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Warzone Resurrection is a tabletop miniatures (28mm scale) skirmish game, set in the Mutant Chronicles dark SciFi Future.
962 backers pledged £161,851 to help bring this project to life.

NEWS FLASH: Shipping, Books and Conventions.

Posted by Prodos Games Ltd (Creator)

Hello everyone!

I have some exciting news. We are going to start shiping next week. Obviously this will be a staged process. So actually 10 weeks later than we originally predicted, but with 100%+ more lines I think we have done well.

We should point out that the deliveries WILL NOT include the CARDS or BOOKS. As neither are ready (as discussed before due to misprediction of time to do from our supplier) and are likely to take another month to be produced. As such these will be sent subsequently and seperately when we have them and at our cost.

We are asured that the KR Cases, TShirts and Photos will all be with us by the middle of the month too!

You will recieve an email from us when your product goes out. Please be patient with us there is a lot to pick and some lines are still in need of production, but all will be done as soon as possible.

For the Convention, as always we have had some negative feedback, especially around the Convention only model. I would like to state that he will be available at all conventions we attend over the next 15 months or so (we may even extend his reign to 2015, if we haven't attended enough shows in 2013/4). But he will be 'Convention Exclusive' in the same way 'Tatsamoto' was 'KS Exclusive'.

Here is the Convention Website: We'd love to see you there!


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    1. Feralzen on

      Well some people on the forum seem to have received confirmation of shipment. So the machine is on the march!

    2. Jouni Pohjola on

      So, is anything shipping yet or not?

    3. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      I can't believe I'm getting my Warzone KS before my Reaper Bones KS. Food for thought I guess.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      I can't believe I'm getting my Warzone KS before my Reaper Bones KS. Food for thought I guess.

    5. Missing avatar

      BuekyA on

      I too support the idea of waiting till everything gets ready. I hope it saves the costs and other resources so you can keep up resurrecting Warzone.

    6. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      I forgot in my last comment that there was going to be two packages anyway. The heavies and vehicles, right?

      Anyway my final verdict: can't wait to open that rulebook, but I'm happy to get a head start on painting my army.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent Eskilsson on

      I'm fine with waiting on my delivery until you can ship everything at once. I, uh, have quite a lot of other minis that need assembly and painting.

    8. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      I'm sure the "negative feedback" hasn't been that bad.... right? I keep hearing these rumours of horrid people yelling about delays and how unfair it is to them that a new uk company doesn't already have the infrastructure, contacts or money to put on a convention in their country... but I don't really believe it.

      Prodos I am amazed though that you're doing two deliveries. Previously you had said that would end you as a company. What changed to make it possible and isn't that going to hit you hard?

      I also do not mind waiting (although like everyone I'm excited and impatient to start gaming and converting characters). When a kickstarter achieves over its initial goal and especially when it achieves lots of stretch goals, it is often late because the company then has to do a heck of a lot of extra work. Doesn't the rulebook have an extra 150 pages now? Not too surprised you've needed extra time sorting the printing!

    9. SmogBranded on

      I am willing to wait for everything. Prodos you have done a great job thus far. Don't rush because a few cant understand what's going on, nor have the will to wait a little longer.

    10. Justin Timothy on

      I also do not mind waiting if it means alleviating some of the financial burden on Prodos. So on another note, anyone going to the convention want to pick me up the mini :^) I will cover the cost of the model + shipping + a little extra for your time.

    11. Siygess on

      @matt If money was no object then yeah I'm sure they could have found a printer in the UK who could have fitted in a print run within 4-6 weeks at five times the cost. The problem is, in printing, the low cost / high reliability guys with a proven track record are booked months and months in advance. If you can't wait, your only choice if you want to stay under budget is to make a few phones calls as you say and you end up having to pick from a selection of low cost / unverified reliability guys. What's worse, because they might be a smaller outfit, their next printing slot might still be a month or two away even though their backlog is smaller.. and you won't know that there is a problem until that slot comes and goes with no print run to show for it.

      Considering the printing problems that have plagued, say, Sedition Wars - and they have CMoN behind them - it's no great surprise that these problems can and will happen to smaller companies too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andreas Erlandsson on

      @matt From what I understand they did exactly that, and their new printer also promised to be on time but failed...

    13. Missing avatar

      matt on

      What truly boggles my mind is how months ago this dilemma started with the books and cards(was it factory flooding?) yet you seriously can't tell me that with all the money you raised, you can't get somebody to make a few phone calls until you can find somewhere else that can do it..on time?

      Or at least the closest we can get to on time. I at one time counted on fondling these beautiful models before summer was over, that was a fun fantasy.

    14. Burkhard on

      Maybe you could create the option for those of us who would be willing to wait till everything is to klick a button on our pledge manager. That way it would be easy for you to put those of is on hold who are willing to wait. As I have said before, I am willing to wait for my stuff till everything is ready if that means leaving you in a healthier position to face to face the future!

    15. Temo Tugun DeGaunza on

      Shame about the cards and books, but may give me time to consider painting my figs.

    16. Feralzen on

      Say, would it be possible to have a picture of one of the T-shirts when they arrive?

