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$34,827 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Ninja Division
$34,827 pledged of $50,000 goal


Bunnies vs Zombies is a fast paced, action packed, cooperative board game where carrots and brains are your currency, and cuteness counts for nothing! Hordes of flesh eating zombies have risen from their graves in search of brains, and a village of cute cuddly bunnies is on the menu. With the annual carrot harvest fast approaching, an assault from the undead could not have come at a worse possible time! Without the carrot harvest, the cute wittle bunnies will all starve.There is only one thing left to do! FIGHT BACK! *This product is not meant for children under the age of 14*

Bunnies vs Zombies is a stand-alone board game that includes everything you need to survive the ensuing zombie apocalypse! Featuring over 35 detailed game pieces, a fully illustrated game board, game cards, tokens, barriers, and rules.

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7 unique Game Modes are sure keep you alll entertained, engaged, & Excited! 

  *Continue to check our updates for a more in depth look at each game mode*
  The Carrot Harvest Game Mode pits the entire Bunny team vs. the Zombie Horde...

The Bunny Team must work together to find, collect, and harvest their precious carrots using any and all means necessary. Choose your team of fearsome furry heroes wisely, as each bunny has their own special attributes and belongs to one of 4 skill classes.

                             Strikers, Builders, Runners, and Medics.

Zombie players will take control of the ravenous undead horde with one simple goal, Eat all the bunny brains you can find! Endlessly spawn 7 different creeping zombie types, including; Walkers, Snatchers, Smashers, Stenchers, Corpsers, Chuckers, and even Zombie Bunnies! Your horde looks hungry, catch those pesky bunnies and feast on their delicious brains!

Navigating around this post apocalyptic world filled with toxic rivers, killer trees, and a giant Chemical Sludge Monster will have you begging and screaming for a way out of dodge. Stay sharp, Keep your eyes open, and never turn your back on the forest..

Introducing BIG MOMMA, a fearsome zombie smasher who isn't afraid to throw her weight around! She is incredibly deadly, surprisingly fast, and has an appetite to die for! Towering with her great size and girth, she is definitely large and in charge. Once we hit $75,000 you can purchase Big Momma in the bunny marketplace. 

For a boxed game of this size and weight shipping is a large cost. Because of this we will be charging shipping based on the actual cost to ship the goods you order. 

Each backer will be provided a $10 credit towards the cost of shipping. The remainder of the cost will be charged by our pledge manager before product shipment begins.

We are happy to say that we have secured fulfillment options in multiple countries to reduce your shipping costs significantly. This means that you will not be required to pay the customs or VAT costs that would be incurred by shipping from the United States.  

We will have shipping hubs in: United States, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, and before shipment begins Australia.

For more details on shipping including cost estimates please see the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Risks and challenges

Why we need your help - Ninja Division, in cooperation with designer Jaime Logrono are excited to bring you this product. As publishers, we are challenged when we want to take a risk on a new product, the costs for manufacturing and making great game pieces is often prohibitive to any but the most well funded publishers. But we believe in the vision of this product, and it’s designer, and we want to present that vision to you, our fans, to bring it to life.

Additional risks to any product manufactured overseas should always be considered as engineering challenges, acts of nature, macro economic and political forces can affect costs, delivery timetables, and product quality. It is the collective dedication of our team at Ninja Division to bring you Zombies vs Bunnies in its richly produced, gory, and colorful completeness.

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