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Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
6,762 backers pledged $537,093 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Production and Pledge Manager

Posted by Final Frontier Games (Creator)
Hope you are doing great!  

We want to talk about few things in this update so let’s dive in!  


We are happy to say that the sampling process of Robin Hood and the Merry Men has started and we are right on schedule!  

This means that all the files are sent to the manufacturer and they are now going over them to see if they are ok in terms of bleed zones, safe zones etc. This process takes a couple of days. After that they will start creating the prototype and ship it to us.  

The prototype is needed for us to make sure all components are printed as we requested, the colors are as they should be and we are happy with the quality of the materials used… In other words, the prototype is the final checkpoint before we instruct the factory to start mass production of the game.  

This whole process takes about 3-4 weeks, so you can expect that we will talk about this in one of the future updates and also share some photos with you of the game!

Cutting the cords  

We are really proud to announce that we've joined forces with Thundergryph Games and in the past few months we have been developing our own pledge management platform called Pledge Wizard.

Pledge Wizard logo
Pledge Wizard logo


We are happy to say that the platform is complete and is ready to go.  

There are many reasons why we decided to do this. Ensuring the longevity of the company, the steady growth and providing the best customer experience to you, were the main reasons of this.   

We want to cut the cords, the intermediaries that stands between us and you, and our first move in this direction is a pledge management platform.  

1. We are cutting costs that can be used to improve the experience by shaping the pages and improving with each project.

2. We are taking control of the process. Any issues or questions you have concerning the pledge management in our campaigns will be directly dealt by us instead of a third party that will slow down the process.  

3. When building the platform we wanted to ensure that you as a backer have the smoothest possibly experience and we are sure Pledge Wizard provides that.  

Pledge Wizard  

Few minutes ago we started sending invites to the Pledge Wizard. 

Sending the emails will last several hours. No need to concern if you are not among the first ones to receive the invite. There are no limited products in the pledge manager, so everyone can have the chance to buy the products they want.  

If in the unlikely event you can't find the email (and 24 hours have passed since this update), please check your spam folder. If in the extremely unlikely event there is nothing there too, shoot us a message or contact us at and we’ll send the invite to you manually. 

You saw something wrong with your pledge? 

Highly unlikely, but if this happens write us a message or contact us at and we will resolve the issue together. 

For those of you that are new in this, pledge management platforms like the Pledge Wizard are needed for: 

- Collecting your shipping info so we know where to send the reward 

- Spend the extra amount you added for the Metal Coins add-on or extra copies of the game. You will see a credit that you will be able to spend on the different products. 

 - You will be able to upgrade your pledge to receive the game, or switch from standard to deluxe versions of the game. 

To confirm again, every backer from $1 level and up can upgrade and receive the deluxe version of the game. 

For those that didn't back the game, can still receive it at our pre-order page but at a higher price.

I have moved, how do I edit my address? 

You can go back into your survey at any time to update your address. 

Once we are ready to prepare your order for shipment, we will lock the order at which point you will not be able to edit your address. 

If you have any questions we will be here for everything you need. The Pledge Wizard will stay open for several months and we'll inform you when we start to get close to the moment when we need to close it down. But, please enter your info as soon as possible, because it will give us a rough number of how many copies, add-ons we need to produce and on which continents to ship them.

Rise to Nobility and Cavern Tavern

A lot of you have asked us will these games be available in the pledge manager.

Unfortunately there are not enough copies to accommodate this. We can make another print run of the retail edition of Rise to Nobility and send you the game together with Robin Hood around the end of the year, but the reason we are not doing this is we don’t want to cheat you because we are launching a new campaign for Rise to Nobility sooner than that. An expansion is in the works at the moment and the idea is to launch August-September. There, you will have the chance to grab the Deluxe version of the game and grab Cavern Tavern too. 

Hope you can understand the decision behind this. 

Next updates, we’ll talk more about how things are going with the prototype and the final stretch goal :) 



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    1. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      The Pledge Wizard will stay open until late July/early August. In any case we will give a 2 week notice to all backers before we need to close it down.

