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Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
6,762 backers pledged $537,093 to help bring this project to life.

Surprise Stretch Goal + Pre-Production

Posted by Final Frontier Games (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing great!

We wanted to make a quick update on how things are and talk about that surprise stretch goal ;)


Two days ago, we received the components that we changed after we inspected the prototype mentioned in the previous update.

1. We increased the thickness of the Custom shaped barricades and traps.

- We are happy how this turned out and approved them for mass production.

2. Small adjustments on the player boards.

- We nailed this one too and approved the Player Boards for mass production. The problem was that the dents were too big for the components and they were very loose. After the adjustments to the thickness on some of the components and the size of the holes in the dual layer player board, now they fit like a glove :)

3. We completely redesigned the Wood resource.

- The oval shaped resource for the Wood, even though looked good, it caused problems. The issue was that the resources rolled on the table until they bumped into something. It was really annoying to see how the logs roll through Nottingham while you were planning a heist on the Sheriff's carriages. To say that it was distracting, will be an understatement.

So we had to abandon that concept and think of something new, while keeping the costs around the same.

The biggest constraint was the size of the face of the resource.

We tried multiple option as shown on the picture below, but each option would have meant increasing the size of the resource by 100% (which translates to increasing the costs for that resource 100%)

Few attempts of making a wooden resource
Few attempts of making a wooden resource

In the end, we created the Wood resource in the shape of a branch. The shape helped stay around the same costs for the resource, it looked good and it fits thematically.


The other change that we made are the dice. The ornamental design in the corners was too thin and we were faced with a risk that design could come off on some of the dice during the cleaning process right after the engraving process finishes. 

The option was to make the design bigger or remove it completely. We chose to remove it completely because making the ornament bigger could have cluttered the dice. The most important information on the dice is the symbol (weapon or shield) and it's color. In this particular situation, less is more.

So here is the final look of the dice.


The only thing to receive and approve is the plastic insert and the big meeples.

We should receive them soon.


The decision to receive the prototype components in 3 waves helps us start production little earlier than original planned.

Last week we've entered production with all of the components that we approved, about 99% of them. There are just 3 things left to enter production, and those are the rulebook, plastic insert and the big meeples.

The plan is to finish production late August and have the games in our warehouses (and start delivery) around October. Around a month ahead of the promised delivery date. 

Let's cross fingers and hope nothing unexpected happens that will derail the plans :))

The Final Stretch Goal

As you know, with this campaign Final Frontier Games reached a rather big milestone which will go in the history books of the company and that is, $1.000.000 total raised through Kickstarter.

We thought long and hard about this. How to celebrate the occasion, what will be best for us, for the game, and most importantly for you.

The easiest and the best way for the company would have been to create some collectible and ship it to you together with the game. A small token of our appreciation for helping us live our dreams.

But this wouldn't have benefited the game, and we weren't really sure how fun or cool this would've been for you. Whether it was a unique piece of art, collectible metal coin or some other object that you would display (or place it in a box somewhere and forget about it :) )

The idea was something that would check all the boxes. The company, the game and you.

So a decision was made to put aside all our projects that are in the pipeline and spend few more months in development of this project.


We are happy to say that the final stretch goal, a gift from us to you, will be a printed rulebook of the fully coop mode of Robin Hood and the Merry Men!

We know that this will greatly benefit the game, it will give value to you and make you happy, and in return that will make us happy! It was really an easy decision once we thought about this.

The game now will have 3 different game modes: Semi-coop, Coop and Solo, along with few modules that we unlocked.

Hope this revelation was worth the wait for you!

Cheers everyone!

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Roumeliotis on

      Hi there, I backed this; however, I ended up moving. Who can I reach out to and contact about my address change?

    2. Alicia on

      Sorry for my rush and typos. There’s no way to edit but I think everyone can follow the general message.

    3. Alicia on

      Yea I have to agree with most folks on this thread and that is that the printing of the rules does nothing to reward you backers. Plus is was delivered like every cheesy Upper Managememt firm positioning themselves for a better fatter bonus. I. E. Glad everyone has mad it to the meeting (usually mandatory) but this is a great time to work at ABC, “this is a milestone...” and your hard work of raising a historical 1,000,000...” is one for “the history books”. So as a reward everyone can take a lunch, and instead of you buying your drink we’ll give you one 12 oz can of pop. IDK it just seems really cheesy to “PRINT” the rules when you’ll need them in the box anyway.

