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Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
6,762 backers pledged $537,093 to help bring this project to life.

Production wrap up!

Posted by Final Frontier Games (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Hope you are doing great! We have some awesome news to share with you so let's dive in!

Production status

We are super happy to say that thanks to the smooth process and cooperation with our factory, as of few days ago, the production of Robin Hood and the Merry Men is complete!

We have some visuals that we want to share from the production process of the game. 


Not only production of the game is complete, also...

Some of the games are moving!

Yep, part of the games started their long voyage to a fulfillment center near you. :)

Let's talk dates, locations and names.


The shipment for all European backers are on their way to the fulfillment center in UK. Delivery of the games will be handled by Spiral Galaxy.

The name of the ship is ZHENDONG558.

You can track it's movement here:

Estimated date of arrival is 26th September. Then, we assume it would take around 7-10 days to clear customs and to reach our partners warehouse.

Around the 6th of October you will receive an email from them with the confirmation of your order.

Delivery of the games should start around the 11th October and scheduled to finish 2 weeks from then.

Since the games will be in transit (with most of you likely receiving them) during Essen Spiel, we cannot offer you an Essen pickup. However, stop by our booth and we might have something for you :)

We will share the booth number in the next update.


The boat for Australia (Unicorn Games) will depart China on the 15th of September and will arrive on the 29th of September. 

The name of the boat is MSC ANYA.

The timetable for this one looks similar. Around 2 weeks from the date the games reach the port, we expect start of delivery to begin. So again, mid October.


Asian backers will be handled by VFI. The games will arrive at their warehouse by truck. We don't have the exact date for this shipment yet, but since this one is closest to the factory, we assume it will be somewhere in the next 2 weeks.

You can safely assume that Asian backers will start receiving the games sooner than backers from the other parts of the world.


This is the biggest shipment since it's carrying the games for all our US backers, Canadian backers, and backers from regions that are not mentioned in the above shipments.

Here is the timeline:

Estimated time of departure: 11th September

Estimated time of arrival in Jacksonville: 10th October

Delivery of the games will be handled by Quartermaster Logistics. Our estimate is that they can start the delivery of the games mid to late October.


To sum up: Delivery of the games will start mid October, except for Asia which we estimate it will happen sooner than that.

We are happy to say, that even with a campaign of this size (if all goes well), we will manage to beat our estimated delivery (November) and get the games in your hands few weeks earlier than promised. :)

We will monitor the movement of the games and inform you accordingly if there are some unexpected changes in the dates.

Rise to Nobility: Beyond

We are going to use this opportunity to make an official announcement of what was hinted during this campaign. This fall, the expansion for our dice placement, city building game is coming to Kickstarter.

Rise to Nobility: Beyond
Rise to Nobility: Beyond

In Rise to Nobility: Beyond you will collect and guard precious Relics, give offerings to the Timeless Temple, and help the kingdom’s Elders so they can grant you favors or permanently win their endorsement in your path to become a Noble citizen of the Five Realms.  

During that time you will have access to the Realms precious mineral, the Rock Rose, which will present you the opportunity to trade it for Goods, Coins, earn you the Queen’s reputation and more, but like anything else that is precious, it comes in limited quantities so be careful how you spend it.  

Rise to Nobility: Beyond introduces new ways to score points, a twist to the reputation mechanic and tableau building aspect that adds high replayability to the game.


Cheers and happy gaming!


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    1. Dracyia on

      Any chance I can update my address? Apologies, moving was unexpected!



    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      It gets to felixstow tonight 22:00 (28th) :D
      Not long now.... a month maybe once clears customs and shipped out?

    3. Robert Taylor

      It moored in Rotterdam yesterday.
      Does that mean UK stuff gets transported on a different boat to uk?

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Worth repeating here, so it doesn't get lost, as it will in comments :)

      @Final Frontier GamesCreator
      about 2 hours ago
      Hey guys, sorry but there was a miscommunication with our manufacturer about the ship headed for Europe.

      This is the correct name of the ship: CSCL INDIAN OCEAN and you can track it on this link:

      As for the US/CAN, the name is OSAKA EXPRESS.


    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      I like watching the ship trackers, this one just seems to be sailing up down the same river, back and forth :D

    6. Powerplant Games on

      Will the plastic insert hold sleeved cards?

    7. Eddie G. on

      Awesome News! Any chance the metal coins will be available at retail? I am bummed I didn’t add them to my pledge but still want to get them.

    8. Iuri Bachnivsky
      on many copies are there on those pallets?

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Below on

      Excellent work!! A KS to be delivered earlier ....Unbelievable!!

    10. luis

      When will the beyond hit KS??

    11. Missing avatar

      Ian B on

      I'm so incredibly confused.... a Kickstarter game that is on track to deliver EARLY?!?!?!

      But, seriously, this is a great update, and I'm looking forward to the game!

    12. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches

      This looks so great! So amazing you are moving so fast on this!

    13. Petr K.

      great update :-) expectations are great. Within the upcoming campaign, will be available to buy the remaining KS editions of the Cavern Tavern, as advised during the RH campaign?

    14. Kasper Sleepy con Valley

      That is really awesome. And nice pictures 😃

    15. Karsten Kutterer on

      YES!!! Great way to start off a Friday! :)

    16. chocoladevla on

      Looking forward to Essen! Awesome update!!!!

    17. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Kevin Shaud, please write us on and we'll sort it out for you.

      @Angelica, yep. We will have that option :)

      Thanks guys! You are the best backers a creator can ask :)

    18. Dizzuck on

      Now that’s an update!

    19. Missing avatar

      Angelica Lazary

      I’m SO excited for this to arrive!

      I have a question. My Rise to Nobility is retail version - will there can an option to purchase a deluxe upgrade? I wish I had them 😕

    20. Guðberg Haraldsson

      This is fantastic news in a sea of delays. That you rock is no lie

    21. Kevin Shaud

      How do I update my shipping address?