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A gritty, ruthless, co-op dungeon crawl with high replay value that's easy to learn. Elegant mechanics support deep tactical decisions.
A gritty, ruthless, co-op dungeon crawl with high replay value that's easy to learn. Elegant mechanics support deep tactical decisions.
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Videos, wound promo deck and last week!

Posted by Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union (Creator)

Kevin & Dan on SmarterBacker 

Last night, while Timo and the core dev team were peacefully slumbering, Perdition's Mouth designer Kevin Wilson and editor Dan Hull did a brief interview with Daniel Zayas, who runs a great Kickstarter news site called Smarter Backer. In it you can hear them talk about the game and the campaign, as well as see the terrible paint colors Dan has been trying out for his home office.

One of our favorite reviewers, Lance Myxter (aka. UndeadViking) made an awesome video of Perdition’s Mouth with very good explanation!

The wound promo deck

We recently asked you, our awesome backers and fans, to come up with an idea for the special wound card that you all unlocked. We were so blown away by the cool and unique suggestions that we can’t resist implementing them all!

I've edited all of those to put them together into a promotional wound deck, which will feature the designer’s name or handle on each card. You deserve the credit, after all. Note that these wounds are actually more brutal than the ones that we’ve come up with (which is partly why we like them so much). So when you find your hero afflicted with Parasites, you’ll know who to curse.

We wish we could offer these for free, but that’s won’t be possible. However, since the cards share the same back design as the other ones in the game, and since you already did half the work for us, we are able to offer it as an add-on for only $5, which is the same as BGG will be eventually charging these promo cards. The deck contains all nine cards written out. 

NOTE: The winning card design will still be included for free in all of the Kickstarter versions of the game as a bonus for your hard work in promoting PM.

Updated “what’s in the box” graphics

Based on backer feedback, we’ve updated the graphics on the Kickstarter page under “What’s in the box?” As always, we welcome your feedback.

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    1. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 8-time creator on

      Carlos, I'll add that soon

    2. Carlos D

      @Timo I think that it would be a good idea to add the UndeadViking's video to the main page with the other videos.
      Awesome updated graphics by the way!

    3. Dave the Badger on


      Just one question Timo.

      Option A or B? :D

    4. Philomorph on

      @Marion - Aisha is only included in the KS Exclusive edition, but I can see your confusion. I'm sure they will get it reworded so it's more clear.

    5. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 8-time creator on

      Marion, we'll obviously need to make the green text bigger. I'll do that tomorrow. Now it's kinda late here (1:20 AM).

    6. Missing avatar

      Marion Bloos on

      Just one problem: Aisha is shown as the 7th hero and mentioned again as KS exclusive - is she exclusive or part of the retail edition? I don't mind as I already back the KS edition, but other potential backers might be confused.

    7. Cador

      the whats in the box art is great!!!!!

    8. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 8-time creator on

      indeed and I have to say that you those nice are superb additions. I won't play without those. Will add a bit of difficulty, but also a lot added fun and good memories. Good stuff. I wish every game would have as committed fans as we do.

    9. Dejardin Thibaud on

      This is gonna be brutal indeed!