    4. Jay Cassano on

      Just wanna drown out some of the negativity around the co-op rulebook. I get that it's not a big wow stretch goal thing, but it adds a nice professional touch to the game and makes the co-op mode feel more like a real part of the game. As someone who will probably play co-op at least 1/3 of the time I play the game, this will be very valuable to me. So, thank you.

    5. Sean Ferguson on

      Can you tell us when the pledge manager process will close? I'd like to modify my pledge before it's done so if you could tell me when that will happen I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

    6. Tim

      Thanks for the Co Op great idea :)

      Love the new design of the dice they look so much cleaner than the original design.

      Dice are very clear now and look perfect for the game.

    7. Alessandro on

      find .... sorry .....

    8. Alessandro on

      Sorry I still did not understand one thing ..... but the rules of the game can we already print them from the site? I went to the site but I did not find anything, thank you all for those who answer me

    9. Gurney on

      Thanks for the update. I agree with the comment that the dice look odd and not so consistent with the rest of the game look and feel. I like the fact that the coop mode is added to the rulebook!

    10. Missing avatar

      New gamer on

      Unfortunately I'm not particularly impressed with this update.
      I prefer the log shape, but accept that cost need to be kept down.
      Like most others, I think the dice look cheap, but Corey's idea of turning the weapons 45 degrees may improve the look.
      Also quite unimpressed that the surprise stretch goal is something I thought was in the box anyway, and is not a kickstarter exclusive either

    11. Hackareatech

      I had to go back to the campaign to look at the original designs of the dice and wood before I could comment.
      The ornamental decoration or number or whatever was in the corner of the dice at least added to the presentation. I get that the plain white (black) dice are clearer, but as others have said, they look cheap. And the color choices if final I have to assume are more color blind friendly? Otherwise they feel very "off" from the rest of the game.

      The wood resource is ok, but I concur with others that I believe they will chip and break easily, only time will tell I this one.

      The surprise stretch goal...was to add to the gameplay by printing the rules we already have instead of us having to print them! Um, ok, thanks. I love co-op modes and printed rules, but this literally added nothing to the game at all, except a more professional package. And this stretch goal won't even be KS exclusive. I'm not worried that it doesn't please everyone, because no matter if it was printed co-op rules, an art print, exclusive metal coin, etc., some people aren't going to want it (such as those that have lamented that they don't like co-op, so thanks for nothing). But your own statement was that it was good for the game. The campaign already listed that we get these rules (pdf), so the only benefit to the game is that they are in the box. HUGE benefit to you, the company, as now you have the rules printed and in the box, so better for retail distribution now. SMALL benefit to us because if we wanted those rules, we no longer have to print them and aesthetically they for the rest of the game and rules.

      Conclusion: I'm meh on the dice, hopefully in the wood to last, and though I like the rules in printed form, lackluster of a SURPRISE stretch goal.

      That being said, I love your company, the games you have/are producing, and look forward to playing this game however it comes.

    12. Gerwaldan on

      A great disappointement for the final stretch goal : all that noise for a completed rulebook ?! Anyway, the other news a pretty good, thanks for the mod.

    13. Splinter Van Schagen

      Love it! Not sure what to feel abt dices but other things, final stretch goal is great!

    14. Yair C. Libman on

      Can't say I'm quite satisfied with the dice... Looks kinda cheap...

      The tree branch looks cute though.

    15. Corey Hastings

      ** hang in my game room

    16. Corey Hastings

      Great update, guys! :)

      I think the shape of the wood is perfect, as it really does fit the same style as the rest of the pieces. My only concern, as others have pointed out, is the edge of that branch being pointed. I would round that out like have done on the claw of the hammer.

      For the dice, I think the dice are fine without the ornamental design. However, now you have a LOT of whitespace that looks really awkward. I would suggest taking the weapons (longbow, axe, sword, and staff) and turning them 45 degrees, so top to bottom is now corner to corner. I think this will look MUCH nicer.
      In regards to the color of the dice, I am assuming (and hoping) those are sample colors. If those remain the colors they were in the campaign, then we will be golden on the color.

      I am kind of disappointed in the final stretch goal. If I am being honest, any mode of gameplay that is included in the game from the creator should already be in the rulebook, so this is a bit of a letdown for me since it should already exist. I, personally, would have LOVED having a unique art piece shipped to me to hand in my game room. That would have been AWESOME!

    17. Missing avatar

      Nguyen Viet Hung on

      Me don't like the shape of wood token either. It's too sharp, prone to be broken at the tip and it's not safe. It should be like the wood token in Imperial Settlers.
      Dice looks too bland now.

