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Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
6,762 backers pledged $537,093 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping update and things you need to know

Posted by Final Frontier Games (Creator)

Hello outlaws!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

First off, we want to start by saying thank you very much for the kind words you are saying about the game! Both in production terms and the gameplay itself!

We've put our hearts and souls in this one, and to see this amazing early reception makes it all worthwhile!


Shipping Update  


The last batch of games will be sent for delivery on Monday. There is around 10% left. With that, all games for European backers will either be delivered or out for delivery to your location by Monday.

United States

The games cleared customs last week and are in the Quartermaster's warehouse. 

Early next week delivery will start and we expect everyone of you to receive the games in the next 2 weeks.


Quartermaster is sending the games for Canadian backers to Snakes & Lattes early next week. They need to prepare the packages and then send it out to you.

South America

Our US fulfillment partner (Quartermaster) will handle the delivery of games to backers from South America. They will start next week.


VFI just sent us an email few hours ago that the games are prepared and labels are created. Start of delivery is expected in a couple of days.


Similar situation like Asia. Games are in the warehouse and getting ready to be sent out.

Missing components

First of all, we would like to apologize if your copy of the game is damaged or have some missing components. 

These things unfortunately happen and we can't do anything to prevent it.

However, we want to assure you that you will be replaced for anything that is missing or damaged.

Just write us an email at and we'll sort the issue asap.

When is asap?

Since only European backers started receiving the game, most of the replacements in the next week or two should be handled by Spiral Galaxy, our European fulfillment partner.

We'd like to ask our European backers for a little patience because of Essen Spiel. Spiral Galaxy will be working with skeleton crew next week during the convention and their priority is to sent out all games first before they leave for Essen.

We as a company and Spiral Galaxy should be back to normal in 10 days when we get back from Essen. 

We want to apologize in advance if the communication from us will be slower next week.

Where are my 2 promo cards?

The 2 promo cards that are listed in the "What we unlocked so far" section on the campaign page together with the 3 Sheriff cards that were unlocked, are part of the Golden Arrow module. 5 villain cards with white border instead of black like the other villain cards.

We touched upon this in Update #4.

Ok, what about Hideout tokens?

The hideout tokens are inside. We renamed them to Green tokens (the ones that cover the 4th Merry Men space on your player board).

We renamed them because of streamlining. Since the Merry Men spots are called hideouts, naming other components a Hideout token would have led to confusion. 

Most of you don't know this, but once a Kickstarter campaign is finished, we cannot edit the main page. So our suggestion is to look at the components that are listed in the rulebook and compare that with what is actually in the box if you have doubts that something is missing. 

Metal Coins

Those of you that ordered the metal coins, please check the box thoroughly before you throw it out.

We had quite a few people accidentally throwing out the box that the game was packed in along with the coins.

The coins come in a roll like this, so you know what to look for.

Thanks to our backer Geoff Bushill for the photo and the heads up
Thanks to our backer Geoff Bushill for the photo and the heads up


You can find German, French, Spanish and Italian rulebooks on our website. The Dutch rulebook will be uploaded next week.


This year too, we will be attending Essen. You can find us in Hall 2, Booth 2-F116.

As mentioned in one of the previous updates, we will have some gifts for you, so make sure to stop by and introduce yourselves! :)

 We would like a moment of your attention here and a bit of understanding.

We are doing our very best to deliver this game before Essen starts. When it comes to Europe, we mostly succeeded in getting the game in your hands before Essen and 1 month ahead of the promised delivery date.

The rest of the world as mentioned above should receive the games this month too with some of you early November.

Short of compromising quality of the game, we've done everything humanly possible to clear this one before Essen, but as you all are aware, not everything is in our hands. But besides that, you will receive the game by the promised date.

That being said, we have some extra deluxe copies of the game printed, that were done in case there were some major damages of the games, which hopefully didn't occur during transit.

We'd like to sell some of these extra deluxe copies at Essen.

Even though it is mentioned from day 1 on the KS page that we reserve the right to sell any access Deluxe copies to conventions, we want to be straight with you and tell you again, and also ask for your understanding.

We don't attend much conventions and for a small company like us, Essen is a gigantic opportunity. Both in terms of shaking hands with you, but also to establish contacts and partnerships throughout the industry that will secure the future of this company.

These deluxe copies that we want to sell at Essen are just a way to recuperate our costs of attending and nothing more.

Hope you will understand our decision.