    17. Missing avatar

      Diamond Shark on

      if it saves you guys some money and trouble, i don't mind waiting either. yes there has been delays etc, but you have been pretty upfront and clear bout it the entire time.
      but what ever choice makes it easier for you guys, i am good either way.

    18. Spencer Taylor on

      I'm with a few of the other guys here. I'm willing to wait a little bit for my stuff. Yeah I have the rules and stats from the various PDFs, but I don't mind waiting until everything's done to have it shipped all at once. Would be nice to open a single box and just have everything in it.

    19. REDKOMET on

      @PRODOS-I usually post to side with the decisions made by you folks at PRODOS, not this time.
      Firstly, there are 969 backers to the KS, with untold variety of orders placed amongst us. Each troop box has cards that we need to play the game with. What you'd be doing is like shipping bases with no figures or vice versa and creating an unnecessary HUMONGUS challenge to your staff that would be better spent putting effort into the game. This is going to cause great logistical problems and much frustration for both you and us when we do not receive something that should be packed with a set of figures, as well as unnecessary international shipping costs that you don't need to be dealing with.
      Let's face it, without rulebooks or cards would be like buying a new car without an engine or tires to be sent along at a later point. Glad that you truly are keeping us in mind and tightly wrapped in the PRODOS loop, but I fail to see the point here guys. Another month is not that long to be waiting to get out everything that you need to CORRECTLY and with the least amount of backlash to the company. I for one would rather rip the product when it arrives to find everything expected in the contents the first time rather than sending tons of e mails and frustration your way to correct any mistakes.
      GREAT JOB PEOPLE, but just think about this one a bit before you dive in. Thanks!!!

    20. Fredrik Dunge on

      are you certain? don't make decisions because of us, we're with you regardless make the financially viable decision. We care a lot more for having prodos and warzone around for years to come than for getting the stuff a couple of weeks early. That said again you know your finances better than we do.

    21. DerHerrNarr on

      Great News!

      But one question at that point. Will there be a "final" rules PDF coming by the time of the shipments. I know that will be quite some extra work, but it would give us the chance to already use our new toys. Don´t want to bother you with this, just a question. Maybe the rules are at that point that the pages already exist in final digital form.

    22. Feralzen on

      First off, GREAT NEWS!!! Can't wait to start seeing some of the minis of other gamers on the web!

      Second, as PanzerPhilou and Michael Hughes mentioned, I don't mind waiting until all my stuff is ready before receiving my shipment. I've got plenty of projects to keep me busy in the mean time. I'd rather see the money of that extra shipment used to generate new product line then go to the bloated British Mail service.

    23. PanzerPhilou on

      As one of the collector level I don't mind to wait until everything is ready. My true job is to make loan for company, so I rather you keep your money for future investisment or your well earned paid than pay more shipping for me. You've already proove enougth that you take care of your custumers!
      I can't attend to the convention but as soon you come on mainland I'll come see you guys.

    24. GrumpyOldMan201 on

      I realize this may create a tracking nightmare, but I'd be willing to have my order held until it is complete. Even if this means you're starting to sell the pieces elsewhere before I get mine.

      On the convention note, could someone who is attending, maybe Ryan for example, drop me a line at

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Allen on


      Congradulations on the start of shipping. I hope the added costs don't damage the future of the company.

      Will you please consider releasing the FULL PDF of the rules to us, since the print rulebook is delayed? You can watermark them or whatever, but I'd very much like to have the FULL rules for the game, not the "basic" rules.

    26. Lighteater on

      Yeehaa! Great news!

    27. Michael Hughes on

      @Prodos: So is this shipping update for everyone? Even the collector and painter/collector pledge levels? Or is it for the non-collector levels only since it was originally stated that the collectors would be forced to wait until the absolute end in exchange for the pledge price they got?

    28. Antti Alatalo on

      First off... YEAH!
      But also I recall this option being discussed earlier and Prodos said that shipping the pledges in two parts would kill them financially... what gives? Not that I'm complaining or anything, but if this is still a realistical scenario then I for one would rather have them in one mailing.

    29. Andrew McColl on

      Is there any way I can volunteer to have my stuff shipped last? Still trying to buy a house, so it's likely to end up sitting in my work locker once it gets here. All the better that someone who can use it right away get theirs first.

    30. Marijn Bierhof on

      Great news...but sent you guys an e-mail you can send all of my stuff in one go. It's fine to wait and I'd hate it if it would cost Prodos more money.

    31. Alessandro S. on

      @ Prodos - Hey there! :) A small question: do you have a list of the Conventions you will attend?

      I live in Italy, but hopefully I will be able to be at Salute next year...

    32. Siygess on

      @Prodos For those of us who are able to attend the con - and assuming the books and cards are ready by then - is it going to be easier or cheaper for you to have us pick up our printed material on the day rather than have you send it out to us?

    33. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Maybe consider allowing webstore based purchase of the convention model, but only on the day of the convention

      a number of other companies offer this, it remains relatively exclusive but does not penalise those fans in countries you don't attend conventions in

    34. Burkhard on

      OK, THX! No problem with that!

    35. Prodos Games Ltd 2-time creator on

      They are not ready yest but are very close to being in production.

    36. Burkhard on

      Great news!!!

      One question... at one point you said that the heavies would ship later than the other releases. Does this mean they have now caught up and will be shipped with the other stuff?