      @Kristen Maclean, definitely :)

    2. Alejandro Silva on

      Hi! What is the deadline for the pledge manager ?

    3. Kristen MacLean

      If you're launching Rise to Nobility's expansion, can you have the deluxe coins as an add on? I missed that on the first run around?

    4. VerGer on

      @Sean Ferguson - "The Pledge Wizard will stay open for several months and we'll inform you when we start to get close to the moment when we need to close it down", so it seems they still don't have a fixed date, and there will be another update before they close it down ..

    5. Sean Ferguson on

      My question still hasn't been answered so I will ask again: What is the final date that I can upgrade my $1 pledge to getting the game?

    6. Sarah Pogson on

      Thank you, got my email & completed pledge manager. Thank you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Joe H on

      (I've sent email per the instructions above. Just noting in comments so others know they are not alone. Thx.)

    8. Missing avatar

      Joe H on

      No pledge manager for me either.

    9. Missing avatar

      Darren Cuthbert on

      I am afraid I haven't received my pledge manager yet either.

    10. Pierre-Yves Campeau on

      No pledge manger yet ?

    11. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Vũ Trần Hoàng, can you contact us at

      @Sarah, going over the emails now and sending the invites manually.

    12. Sarah Pogson on

      No pledge manger and no email reply here 😢

    13. Sad Maremagnum on

      Raised my pledge from 1$ to the deluxe edition. Shipping is indeed my worst enemy.
      -S.A. boardgamer.

    14. Vũ Trần Hoàng on

      I want to make a group order with 6 boxes and get a free ship to Viet Nam, can I?
      the shipping cost is automatically calculated free ship, is it right?

    15. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      Thanks for the info guys. Since your invite is a personal and sensitive information, please email us at and we'll send the invite to you manually there. Cheers!

    16. Kristoffer Schonnings on

      Same here, no email. Still 5 hours until 24h past

    17. Missing avatar

      Wendy Silva on

      No email here, either. Hasn't been a full 24 hours, but it would be helpful to know if the emails haven't all gone out yet, or if there is an issue.

    18. Pandarian

      Not sure if you or the Pledge Wizards are still churning out emails for this project, but haven’t had one yet...

      And yes, I’ve looked in all the obvious places...inbox, junk mail, and deleted mail...

      Letting you know there’s at least one who hasn’t received the pledge manager...


    19. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Win Phan. Completely understandable. We are working on that today.

      @Piotr, the Pledge Wizard will be open for around 3 months.

      @Ric, interesting idea about the Wizard :)

      @Ric and @luis, definitely!

      @Przemysław Starostka, and @Chris. Correct, once you enter everything, than the shipping amount will be updated.

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Smith

      Mine had a shipping credit for most of the order, and then at the very end after I had entered my address and gone to the final review screen it finally applied the shipping credit.

    21. Missing avatar

      Przemysław Starostka on

      adding shipping cost still does not work.. unless you ship to Poland for 0$. anyway I have order confirmation (with 0$ shipping cost) and 12$ balance left from my pledge... I just hope there will be no issues with these free shipment orders.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Below on

      Thanks for information.
      Looking forward to the opportunity to get Rise of Nobility plus expansion.

    23. luis

      waiting for Rise of nobility expansion !!!
      +1 for coins !!!
      +1 for cavern too

    24. Ric Tomsett

      Please make the Metal Coins available for Rise to Nobility in the expansion campaign please. Can't wait!

    25. Ric Tomsett

      Love the Pledge Wizard Logo, would love to have that as a pre-painted miniature or statuette.

    26. Missing avatar


      How long PM will be open?

    27. Win Phan on

      Hi! I filled out all the shipping info and order cart. Had a pleasant experience and nice little silly survey question at the beginning! :) Two things though: You guys should have an option to print order confirmation, and is there any email confirmation of my survey completion? I would like to keep track of all my pledges' shipping survey through email so I would like to have an email about Robin Hood as well.