When the rest of you get the chance to try out the game, we hope you enjoy it and will share your thoughts! :)


Team, Final Frontier Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon Espejo on

      I received my game today in the US, but the game board was damaged. I emailed FFG for a replacement board.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bill Mrochek on

      +1 on American Backer with no email or delivery? Any update?

      Thanks for all your hard work.


    3. Missing avatar

      Logan s on

      Hello Jumping on the Train of US backers that have not received the game or notification of shipment. Not really concerned, just looking for an update. Cheers!

    4. Mike Brodu on

      I'm in Singapore, and no shipping notice, no game. Any update?

    5. Hendrik

      I am in New Jersey USA and have not received a notification yet.
      Is there a problem?

    6. Missing avatar

      T Budd on

      Hello! From the update about receiving the game in the next two weeks for the US backers, I thought I'd receive an e-mail notification concerning the shipment, but I've yet to receive that. A little concerned.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh on

      Into a new week ... still no game!

    8. Missing avatar

      dunedrain on

      Hello, as you said in the last update in Europe on Monday, all the patrons would have their game.
      I have not yet reached anything and no location on the part of Spiral Galaxy that I have to get the game. I'm a little bit worried.

    9. Missing avatar

      Frank Guerriero on

      Still no mail notification here, @New gamer, have you received your game yet? Not sure what is going on, I would hope the distributor would be able to process all of the orders within a week...

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh on

      Hi guys ...... still nothing???

    11. Jon Hartke on

      I also do not feel slighted by you selling the game at Essen, I encourage it. Y'all have run a fantastic campaign and I have had a lot of fun being apart of it. I am extremely excited to receive my copy here in the U.S. and want as many people to be able to enjoy a game that looks so great! Great Job FFG and keep up the good work!

    12. TableTopJen on

      I am all for you guys having the opportunity to sell your game at Essen!

      Games for the US backers are here in the United States, so people need to relax with the whole "They're getting it first/ we have to wait" entitlement stuff. I'm sure you have another game to hold you over for another 2 weeks or so. lol

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh on

      Hey ... still no e-mails etc re game delivery in UK ... I also messaged you directly on your website ..Ta

    14. Missing avatar

      New gamer on

      @ Frank Guerriero. Unicorn Games. I received a tracking number from them via AusPost last Friday.

    15. Missing avatar

      Frank Guerriero on

      Could you please tell me who is handling the distribution in Australia?

      I support the sale of the game in Essen.

    16. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Mark Marsh, Yes, Spiral Galaxy sends dispatch emails after the courier collects the parcel from the warehouse. If you don't receive email by tomorrow let us know and we'll contact them.

    17. Missing avatar

      Enrique Piedrafita on

      Received my game last week. So far it's looking absolutely amazing. Can't wait to get everything out of the box and give it a try. As for Essen, as other backers have mentioned, I'm glad to have been a part of the several 1000s of people that have helped bring your game to life and I do hope that it exceeds all our expectations - so the more people that can enjoy the game the MERRY-(men)er (merrier - pun intended).

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark Marsh on

      Do we get an e-mail about delivery, bit concerned, update says ...... "The last batch of games will be sent for delivery on Monday. There is around 10% left. With that, all games for European backers will either be delivered or out for delivery to your location by Monday" .... I'm in the UK and haven't heard anything yet?

    19. Dumee

      See you there!

    20. Bickwick

      Sell sell sell!!!

    21. Eric Osborne on

      I am a US backer, and wanted to express my thoughts on the matter of selling the extra copies at Essen.

      You guys have exceeded expectations with this kickstarter in every way I can think of. You didn't have to be transparent, or drive to get us the product ahead of schedule. Nor do you have to feel like you need to apologize and explain yourselves in the update. Now I understand you are being decent, and exhibiting good customer service, but I would like to say that you have nothing to apologize for.

      WE as backers should be more than ecstatic about you having the opportunity at Essen to succeed as a company. After all, that is the purpose of crowd funding that all too many people seem to forget. Users should be funding projects with the expectation that you do what you need to to succeed rather than getting their reward early. Unfortunately many people don't seem to get that, and act like entitled, impatient brats.

      The fact that you all produced more copies than needed with the anticipation of damages during shipping should be seen as a credit to the company, and you should honestly be able to do with them as you please. No one ever promised all copies to backers should be received before they ended up to the public. The reward for backing a kickstarter is really more about satisfaction in helping a game get off it's feet, and the awesomeness of being able to see the project through production. The rewards are a bonus, and the kickstarter exclusives + stretch goals are the "thank yous" people are receiving for helping back the project.

