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Mighty is the first and only device that takes your streaming music on-the-go without a smartphone. Finally.
Mighty plays your Spotify music on-the-go without a smartphone. Finally.
Mighty plays your Spotify music on-the-go without a smartphone. Finally.
2,951 backers pledged $300,101 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Nastassia - sorry to hear that. Shoot us a note at with subject "Kickstarter - for Anthony P" and we'll get you sorted.

    2. Nastassia law on

      Hi I have not received my Mighty, please contact me asap

    3. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @alond - glad to hear you're happy with Mighty! Thanks for letting us know about the cuts during playback. If you don't mind, next time that happens please do a Send Report on our app when you get home. Our tech team can look into it.

    4. Missing avatar


      @creator - very happy with my Mighty, good quilty, sometimes i have "cuts" in the song the i hear when i run, dont know why (use the small beats wireless )
      but general feeling - i love it.

    5. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @rvhimself update coming next week!

    6. rvhimself

      Hi there! I've been using the Mighty since the day it arrived. It is a great product! I'm starting to miss the shuffle function though. Any news about that?

    7. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Stephane - email us at

    8. Stephane C

      Yeah, scrap that previous message. Not a question, but a statement. @creator, I can't sync my Mighty because it keeps dropping connection and/or WiFi. Now the green steady "powering on" light is on and I can't put it to sleep.

    9. Stephane C

      Is anyone else having issue with the Mighty not staying connected to their mobile, dropping WiFi and generally failing syncs?

    10. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @scornwell - no updates. We're having multiple conversations, but to be completely transparent we're super focused on the Spotify experience at this time.

    11. Missing avatar

      scornwell on

      Any progress on supporting other music streaming services? Google Play Music in particular.

    12. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Renato - email us at

    13. Renato Ramon on

      Hello, got the Spotify but haven't used to till today, charged it, however , its a solid green light . Tried to reset , and power off , has remained solid green the whole time ! Help !

    14. kr

      Got my mighty a while ago and haven't really used it. Went to use it today and it won't charge, led flashes pink 3 times then green and will not charge enough to update the software when I actually get it to connect to my phone.

    15. Caio Nery Filho on

      @creator NICE! Thanks.

    16. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Timothy - your Mighty shipped back in June. Shoot us a note at

    17. Timothy Low

      Is the mighty bring shipped to Singapore yet?

    18. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Caio - thanks for the love. Finally :)

      re: cable - as we've mentioned in our past updates, Mighty doesn’t currently support playback through some types of auxiliary cords. This is primarily limited to auxiliary cords that are connected to speakers and some headphones (eg. Bose QuietComfort headphones)

      The root cause is somewhat technical - it has to do with Mighty’s headphone jack and the need to detect the aux cord electronically. This is a top priority for us and will be fixed via a software update. We plan to have this as part of our next major software update, which we're aiming to be end of September.

    19. Caio Nery Filho on

      Question... It works fine with headphones, but It doesn't play when I connect it to a p2 cable in my car.

      Do you know why?

    20. Caio Nery Filho on

      Got mine... and I have to tell you.... it is in fact a nice product. Yes I waited too long... but you guys nailed it.


    21. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Manos - we replied to your email that same day (August 2nd) an hour later with steps for a workaround. Please check your email, including spam folder. We will send another reply to the same email right now, just in case.

    22. Manos Maroudas on

      Hello...had a similar problem with alond , sent an e-mail at with subject "Kickstarter poor connection" , and haven't heard back in a week. The device is unusable as it cannot re-verify my premium account. When are you planning on resolving this ?

    23. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @alond - shoot us a note at with subject "Kickstarter poor connection" and we'll get this resolved!

    24. Missing avatar


      @creator -
      iam trying to setup my Mighty, and everytime he finish to download the update its say - "Software update failed - ...poor connection....."
      not possible that i have poor conection, what can i do?

    25. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Wen - shoot us a note at and mention Kickstarter in the subject.

      @Danny - Yes 0.93 is the latest software version. You will always be prompted to download the latest version of the software when you connect to WiFi in the Mighty app. We'll send an update this week or next.

    26. Missing avatar

      Danny Martin on

      An updates on battery life? How do we know if we have the latest software updates. My Mighty says .93 is this the current version? Can you please start emailing or putting out communication via some other outlet than Facebook?

    27. Wen Hoi Loo on

      I hace the same problem of updating my mighty which was working fine with the previous version. Now it is always stuck at no wifi or updating but never completes the update. Please help

    28. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Daniel - shoot us a note at and we'll help you out.

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rosberg on

      @Mighty - Hi, I'm still here. Still not getting any of my Mighty devices to work with iP6s plus. They won't Sync music and I can't even download the software update. I get download failed after 1%. Could I get some help here people?
      Thank you

    30. Missing avatar

      Jon McNestrie on

      @Mighty - I'll give that a look, thanks.

