
  • May 21st- Knoxville, TN - The Bird House
  • May 27th- Pittsburgh, PA - Modern Formations Gallery
  • May 28th- Brooklyn, NY-  Freddy's Bar
  • May 29th- Providence, RI - 95 Empire Theater
  • May 30th- Portland, ME - Geno's Bar
  • May 31st- Montreal, QC - Cabaret Playhouse 

Interested in bringing us to your town? Know someone who would? Drop us a line. We want to perform as much as possible.


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    You get a hug every-time we see you. Unless you don't like hugs in which case we will smile and nod at you knowingly.

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    You know who you are! You make rainbows with your eyelids and eat baby squids without using your teeth! RAR!

    You get a special thank you in our program, plus hugs always.

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    Have you ever heard a baby giggle? Or a dolphin sigh? There's something shiny in your hair and it's better than both of those things. Your heart is a cog in our fun machine.

    ALL OF THE ABOVE plus a custom GIF from our chief animation technician ZAC. You may choose the subject matter, but it's best to just let Zac do as he will. Just a warning.

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    You are the worst thing that ever happened to me. Why can't I take my eyes off you? Unchain this heart, for it yearns to be free. Freedom without you? I don't even know what that means.

    Thanks in the program PLUS a genuine hand screen printed Beans tour poster.

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    Wading through a sea of pedantic and pugnacious detractors, you fight fist and tooth for exclusive rights to that check-out clerk's flirtations. No one can see their dreams like you. No one understands! Aye, Brother, I see you there.

    Special thanks in our program plus a limited edition Tape, Zine, and digital download from the one and only Charmaine's Names. RARE and Beautiful.

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    Two party system? One party system? I don't care as long as it's your party. The oppressive regime of solitude is over, baby. Now get out that chair and dance on into my psychic taco truck. Talk at me Sanchito.

    All of the benefits of a GUARDIAN OF MORDHEIM *plus* VIP entry and seating for you and a friend at any one PuppeTyranny-related event. *plus* A HANDMADE SOCK PUPPET! Charmed!

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    When this veil of sadness lifted from my weary eyes what did I find? Three tender kisses, two strong arms, and one filthy hunka somethin' wonderful. How we long to inhale you, the air in our aqualungs.

    All of the benefits of a GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE OF KISSES *plus* a youtube serenade from the mooon by our moonmusicoligist John G Sinclair. PLUS a really personal GIF from Zac, PLUS an onstage shoutout like you've never experienced.

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    All of the benefits of a SPLUCKY UPPLEMEISTER with your VIP status expanded to include seating for you +4, PLUS a pretty decent puppet of you. (All puppets include video introduction, backstory and custom stupid puppet voice)

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    Remember when Leslie broke up with me? You were there for me then in ways that don't bear repeating. You gave me the strength to weather the storm. You were strong for me then, and now that you've helped me find that strength within myself. One more time, old friend? ALL PREVIOUS BENEFITS *plus* LAMINATED SUPER INFITE PUPPETYRANNY VIP BADGE! PUT YOUR WALLET AWAY, YOU'RE SOMEONE IMPORTANT.

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    We will do whatever you say! Your whims are our divine writ. No words can describe our feelings toward you. That's not true, but in fact there are so many words that we will use those words to make a play ALL ABOUT YOU! NO FOOLIN! IF YOU GIVE US THIS MUCH MONEY YOU GET YOUR OWN ISLAND(PLAY) IN THE GULF OF PUPPETYRANNY!!!!! AND WE WILL COME TO YOU...IF YOU'RE ON THE EASTERN SEABOARD OR THEREABOUTS. Just think about it. (Oh, and all the rest of the stuff we promised to everyone else.)

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