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Update #10

Get one, Give one


Hi, everyone! Still waiting on baby. :)

Meantime, we've started a "one for one" program. For every copy sold, we're donating another to schools, libraries, and educational programs.
We're currently looking for more places to donate copies of the book. If you know of any, please send them our way.

Thanks to everyone who rated & reviewed the book on Amazon. Ipsum is now #3 on the Kindle Top Rated list. Yay! If you like the book (or don't!), please share with potential readers here:

Update #9

Hello! Four quick updates:


0) We're expecting our first child soon so activity on the project has been a little slow. :) But stuff is happening!

1) Ipsum has sold over 1,300 copies so far! If you liked the book, please take a minute to write a review on Amazon. It really does help.

2) The Spanish and German editions are progressing. I plan to post sample chapters on the site in a couple of weeks. There is a French translator in the wings but we have not yet raised enough to cover her expenses.

3) A few backers did not receive their packages. I've been sending replacements as they pop up, but I don't know if everyone has been covered. If you have not yet received your copy of Ipsum, please send me an email and we'll make it right.

  Carlos e Yta

Update #8



Hey all -- the books and prints have shipped! We overwhelmed the post office for about an hour, but everyone in our family had a great time as we learned to spell Kissimmee, Uppsala and Trøndelag. More than 50 of the books went overseas to backers in 22 countries.

The book is now launched on Amazon, Lulu, Nook, Kindle, iBooks, and Google Books. The Spanish edition is coming in Spring!

Thank you for all your love and help! If you have any questions, please let us know.

  Carlos & Yta

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Update #7

Ship it

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215 books fills seven cartons. This week has been busy, roving around Art Basel with Yta, who has been showing off her paintings to galleries. Along the way she managed to sell some copies of Lauren Ipsum on the spot, too.

Now the illustration prints and paperbacks and hardbacks have all arrived, we've got the envelopes and stickers and extra markers, and we're ready for a shipping day.

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Update #6

Logisics, Child Labor, and Stars


Hi everyone!

1) The book is now out! A little ahead of schedule. If you have a minute, please rate it on Amazon. It will really help the project:

2) The paperback and hardcover books are being printed. We didn't expect such a large batch, we're going to visit our families in Miami next week, and the scheduling got a bit hairy.

So the books are shipping to Miami. There we have a dozen-odd nieces, nephews and miscellaneous children to help with packing and shipping them out to you. We will post pictures of this lesson in applied flow control. :)

   Carlos & Yta

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