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Publishing the first 200 comics of The System ( with commentary by Rossmom, who is Ross' actual mom.
329 backers pledged $11,042 to help bring this project to life.

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So we're good, right?

Posted by Rosscott Nover (Creator)

Did you get a book?

With the exception of a few key people*, all 300-something packages have been signed, shipped, sent, and (hopefully) received by you. I can't say it was fun to package up everything, but I can say I learned a whole lot through the process, and met some very interesting people at the post office.

Some of the photos you guys have sent my way.
Some of the photos you guys have sent my way.

Please let me know if you have not received the package in the next few days. I know some international packages are still arriving, but all the US ones should be to you by now.

I'll still be posting one or two more updates with the Q&A I mentioned not too long ago, some lessons learned, and also when the book is available for sale online. Unfortunately, I'm moving apartments next week so the online store is going on hiatus until I get settled again. So, stay tuned.

Send Me Photos!

If you did get a book, I'm collecting images like the ones above! I love seeing people loving the books and the rest of the stuff in the package. Please tweet them to @rosscott, @systemcomic, or email them to me at systemcomic at gmail dot com.


If you're a convention goer, I'll be all around the East Coast this summer!

Awesome Con (Washington, DC / April 18 – 20th) 
I’ll have a table with the Super Art Fight gang, who will be performing on Sunday!

Super Art Fight at the Black Cat! (Washington, DC / May 17th)
A big show for us as we are TAKING OVER THE UPSTAIRS OF THE BLACK CAT. There will be kaiju action as giant monsters destroy an entire city on stage. Yes, really. Tickets here »

Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA / July 3rd – July 6th)
I’ll have a table in Artist Alley with the Super Art Fight crew, and we’ll be doing shows all weekend. Please help me pay for it.

Connecticon (Hartford, CT / July 10 – 13th)
Where it all started for The System, we’ll be having Art Fight shows, another “Jamie Noguchi System” panel, and a whole bunch more. Also, I’ll have my books!

Otakon (Baltimore, MD / August 8 – August 10th)
I’ll have a table in Artist Alley! Join me as I try and figure out what people are cosplaying as and realize that I’m too old to not be creepy at an anime convention.

SPX (Bethesda, MD / September 13th – 14th)
Either sharing a table with Jamie "Yellow Peril" Noguchi or at my own table. Time will tell!

Other Appearances

If there's a comic book store, podcast, or convention that would like to have me as a guest, I'm game. Send me an email to systemcomic at gmail dot com, and we'll try to work something out. Bonus points if you can pay for any amount of travel and lodging!

That's it for now, gang! Until next time,
Rosscott Out!

*If you are a friend of mine in DC, or one particular person who I have been in contact with in Denmark, you are a "key person".

It's Finally Shipping Time

Posted by Rosscott Nover (Creator)
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Updating Addresses?

Posted by Rosscott Nover (Creator)

Good news, everyone!

You can now update your own address to your backer survey! Here's the details:

If you have asked me to change your address, I did in fact record all those. But if you could do it yourself too, that would be amazing.

As for where things are, I've been working on getting the shipping process streamlined so I can ship out all 300. They are in fact starting to ship, so you can stay tuned for more info in the next week or so. (Famous last words, I know.)

As for the Q&A, I did get enough questions so stay tuned for that. I'll be setting a time for it and sending that out soon, too. If you have any questions for me, not too late to ask them!  Ask them here:

That's it for now! Heading to NecroComicCon this weekend in NJ with Super Art Fight and will have some books on hand. 

As always, thanks again!

The PDF Is Ready

Posted by Rosscott Nover (Creator)

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Posted by Rosscott Nover (Creator)

Hey guys!

I know I just sent out an update yesterday, but I was thinking about putting together an open Q&A. A chance for all of you backers to get something a little extra, to ask any questions you want about The System, this Kickstarter, life, my eyeglasses, Rossmom, whatever.

SO, I'm going to try to set a time to have a live streaming session where we can do that, but first I want to collect questions! What do you want to know? Post questions in the comments, and in the next week or so I'll schedule a time to do a Google Hangout and answer them, along with any other questions you guys have and want to ask me LIVE. Then I'll post the results for backers if you can't make it.

If I get 5 good questions in the next week, I'll put this together.

Sound good? Great.

Bye! —Rosscott