      Could you please share details of your contact at spotify? I'd like to get in touch with them and see if I can get anything out of them. I suspect others will want to do the same.

    31. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Artur - this is a known issue we are looking into. Apple controls much of the AirPod functionality so we aren't positive that there's anything we can do to allow Mighty to have volume control. Our tech team is looking into it and we will update everyone once we know more.

      In the interim, a workaround that we've found and has worked for other backers is to set the volume ahead of time using your phone and Mighty will inherit that volume.

    32. Missing avatar

      Artur Andreas on

      Hello, i want to use my airpods, but it only works on maximum volume and i cant turn it down.
      please help

      best regards

    33. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Xavier - apologies for this and happy to help you. Shoot us a note at

    34. Missing avatar

      Xabier Valdecantos on

      My mighty was scheduled to arrive on June 16 but it never arrived... after tracking the package with USPS and calling the office multiple times they've told me that most likely it has been either stolen or magically disappeared (The tracking number shows no update since June 16..). Do you have any plan for this situations? Can I talk with anybody from the customer solutions team at mighty?

    35. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Jon - We understand your frustration - we want shuffle mode too! We don't have an estimated release date from Spotify yet but we'll keep hounding them for more info. They know how important shuffle is to our joint users.

      In the meantime, there's a workaround that will allow you to load your playlists into Mighty in pseudo shuffle mode. Here's a link with more info:

    36. Missing avatar

      Jon McNestrie on

      "Spotify hears your feedback loud and clear and will get back to us next week with estimated timing to release shuffle mode in the SDK."

      More than a week now.... Can we have an update please.

      Shuffle was promised by you from the very start. I appreciate things have changed and now you can't fully control them but you have (in my eyes) failed to deliver a successful kickstarter until you meet that commitment.

    37. Missing avatar

      Pelle Jutterström on

      Have finally installed and used my Mighty in my workout today and am very pleased, thanks for a good product that finally does what I've missed on the market for so long. Wish you all the success and maybe i buy one for my girlfriend too, she seems to like it =)

      If you get shuffle started then the product is complete in my eyes...

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rosberg on

      I just got two devices. Get the same problem with both when trying to sync playlists. "Can't connect to the Spotify server". I've got green checks on all three BT/Wifi/Spotify. Any clues?
      I'm in Sweden btw.


    39. Tonein on

      Benjamin, please check out the last update the Mighty team shared. They are working on it.

    40. Benjamin Tay on


      Is it just me, or is it completely impossible to adjust the volume when using Apple Airpods? The music is consistently at maximum volume.

    41. Tonein on

      - When scrolling the playlists with the playlist button and you return to an earlier playlist it starts at the first track. Would be nice if it remembers the last track and continues there.
      - Operate the mightly via the Mighty app (you see which number is playing; you can select a playlist and within a play list you can select a song.
      - Stabilize the bluetooth connection even more. I use a Bose Quiet Connect headphones and it sometimes talkes two to three times to connect properly (I have to switch off and on the hedphones a couple of times).
      - Wifi connectivity increased after the update to 0.3, but it still is a weak point of the Mighty
      - Make it entirely dog proof.... Although it already is quite sturdy (my dog chew on it for a couple of minutes) AND after begging her to let loose it still works (not considering the chew-bites) :-)

    42. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Artur - We mentioned this in Friday's update, but here's a recap. We explored the idea of developing our own shuffle mode, but unfortunately that’s not a possibility. Spotify hears your feedback loud and clear and will get back to us soon with estimated timing to release shuffle mode functionality.

    43. Missing avatar

      Artur Andreas on

      Okey i get it, but is a shuffle mode possible?

    44. Missing avatar

      Artur Andreas on

      How do i connect Bluetooth Headphones to the Mighty?

    45. Colin Guedj on

      I'm currently disappointed (and not using the Mighty) because it doesn't yet have shuffle. But the frequent, informative updates give me hope that I can enjoy my Mighty soon.

      I like a LIFO/stack playlist. I'd rather not manually remake my playlists because Mighty doesn't have sorting. Have you considered implementing order playlists? (Recent, Artist, Album, etc.)

    46. Eric van Altenborg on

      I think my battery is weak. When my Mighty is fully charged and there's only 37% music on it and my Mighy is at 28% of his battery. What to do?

    47. Tonein on

      Please be aware that if you install the new 0.3 version of the app via , it will be installen besides the 0,2 version. You also have to go through the setup process again....

    48. Mighty Audio Creator on

      @Martijn - shoot us a note at

      @Larry - use this link for the app:

    49. Missing avatar

      Erik Robers on

      Got my mighty today, very happy for now!! Thank you all!

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