    18. Keithustus on

      Cool wood and dice. Book sounds nice. Good team. When do you predict Backerkit will be up?

    19. Katrina Hennessy

      Fabulous update, thank you.
      Lot's of insight into the process.
      Great progress and potential early delivery.
      A wonderful gift for backers to celebrate your success.

    20. C4 on

      Came here to say how happy it makes me to hear about the co-op print decision. Can't wait for the game!

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas Robb on

      Really looking forward to the game - great theme
      Thanks for the coop book as coop is how Robin and the men would do things - right?
      Sorry - dice are really bad - look cheap - but they are functional

    22. Petr K.

      WOW, amazing idea for coop mode !!! Thank you for it!
      Cubes look strange :-( Colorful combinations on white cubes is bad and looks childish :-(
      The new shape for wood is also very bad and really weird! Branch shape? Really not :-( The best choice is 3 rhinestones, see variant 3: - / the new shape is bad and I do not want to have it on the table :-( really no .... rather only a prism without a branch

    23. Daniel Butler on

      @llewellen I don't think the colors on the dice are the final colors, most likely just test colors now...

    24. Smokeypugs on

      Great news! Both a possible early delivery and full co-op mode! Love co-op games as we have a friend whose blind and he can now play on his own. This update was well worth the wait!

    25. Bass98 on

      @Llewellen i agree with you .. i don't like it either but the rest is really nice ..

    26. luis

      Nice final SG !! Epic!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Harris

      I think the new design for the wood resource will be prone to chipping or breaking. I've had that happen before in other games. The design would work if the pieces were being made in plastic but it's a poor choice for wood. I can understand keeping the design of the printed dice faces simple. However, with plain colours thedice look cheap. If different textured dice were used (e.g. a pearl finish instead of white) the dice would look much nicer.

    28. Missing avatar

      Llewellen on

      Personnally, I don't like these dice colors (pink, cyan, orange & brown), most in fluorescent tones :/

    29. Manuel Carvalho

      Thank you 😃

    30. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Wood - also Yey :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Timothy Bruno

      Perfect decision on the changes, especially the dice. They will be really easy to read now. I like the new wood design even better than the original too.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Coop rules - Yey! :)
      Non-square, cheaper looking dice - Nay :(

    33. Teresa @tlarraya

      Happy with the wood token and unhappy with the dice.
      +1 @Patrick Grogan: I also don´t play coop games so I´m unimpressed with the secret SG reveal.
      Looking forward to the insert and big meeples pictures when you receive them. Those big meeples are one of the reasons why I backed the game, I´m sure they´l look awesome. : D

    34. Akindor

      I plan on trying the coop mode— it’s very popular with one of my gaming groups— so I really appreciate a professionally printed version over the PDF. Thank you! The other components look usable and clean, too. Great work.

    35. Patrick Grogan

      Thanks for the effort but I don't play coop games so this was a worthless reveal to me.

    36. Alubatar on

      Thank you! Can't wait for the game :D

    37. David Phillips

      The co-op rulebook is a great idea, thanks!

    38. TableTopJen on

      Awesome! Thank you :)

    39. Colin on

      Thank q for the update on production and behind the scenes info. As well for the brainstorming for the unexpected stretch gift. Amazing work!

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Below on

      Good decisions and great changes! Thank you so much!

    41. Roger Bartels

      Thank you very much for the coop rules!

    42. Missing avatar

      Javier on

      Great news! Happy with the dice (didnt really like the numbers on them, too much info imo and less is more!), happy with the wood token and very happy with the rulebook! Looking forward to playing this awesome game! Thank you very much.

    43. Austridad on

      Perfect! Printed co-op rule was a great idea!

    44. Billy Wardlaw

      I like the "branch", but I would square off that sharp trinaglar stem. It will just hang and chip and quickly become unatractive from damage and wear.

    45. Electronic Scavenger

      Let me just say WOW what a great thing to do... thank you.

    46. Andrea

      Lovely, this is an awesome surprise!

    47. Missing avatar

      Hans Renders on

      The dice look cheap...... no squared dice???? And the print. I am starting to understand how kickstarter works for boardgames. Not ok

    48. Tarrant

      Great changes and decisions all around! Thanks for the update!

    49. Karsten Kutterer on

      Awesome! I appreciate all the thought you put into the surprise. I think it's a great idea!

    50. Mark Hall on

      Fantastic news about the rulebook! Great decision