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The Slaughter is a noir style point-and-click adventure game set in Victorian London in the shadow of a string of serial killings.

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  • £5 – Postcard featuring a location from the game (International shipping included) 
  • £8 – Postcard with a personalised message from Sydney Emerson (International shipping included) 
  • £8 – Additional digital copy of the game
  • £18 – Exclusive backer t-shirt (International shipping included) 
  • £45 - Boxed edition of The Slaughter with CD Soundtrack, Physical Design Booklet, Poster and Postcard. (Add £8 to ship outside the UK)

The Slaughter is a film noir style 2D point-and-click adventure with gameplay in the vein of the classic LucasArts and Revolution games, but with dark adult themes more akin to the works of David Lynch, Cormac McCarthy, Max Ernst and Scott Walker.

 UPDATE: Gameplay Video!

A serial killer is terrorizing the streets of Victorian London, and private investigator Sydney Emerson has hit a new low between finding lost dogs and receiving alleyway beatings. A turn of events sees Sydney forgoing his selfish nature and thrusting himself into perilous and increasingly surreal situations, walking the line between dreams and reality. Explore the seedy streets of Victorian London, searching the slums, taverns, opium dens and even Sydney’s dreams and hallucinations for leads, meeting a host of interesting, insane and eccentrically British characters while exploring the deeper human condition.

 UPDATE: Sydney's Dream Room

Gameplay draws on the best aspects of point-and-click adventures; the tricky yet logical puzzles, the fun interactions and lines of dialogue players can choose to seek out if they wish, and the little details that make the world seem alive. The inclusion of a Broken Sword style map lets players revisit locations at their whim, to search for clues or just drop in on the local inhabitants for a chat. Much as in real life, character dialogue can be funny, abstract, sombre or aggressive depending on their mood. Sydney’s conversation options will also change throughout the game as his state of mind deteriorates, the trauma having a realistic effect on his human interactions. As someone who can recite the script to The Big Lebowski, The Office, Fear and Loathing and I’m Alan Partridge to say the least, humour is a very important aspect for me so you can expect plenty of comic relief.

Since the days of RPG Maker 2000 and Flash MX I've always made games, and I stand by the idea that games have the potential to be the most powerful creative medium, with the power to affect the player far more than any book or film. I want to create a game that doesn't try and emulate a film or novel, but uses the combination of music, art, narrative and interaction to create an unforgettable experience. The story is a key part of The Slaughter, rather than an afterthought, and as a published author I'm ensuring that every line of dialogue in the game, no matter how trivial, is written to the high standard of a novel.

The music of The Slaughter holds the unique advantage of being composed alongside all other aspects of the game which work together to create an immersive atmosphere. Inspiration is drawn from a huge range of sources: Victorian classical composers, the jazz of film noir, the industrial and haunting sounds of artists such as Scott Walker, Trent Reznor, Aphex Twin and Radiohead, with progressive rock flourishes inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, The Mars Volta and the great Nobuo Uematsu.The finished soundtrack will be up to the standard of a standalone album.

UPDATE: The Sounds of The Slaughter

The game is moving along nicely, with the trickiest aspects such as the interaction, dialogue, inventory and journal systems nailed. The story has also been written, meaning the majority of time is being spent on animating characters and scenes frame by frame, along with music production and writing dialogue.

I am creating the game using the Construct 2 engine which has many export possibilities including PC, MAC and Linux plus iOS and Android for the games possible future. I've always disliked being bound by an engine's set genre, which is why Construct 2 is perfect as it allows a heck of a lot of freedom. I've created a point-and-click system from scratch which takes elements from Broken Sword and Monkey Island to produce a smooth and solid interface.

The planned project release date is July 2014, though a more solid schedule will arise once the target has been reached.

£8,000 may seem like a small amount for a videogame but my passion has driven the game to its current position and will continue to drive the project until completion. The majority of money will go towards living expenses; hearty lashings of sardines on toast to fuel late night working sprees. I also intend to employ the talents of freelance artists in the future to ensure the quality of the game never falls, this will be the first point of call if the Kickstarter hits its goal, that and commissioning some beautiful cover/poster art. Through Kickstarter I can also produce some exciting rewards including a big-boxed copy of the game as a tribute to the adventure games of yore.

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Alex Francois- Design/Writing/Animation/Music

I say gang...Brainchild is currently a one-man operation led by me, Alexander Francois. I'm a published author who recently left my job as a creative writer to focus all of my time on The Slaughter. I've made games since my childhood, and originally studied Games Design at university before completing a degree in English Literature. At present I am creating every aspect of the game, animation, music, programming and writing.

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Laying down the ground work for the game has been the biggest challenge so far, figuring out how everything comes together like a jigsaw or game of connect 4.

Now that all the fiddly elements are out of the way, the biggest challenge lies in getting the good word of The Slaughter out to the public, and embracing the result. Another challenge I look forward to overcoming is outsourcing artwork, bringing some fresh and succulent blood on board to illustrate some of the more elaborate scenes.

As I'm not indebted to any loan sharks my vital organs should hopefully remain intact, as they're the only thing I can think of which would lead to this game not being made. The Slaughter shall be made even with the loss of some of the less-vital organs such as the spleen or appendix.

In all seriousness though, I've got this far with passion alone and nothing is going to stop the production of this game. I hope you'll ride this crazy train with me until the end, as a wise man once said 'There ain't no getting offa this train we on!'


  • This will be a full story, lasting 10 hours at the very minimum, with potential to extend much further. The game has a core storyline but with many branches, and plenty of optional dialogue and interaction.

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  • The Design Booklet will feature a selection of developmental sketches, newspaper cuttings, poetry, cryptic messages and more from the game. The finished booklet will look something like the investigation journal Sydney uses throughout the game. The aim is for the booklet to fit seamlessly into the game world, as if you’re holding something that has just fallen from the computer screen. It will also hold clues to in-game Easter eggs.

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