    28. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @JaFO, manufacturing and fulfilling a game can be stressful sometimes, so good jokes are always welcome :)))

      As for re-opening. You definitely can. You can enter through the same invite that you received through your email. If you click on your name in the upper right corner it will give you a drop down menu. Click My Profile and there, you will be able to see all the info you entered along with the ability to change your address.

      Hope this helps :)

    29. Missing avatar


      Silly initial questions aside (do you really need jokes ? ;-))
      It appears to work.
      Being able to re-open or at least review the details after completing the pledge manager would be a useful feature to have.
      Especially considering that shipping adresses may change before the product gets shipped.

    30. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Henry, 10 is best - 1 is really bad. We will look into the option of enabling changes in your answers.

    31. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Byron, after adding the products, you proceed to adding the shipping info. Once that is entered you click the button below the shipping info. Than in the "amount summary" the shipping amount is added (according to the country you just entered). The final step is hitting the button below the amount summary and that's it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Byron Bowden-Graham

      The shipping issue is still not fixed... I've added the coins so its using my shipping as part payment so if I checkout I won't have paid shipping... can this be corrected please as soon as possible.

    33. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      Well I submitted it in the hopes that I could edit it afterwards, but I guess not. Yeah, this pledge manager is not very good.

    34. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      I don't have a very good opinion of this pledge manager. How do I edit the answers to the questions or start over?

    35. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      On the "rate how we ran the campaign" question, is 10 = best or 10 = worst?

    36. Jan Kraufvelin

      @Creator & Wavy: Thanks, that solved it. Was just in too much of a hurry to get pledge done :)

    37. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      @Jan, did you fill all the question? Some of them are required.

    38. Wavy Mitchell

      @Jan I had to enter something for each question, none left blank, before it would let me continue.

    39. Final Frontier Games 5-time creator

      We are aware of the issue. Slight hiccup :) The credit remaining is actually the shipping price that you paid. It should've been deducted from the amount and left you with 0 credit. Should be resolved in a couple of minutes. But if you completed the survey you don't have to worry. You confirmed your pledge and we have the info needed from you :)

    40. RetrO

      Same, I have a credit for shipping not being charged and having a credit. Was about to complete but hold off until fixed.

    41. Jan Kraufvelin

      I’m stuck in the “Questions” part. Have rated the campaign, but when I press “Save” nothing happens...

    42. Smokeypugs on

      Managed to get checked out but looks like some have left it due to P&P costs not being charged. I’m worried now I’ll be charged £9 that I have already paid!

    43. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      I got 2 emails too.
      I also had $9 credit because shipping didn't factor in, but i was able to complete the order.

    44. Wavy Mitchell

      +1 not being charged shipping, leaving a credit.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Dragon on

      Ditto with the shipping not being charged. Like others, not completing for now due to leftover credit.

    46. etkeller

      Just to let you know, I received two exact same emails for the PM. Also, when you ask to rate on scale of 1-10, always good to indicate which is best 1 or 10. I've seen both ways in different rating systems. Also as other said, shipping issue, although it was already chareged on KS, its unclear in the PM as it just says 0 and took away my left over credit that was for shipping. Not complaining, just helping fine tune.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric Harris

      The pledge manager has not deducted shipping so I have $30 credit. Consequently, I haven't completed the pledge manager. Hopefully a fix will be done soon.

    48. Smokeypugs on

      Trying to do my PM survey. I have added deluxe game (auto added) and coins (had to click to add) I have £9 in credit (this was the P&P advised during the campaign) but it says P&P is £0.00 and won’t let me check out with the £9 credit :( can anyone help?

    49. Francesco Minghetti

      Same here (no shipping cost charged) still have credit doh

    50. Gurney on

      Same issue for shipment and the shipping address is wrong in the confirmation email (having the phone number instead of the name). I sent an email at the contact provided in the pledge manager...