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Dragon Keeper is a strategic board game combining collective and individual goals.
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Delivery news and gift for this new year

Posted by Arnaud Urbon (Creator)

Hello Adventurers,

First, I want to wish you an happy new year : all the best for 2017.

I know we are late for the delivery for many reasons and I didn't have a lot of chance on this end of project. I'am very sorry for that.

We will proceed to the delivery during this month of January and we will add to the delivery an other little game to try to excuse me.

The game I add is a smart and fast card game. Wacky Challenge is a 2 to 7 players games where players play simultaneously.

Wacky Challenge
Wacky Challenge


I let you read more information about this game on the following link

For this year 2017, have fun, great success and play boardgames a lot ;-)

Best whishes,

DK's team.

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    1. Ann-Charlotte Eriksen

      What a great surprise..ty very much. Arrieved today so looking forward to try them both :)

    2. Missing avatar

      PEROCHAIN Vincent on

      Bonjour, Bonsoir,
      Toujours pas de nouvelles des livraisons ? La fin du mois est là dans très peu de temps....... Please please tell us )

    3. Gábor Somogyi on

      Thank you for this thoughtful gift! :-)
      I hope the shipping will happen soon. I can't wait to play the game already.

      One question regarding the extra game:
      I've ordered 3 copies of Dragon Keeper - one for myself, and the other two for 2 of my friends.
      Will we get 3 copies of Wacky Challenge as well, or only one?

    4. DA COSTA Mario on

      Merci pour ce geste magnifique !
      C'est véritablement une première sur ks au sujet du geste que vous avez fait.
      Bonne et heureuse année également !

    5. ElrikMelny on

      Merci pour ce geste. Ce n'est jamais simple les plannings. Tous mes meilleurs voeux.

    6. SabrineDT on

      Merci pour ce geste très généreux !
      je ne manquerai pas de le faire (les faire) découvrir à mes amis joueurs !

      Bonne et heureuse année également !

    7. Ubivis on

      happy new year to you too. This is a nice move from you with the extra game. Personally I never had a problem with the delay, more with the lack of updates.

    8. Zergeniel on

      Merci, beau geste, cela va faire des jaloux sur les autres KS ;-)

    9. Bonkom

      Happy New Year to you too and thank you so much for the present. Most games are late on kickstarter, so don't feel bad that yours are too. Looking forward to try both games out when they arrive.

    10. Kevin Innarelli on

      WOW! Talk about customer service! This is above and beyond for sure. Thank you so much!

    11. Dee2 on

      merci, royal :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Christhiof on

      oui c'est vraiment sympa ! Merci Arnaud !

    13. Missing avatar


      Wait what!? We are getting an entire extra game?

      So wow!

    14. valpartajeux on

      Les retards sur ks sont plutôt courant, je trouve que faire ce cadeau est très généreux de ta part. Merci Arnaud

    15. Thuillier Loic on

      I wish you the best for this new year to you two Arnaud and Zous.
      Project is a few late, but no more than plenty others, maybe less.
      Glad to see it come in my table in very few time.

    16. Justin Beard on

      That's great, thank you very much!

    17. Keith Pishnery on

      Wow, very cool! That's a great gift. Can we please get shipping enough when they send out? Thank you!