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A 1-6 player worker placement game set in a beautiful fantasy world. Become a lord and take your seat at the Stone Council of Caveborn.
A 1-6 player worker placement game set in a beautiful fantasy world. Become a lord and take your seat at the Stone Council of Caveborn.
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In The Pale Moonlight mode and Short variant

Posted by Final Frontier Games (Creator)

Hi landowners!

Hope you are doing well.

We wanted to make a quick update and share with you the Night Mode variant of the game called "In The Pale Moonlight..." and to inform you that we created a short variant of the game for those of you who don't have much time to go over the full game or prefer a short, more condensed games of Rise to Nobility.

In The Pale Moonlight...

As discussed during the Kickstarter campaign, the night mode variant will be more cutthroat than the normal mode and will have more direct conflict among the players.

Here is the link to the rulebook.


Short Variant

In the short variant there are changes during the setup of the game and the number of rounds played.

Here is the link to the short variant.

The short variant is compatible with both normal and night mode.

Rise to Nobility expansion

There is a chance some of you could be aware that we started working on an expansion for Rise to Nobility which we aim to launch Fall 2018. You can expect new mechanics, new ways to score points and a cool addition on the reputation mechanic! We cannot wait to show you more in the coming months :)

Cheers and happy birthday to those celebrating today!


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    1. Frank Sander on

      will there a german rule to the new variants downloadable ?

    2. Missing avatar

      JJ Lee

      @FFG -- Yes, sorry, I meant the short variant rules. Great news! Looking forward to the new campaign!

    3. Rammy Meyerowitz on

      One minor graphic change I would recommend for the short variant (besides adding a House), instead of greying out the 8,9, and 10th spots on the "Round track", grey out 1,2 and 3, and say "start with the Round Marker on the '4' space". That way players won't get distracted and play too many rounds.

    4. Final Frontier Games 4-time creator

      Thanks @Rammy! To answer your questions:

      1. Yep, the players start with a house just as in the normal mode.

      2. You are capped at 14 workers.

    5. Final Frontier Games 4-time creator

      @JPierce, as you know, the actions on both sides of the board are exactly the same, so there's nothing in the variant that requires you to go full night mode with the components. Some may prefer the thematic setting (night in the city) some will prefer the aesthetics of the day mode. So it will be up to you.

    6. Rammy Meyerowitz on

      Thanks for the new rules, they look great, but I have 2 clarification questions:

      1) The new Short Variant rules say: All other player and game setup rules are the same as in the normal mode.

      So where it says: +3 Goods of the type shown on the upper left corner of their Character cards, bringing the total starting Goods to 9.
      Indeed the picture shows as described, new resources plus original-rules resources.

      However, the new rules also say: 2 workers in the Workers Lot in their player boards.
      but the picture does not show the one starting House (from the original rules)

      so (finally my question) do the players start with a House or not?

      2) Can I still settle 7 families that give 2 workers each (cards marked on the back with a 1)? Because I won't have enough meeples.
      i.e. Am I capped at 14 workers, or should I improvise with some other tokens? Maybe borrow some Carcassonne meeples?

    7. J Pierce on

      Just to clarify, there's nothing at all in the "night mode" that requires the night side of the board, is there? It just seems a little weird...
      Also, I understand that you probably went with saying you should put resource tokens in the bag for the guild owner draw for simplicity. But for shaped resources, that's kind of annoying because you can feel the difference. For a more complicate to explain solution, just pick buildings with the related guild symbols and put those in the bag. Or shuffle one of each character card from each guild and deal them out.

    8. Monica Elida Forssell

      I tried the game in Easter, and loved it. I want to set it up for a solo run, and I would love to get som new mechanics in an expansion! I am in!!

    9. Final Frontier Games 4-time creator

      @JJ Lee. The solo rules are already included. Maybe you mean about the short variant rules? If so, than yep! The Night Mode and the Short variant rulebook will be available during the KS campaign.

    10. Missing avatar

      JJ Lee

      Any chance that printed copies of the night rulebook (and maybe solo rules, too) could be available during the expansion KS campaign?

    11. Both Sides of My Table on

      @FF brilliant news. Thanks for the quick response

    12. Final Frontier Games 4-time creator

      @Jan, the new content that we will be releasing won't fit in the base game, you will have to store it separately. But, if you need help of fitting everything that comes in the game, one of our backers posted a good visual solution about it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jan de Pagter on

      Glad to hear there is an expansion coming for this great game! Question though: Is there a solution to fit everything in one box? I have the deluxe version but it is completely full and I can't add anything in it...

    14. Final Frontier Games 4-time creator

      @BSoMT, Thanks for the great review! And most definitely! :) The new campaign we are working on will come with an expansion for the normal mode, the night mode, the solo mode and integrating the solo mode with The Chancery. With that, the idea is to integrate all modules and give you the ability to mix them all.

      @bigwoof, can't wait to hear your thoughts when you try them out :)

    15. Both Sides of My Table on

      @Final Frontier will any consideration be given to including the Chancery Expansion from the base game into solo play with the upcoming Kickstarter campaign?
      (Just so I can add any new info to my article on BSoMT

    16. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on

      Awesome!! Thanks for the new rules... 😀