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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, March 8 2015 2:39 PM UTC +00:00


Bored while on a long road trip, I heard the song "Love Train" come on the radio. I decided I would text...

"The song "Love Train" came on and I thought of you."

....to a random contact of mine. That started me thinking, which is often risky. As usual, I ignored the danger and wound up with "Who Dis?".

A game TEENS and anyone who texts will love.

Step 1: The MSG

You draw a MESSAGE CARD (one of a thousand), which determines what the message will be. It could be all laid out. Something like. 

"What a party. I'm still finding underwear everywhere. Are you missing any????" (Some are racy, nothing X-rated, but all are fun.)

"Your Mom is HOT!!!"

Or it could require one of the other players to provide a noun, verb or animal (MADLIBS-style without knowing the context.), possibly producing something like. 

"That's what I get for putting a badger down my pants."

Or it could require one of he other players.to select a lyric from a random song on their phone which will be the message. 

Or it could require one player to select a movie and another to select a quote from that movie on IMDB to become the message. 

Step 2: The CONTACT

This will USUALLY be someone from one of the other players' contacts.

You draw a CONTACT card which will randomly select a contact on one of the other players' contact list . For example:

The 33rd contact

Or the first contact from the bottom with two s's. 

The contact with the shortest first name. 

Occasionally, since friends often have common friends, the contact from someone else's phone could be someone you know. OH, WELL, THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT FUN. And occasionally the card will say the random contact will be from your own phone. DUN DUN DUN!

What a fun game at a party!!

Most fun of all.........some cards say EVERYONE PASS THEIR PHONE TO THE LEFT!

Then everyone texts the same message to someone they pick (no random) on that phone. So that message IS going to be to one of your contacts and look like it came from YOU. That's what I call fun that's risky enough to make it interesting.


It had to be said.

With 1000 possible messages and may of them created by other players with guidance, it will always be fresh.

For the overly competitive, points can be scored based on responses received from the texts. And the person with the most points can use points to force their turn on someone else. 

But that's really being a wimp. 

Please help me fund this earth-shattering project!!!

Risks and challenges

I will create a prototype and either talk to an existing game company or go it alone. Either way, I am committed to seeing it through.

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