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Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham
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Pre-Production update #1

Posted by Final Frontier Games (Creator)

Hi everybody!

Hope you are doing great!

This is the first of a series of post Kickstarter updates where we will discuss timelines, production benchmarks, the manufacturing process... Everything that is needed to be done in order to get the game in your hands as soon as possible. :)


Pre-Production - File Preparation

We took 1-2 days off after the campaign finished and after that we started immediately preparing the files for manufacturing. There are few tweaks here and there, but we expect the preparation of the files to be completed in 5-7 days. After that the sampling process and prototype production starts.

Here is a fun fact.

There are total of 547 components in one copy of Robin Hood and the Merry Men :)

Round Marker

You all had amazing suggestions for this one, but a representation of King Richard coming home from the crusades was the best idea that fit with the theme. So here it is :)

Shout-out to our friends from Archona

We want to give a shout-out to our friends from Archona Games. The guys launched a campaign today for expansions of their super great game Small Star Empires. If you are into space games with abstract feel and games that are super quick (15-20 minutes), you need to check this one out. They come from our hometown, and we are the only 2 publishers in the whole country, so you will understand that we want to stick together and help each other out :)


What's next?

We have few things on our schedule:

1. Finishing the files and sending them over to our manufacturer.

2. Sending the invites for the pledge manager, which we expect to be done next week. We will post an update about this.

3. Revealing the final surprise SG. :)

Until next time!


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    1. Missing avatar

      T Budd on

      Hello. Since it's near the end of "next week" as to mentioned in the update, I wanted to inquire if there was any update on when we may receive the pledge manager. Don't want to miss out on adding to the pledge! Thanks.

    2. Teresa @tlarraya

      +1 @Corey Hastings: Screen printing on the round marker would be great. : D

    3. Corey Hastings

      I like the idea of the first player marker! But honestly, I had no idea what it was until I read what it was. I would highly suggest screen printing an image on it, so we can actually tell what it is.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrik Vågehed on

      May I suggest that you are a schedule to every update?
      Started printing xxyy - xxyy
      Ending printing
      Started assembly
      And so on.
      Keep everybody in the loop for any delays immediately.
      Brass Kickstarter has done an amazing job on that one.

    5. Petr K.

      Richard is perfect!

    6. Kristen Rismiller on

      I like the King Richard silhouette marker. 😊

    7. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      I think the King Richard on a horse silhouette, in white, looks great as a first player marker. 👍

    8. Daniel Carlsson on

      Nice round marker. And I WANT the final SG 😬

    9. DevGuy on

      First player token looks marshmallow-y. I was hoping for an oxidised gold coin with the Mico’s pict of Richard.

    10. MegaProtoMan

      I can't even tell what the round tracker is by looking at it. It will just stay in the box of that's how it looks.

    11. TobiLee on

      It would be great that the round marker was printed too , like the chariots

    12. Teresa @tlarraya

      Please change the round marker so that it isn´t white. Any colour would be nicer I think. :D

    13. Splinter Van Schagen

      Oh!! Final stretch!! tell us!

    14. MegaProtoMan

      Hmm, I wonder what that stretch goal is...