      So, people... stop being upset about the idea of some "non-backer' getting the game before you. Rest assured, they are only a few people, and most of the world will not get to play the game before you. To the people that are being encouraging about them selling games ahead of time, good for you for being reasonable!

    22. Eddie G. on

      I tried contacting you guys many times about adding the metal coins to my pledge but never got a response. Are the coins going to be available at retail or is there any way to get them after?

    23. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Christoph, unfortunately we won't be printing German rulebooks. As for the Player Aids, we are adding them for download right after Essen.

    24. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      Again, thank for the support guys!

      @William, each fulfillment center has extra copies of both versions of the game along with boxes of all of the components. Selling some deluxe copies of the game that were allocated for Europe has nothing to do with US games, because the US fulfillment center has also extras of each.

      @DevGuy, you can be rest assured that we are not selling our only replacements. Only some. We are leaving behind substantial number of copies that are needed for replacement parts along with boxes full of components. More than enough to service Europe.

      Than why we made extra extra?

      With our last campaign, the games suffered massive damages during unloading and hundreds of Deluxe copies were destroyed because the pallet driver drove the fork inside the games instead of below the pallets. Because of that, we had to reprint boxes and some backers had to wait few months for replacements.

      This is a really rare situation, but we didn't want to go through the nightmare of that happening again. That is why we made more extra copies this time. Thankfully, that didn't happen this time and now we have more than usual copies of games needed for servicing replacements for our European backers.

      As for tranparency, sorry you feel that way, we think we were open with you on all fronts. The rights to sell any access deluxe copies of the games on conventions are clearly stated on the main page since the minute we launched this campaign.

    25. Missing avatar

      Lee Altpeter

      Sell away. And pay no attention to anyone that says anything differently. Can not wait to get my copy and I could not care less that somebody who is going to Essen might have a copy first.

    26. DevGuy on

      Most parcels are STILL SHIPPING — why are you selling your only replacements before you know the extent of damaged/missing components for backers?

      Or did you secretly create MORE than you need for replacements - next time just be transparent.

    27. Missing avatar

      William on

      If you made extra copies incase of damaged product upon shipping, and the US copies haven't been delivered yet, then why are you selling them?

    28. Missing avatar

      Christoph Schäfer on

      I have no problem with you selling extra copies. It seems to be a great game ( received , but not played) and I am looking forward to see you in Essen !
      Is there a chance to get printed German Rulebooks ( and German Player Aid Sheets , which are not for download) ?
      I think it would be good for presentation also and a great gift for backers too.

    29. Sebastian On Board

      I agreed with selling your extra copies, we made the game come into existence and I am proud of that, I would be ashamed to cause you miss a pofittable opportunity.
      So yes, even if it means to see it in the stores before hitting my door, I would rather make sure that the company that makes great games that I love, ensures the maximum profit from selling the extra copies asap!
      That's just my opinion.
      Thanks for the beautiful game!

    30. Kevin Ramsamy on

      Personally don't agree with selling copies at the convention. Spits in the face of supporting you when the idea was just an idea

    31. Roberto Domínguez on

      There’s any chance to get the metal coins in any web store???

    32. chocoladevla on

      Looking forward to Spiel Essen! (Viola)

    33. Missing avatar

      Ian B on

      Thanks for the update! PARTICULARLY the PSA about the colon roll!

    34. Missing avatar

      Darryl Pettit on

      Look I'm in the US and am happy we are getting them before Christmas so go have a ball and sell away.....the only thing I'm unhappy about is not being able to go to the convention....wish we had something like that to go to here in the US.

    35. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      Thanks for the support guys! A creator cannot ask for a better community <3

    36. Smokeypugs on

      Woo hoo! Got my name in a an update! Loving the game guys! Go sell that game so everyone can enjoy the game!

    37. Trea Ouwehand on

      I will see you guys at Essen then ;)!
      Thanks for the clarification about the hideout tokens and promo cards and of course for the great game and campaign!

    38. Sanchit Sharma on

      Mine arrived a couple of days ago - packaging damaged but not the game itself. Thanks so much, and congrats on the campaign!

    39. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      Not that I disagree at all with your decision to sell your games at Essen, but if you are only selling the games to fund your trip to Essen, then there's no reason to go to Essen. You're going to Essen to get to games in front of people, and you're selling games to fund that. No problems. I hope you sell them all and come home with a nice profit!

    40. Mortaneous on

      Transparency always goes a long way. Sell to your hearts content! :)

    41. Steve Tremblay

      Of course go and sell those games!! This campaign was flawless, you deserve it!!! Thanks for all the hard work!